our three-step process makes it easy for you to get what you want.

  • 1. Contact Us

    Give us a call. We schedule a time to give you a free security consultation in your home. You receive a claim number for a free security system and free installation.

  • 2. In-Home Consultation

    Our security specialist does a walkthrough with you in your home, and gives you specific recommendations based on the layout of your home and your specific needs.

  • 3. Install

    Our licensed technician installs your new security system, trains you on all the proper procedures, and gives you safety pointers to set you on the road to security.

a system tailored to your needs.

  • Burglary Protection

    Burglars are getting smarter. Stay one step ahead of them with intrusion sensors and "crash and smash" technology.

  • Fire Protection

    Fire engulfs your home in an average of seventeen minutes. Monitored smoke alarms ensure immediate Fire Department response.

  • Medical Protection

    Waterproof wrist- and neck-wear with a built in panic button allows users mobility and safety in the home.

  • 2-Way Voice Verification

    Dispatchers directly radio over the alarm system to confirm emergencies.

  • Mobile App

    Receive text messages and push notifications in real time on your smart phone.

  • No Phoneline Needed

    Phonelines can be cut. Many homeowners no longer use landlines. Cellular technology offers an efficient, cost-saving solution.

a plan for everyone. which one is right for you?

  • Jill and Bob

    Jill takes care of her husband of thirty-six years, Bob. Jill feels instant relief knowing that with Safe and Sound's medical monitoring solutions, Bob can still do all the things he loves to do, including gardening, swimming, and hand crafting beautiful wooden ships in his workshop.

  • Mike, Alice, and Everett

    Everett just turned two and he is a handful. He frequently runs off and opens all doors and windows in the house, including the front door and upstairs windows. Mike and Alice have the latest mobile app integrated image sensory technology gives them eyes in the back of their heads.

  • Lindsay

    Lindsay invests up to twelve hours a day managing her shop. Wise and practical, Lindsay knows that a combination of intrustion, fire, and smart phone technology helps her protect both her business and her home with centralized security.


Lafayette, CA

After much research and tiring comparison of home security systems, I decided to go with what felt right after my research. It was a combination of reasonable figures and the ease and soft sell of the company representative. An excellent job of explaining the product, the numbers and best of all, they listened to my needs. No up-sell. No pressure. Only considered my requests. Almost unheard of today.


Brentwood, CA

A few days later a Safe and Sound Security installer showed up to our house on time and installed our equipment. He took his time to make sure the job was done right and was very courteous. We were definitely impressed. After he installed everything, he showed us how to operate the equipment and the application on our iphones to go along with our system. I will definitely recommend this company to friends and family. They also have a referral program which is encouraging too.


San Jose, CA

The new options are great. I also like the fact that they are a local company. The technician was efficient and kept the work areas clean. Service so far has been great. A person answers the phone when I call and appointments are scheduled quickly. I am very happy with the change.


San Leandro, CA

What a pleasure it was doing business with Safe and Sound. They were very professional and timely. My husband frequently works out of town, but I now feel at peace whenever he leaves. I really can't say enough good things about this company.


Walnut Creek, CA

Safe and Sound Security has been helping us protect our home for three years. We found the system that they provide to be much safer and easier to operate than other systems we had looked at. Their technician came to our home and explained in simple terms how the system works. Their monthly fee is more than reasonable for the service they provide. I very much like the speaker system which allows you to speak directly to their operator when the alarm goes off. The system is also linked to our smartphones so we can set or turn off the alarm from anywhere. The system was installed quickly and professionally and is serviced regularly.

Why choose safe and sound?

  • No price games. You get exactly what you need.

  • Feel safe and secure. After all, it's your home.

  • The peace of mind you've always wanted.

  • Let us start protecting you and your home today.