How to Find the Right Business Security Camera System For You

You know your business is unique, and you know you need a unique security system to keep it secure. Fortunately, the type of business you run determines many of the factors you need to consider when deciding which surveillance system to install.

Remember that video surveillance systems typically sit in the background until something goes wrong. Figuring out what kind of business security camera system you need is really an exercise in identifying the ways in which normal operations can go awry or how your business can come under outside threat.

Office Building

If you’re looking at security cameras for a simple office building, a good indoor CCTV is probably all you need – you probably don’t need to worry about night-vision for anything but the entrances. If your office space includes a parking lot, though, invest in a good outdoor camera with strong optical zoom and night-vision capabilities. Never underestimate the value of being able to read a license plate at 300 meters.

Retail Businesses

For a retail location, you’re looking for plenty of different angles, especially with overlapping fields of view, and you may want dynamic PTZ (Pan-Tilt-Zoom) capabilities. You also want exceptional resolution, so you need at least a 4 Megapixel cameras. Think about the kinds of hazards your retail location is trying to guard against. If you’re concerned about shoplifting, you want to be able to capture a clear image of a face or a product slipping into a bag, ideally from multiple overlapping angles so you can follow a person around the store when reviewing the security footage later. You won’t get very far pursuing the matter with the authorities if the face in the video isn’t crisp and clear.

Industrial Plants

Most industrial business surveillance systems try to combine wide and tight perspectives – from an industrial perspective, your cameras need to be able to record both large- and small-scale events. You’re probably less worried about theft or intrusion, and more interested in accidents, injuries, and damage. You want to be able to keep an eye on plant operations as a whole with wide images while still being able to track small-scale worker movements in detail with a narrower focus.

Transportation Vehicles

In vehicles, a wide-angle bird’s eye view is often less valuable than a first-person perspective. Dash cams record what the driver sees, not necessarily the full scope of the environment. While other businesses strive to see everything, if you’re in transportation you want to record only as the driver sees in case of an accident to be used as evidence or explanation afterward.


Of all the businesses listed here, banks have the highest risk of large-scale theft. In addition to simply recording events, conspicuously placed cameras can make an excellent deterrent – studies confirm people are more law-abiding when they feel they’re being watched. The presence of a visible security camera in banks is often enough to prevent a potential crime, so you’ll want at least some of your cameras to be nice and obvious.

School Districts

Schools will typically need a mix of indoor and outdoor video surveillance cameras. Halls, entrances, exits, parking lots, and yards should all be monitored appropriately. As with any business parking lot, be sure that the outdoor cameras can zoom in on license plates, even at night, in case of an incident. With so many children coming and going, it’s imperative that the video quality be crystal clear in case something ever goes wrong.

Construction and Manufacturing

Construction is often a messy business. It’s dusty work, usually out in the elements. For a construction business, surveillance cameras should be IP rated, ideally IP67 or better. The 6 means that your camera can’t be damaged by dust or debris, and the 7 means that your camera won’t be damaged by water, whether it’s rain, splashes, brief submersion, or even pressurized jets.

Apartment Buildings

Apartment building owners typically add a doorbell camera to the usual keypad and buzzer access control system at the main door. That way, when someone buzzes a unit, the tenant can pull up a video feed of the lobby and verify the visitor. Doorbell cameras add a unique twist to video surveillance: they generally incorporate a 2-way intercom, so a cleverly installed doorbell camera will eliminate the need for a separate buzzer and intercom system.

Installing Business Video Surveillance Systems

Even if you know what you want, installing a business video surveillance system is a complex process – just a few simple wireless video cameras aren’t a weekend project. These cameras are guarding your assets and your livelihood against accident, intrusion, theft, damage, legal complications, and more. Don’t take a chance on their installation; let the pros at Safe and Sound get the job done right the first time. Give us a call today, and arrange a free consultation for your business!

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