The 6 Best Home Security Apps

Want to access your home security system remotely? There’s an app for that!

The rise in mobile technology has driven substantial growth in the security system industry. In terms of raw computing power, the mid-range smartphone of 2017 far outpaces the previous year’s flagship model. Mobile data security, encryption, and connection technologies have made huge strides over the past few years. One of these strides has been in home security apps for smartphones.

The conditions of the tech industry right now are perfect for a whole new generation of home security apps to remotely connect your to your security cameras and burglar alarms, but finding the best one can be tricky on your own. This list offers a little more information on the best business and home security apps, but it’s always best to consult the company that installed your system, too.

1. iVMS 4500

Hikvision’s proprietary app for their cameras allows you to watch a live feed from all your cameras on your smartphone or tablet. By pairing with your NVR, you can edit your recording schedules, view and download previously recorded footage, and even control your cameras if they have optical zoom or Pan-Tilt-Zoom capabilities.

2. FLIR Secure

Lorex cameras use the FLIR Secure app to connect you to all of your Lorex security systems. FLIR uses cloud storage to back up your footage and the RapidRecap feature lets you play back the last 12 hours of motion-activated footage in a few minutes. Like the iVMS app for Hikvision, you can also customize the interface to show certain camera feeds, download your footage, and program alerts and notifications.

3. Nest

Wireless security cameras and thermostats from Nest connect to the Nest app, which can also interface with any compatible smart home system. The base app allows you to create and customize multiple profiles for your family, and a subscription to Nest Aware gives you activity alerts and continuous cloud recording.


Ring’s app is focused mainly on their specialty doorbell cameras – essentially just a small security camera with a buzzer and a 2-way intercom. These devices allow you to verify who’s at your door, and with the app you can check your front door even if you’re not home, so it’s handy for receiving deliveries, both residential or commercial.

5. Brivo OnAir

Brivo provides a single platform that allows you to interact with multiple security systems. Their OnAir app is designed to offer secure access control solutions through the cloud. You can view your camera feeds, check your system’s status, update your whitelist, unlock your doors, and more all from the remote interface of your smartphone.

6. is one of the other versatile home security apps that lets you connect to your home or business from anywhere through a secured internet connection. It works on nearly any device, from your smartwatch to your tablet. It’s also got a comprehensive suite of voice control options, and can tie into your other smart home tech, letting you keep tabs on your screens as well as your camera feeds.

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These apps are the best we’ve seen, and we’ve been California’s best alarm system installer for nearly a decade. We stand behind every product and service we recommend because our mission is to make sure your home and business are protected and secure. Whether you want security cameras, access control systems, burglar alarms, or just a little more information, give us a call for a free security consultation.

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