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If you’ve been following the security industry or you’re looking to install an access control system of your own, you’re probably aware of the developing industry for cloud-based access control management platforms. These allow you to use your various access control and security systems (door unlocking, video recording, and visitor tracking) from any web-connected device. They’re an indispensable tool for any business, and there’s not a better one on the market right now than Brivo Cloud-Based Access Control.

Understanding Access Control

The details of access control systems can be difficult to understand, but on the surface they’re pretty simple. Your card or PIN reader communicates with a panel, usually somewhere else on the premises, that makes decisions about how and when the controller should grant access. Swipe your card or input your code and the controller dutifully relays the credentials to the panel, which checks them against the approved whitelist and tells the controller to unlock the door if the credentials match.

Costly Server-based Systems

Installing a local server and door controller presents a much higher up-front cost than setting up a Brivo system. The long-term costs are higher, too – you need technicians to constantly monitor and update the system.

With traditional access controllers, you have to add or remove credentials from the whitelist via the on-site terminal or networked computer. This can be inconvenient, especially if you need to change things in a hurry or if your controllers run on outdated or unfriendly systems.

Brivo’s Cloud-based Access Control System

With Brivo, you don’t have to deal with door controllers at all. Brivo uses the cloud to communicate with your panel and verify your credentials without the hassles inherent to server-based systems. Instead, you use a modern interface for any number of doors with options to lock or unlock the doors, add or remove credentials from your whitelist, and much more through a secure web connection.

Intuitive User Interface

Brivo’s user interface is intuitive, uncluttered, and functional. From the main page you’ll be able to set schedules, groups, and access for your employees or guests. At a glance, you’ll know where you are, where you’re going, and how to get there, whether you’re checking in on your system or revamping your white-list.

Mobile-Friendly Interface

Brivo’s web portal isn’t picky – it’s just as versatile accessed from a smartphone or tablet as from a full desktop. It’s one of the cloud conveniences you’ll come to rely on when managing your access control system.

Brivo OnAir

Want to get rid of keycards? Pair the Brivo Onair app with your account and you can use your smartphone to access your building – unlock your doors with a simple button. It’s the same NFC-antenna technology behind your phone’s tap and pay feature, and it’s just as secure.

Secure Encryption

Brivo has the same encryption standards as server-based access control, but because your account is on the cloud you can manage the software from any web browser without compromising that security. Your server knows exactly how to talk to the Brivo cloud, but the signal never goes from the cloud to your server, so the connection can’t be hacked. This encryption is also standard for online banking and shopping, so your access control system is protected by the same protocols you already trust.

Manage Multiple Properties

Brivo’s cloud-based access control management system is a single point of contact for any number of secured facilities. It can manage a suite of warehouses or apartment floors just as easily as a single unit, all from the same web interface. No matter the scale you’re dealing with, Brivo simplifies your process, and the habits you form with the interface translate smoothly between multiple access control systems even if they use different authenticators.

Customized Security Reporting

With your security cameras integrated into Brivo, you can tether real-time video feed to your activity log so you can literally see who’s accessing your building. With additional customization options for security reports – frequency, content, sources, and delivery – Brivo is the most versatile tool in your security systems arsenal.

Get Safe and Sound with Brivo

We’ve been California’s favorite local security company for a while now, and we stand behind Brivo and its benefits. It’s a versatile tool with a great interface and cutting-edge functions that works for large or small businesses.

Whether you’re ready to beef up your access control systems with Brivo, looking to install an access control system in general, or just want a little more information about Brivo before you decide, give us a call! We’re always ready to give you a free consultation and assessment, and we’re eager to meet another friendly California client.

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