8 Essentials of a Business Security System

No matter what kind of business you’re in, there are a few essential qualities that every business security system should have. If your system hasn’t got every feature covered, it might be time for an overhaul.

1. Alarms and Sensors

A burglar alarm system should obviously be one of your top priorities. Your business security system should be able to sense when something is amiss and alert someone. There are plenty of different types of sensors, but the basic kits include:

  • Motion Detectors
  • Glass-Break Sensors
  • Door and Window Contact Sensors
  • Acoustic Sensors

Each of these performs a different function, but all serve to alert a central panel about activity on the premises. The panel then follows predetermined instructions if any of the sensors are triggered. Its options include sounding sirens, dialing a phone number, silently alerting the authorities, or reporting to a human operator, and a number of custom behaviors you can set up for your particular system.

2. Alarm Monitoring

An alarm monitoring company is an indispensable ally in your business security system. Your alarms and sensors are only as strong as the person responding to them – if your night watchman is in the breakroom making coffee when the alarm is tripped, how long will it be before the problem is addressed?

With an alarm monitoring company keeping watch, it’s immediate. If a sensor is tripped or an alarm is triggered, an operator will check in instantly, either tapping into the security camera feeds or calling to check in. Monitoring companies have your back in every situation, 24/7.

3. Access Control

Access control systems grant or restrict entrance to your premises. PIN keypads, card readers, fingerprint scanners – all of these systems read your credentials and the linked security panel verifies you against the approved list. Access control is a critical element of every commercial alarm system.

The kind of access control system you need depends heavily on the type and amount of traffic your business gets on a typical day. The right system for a warehouse at the edge of town will be prohibitive for a downtown office with a staff of hundreds.

alarm keypad

4. Security Cameras and CCTV Systems

For many, surveillance cameras are synonymous with security systems. No business security system is complete without a way to monitor your building. If a sensor is triggered, it’s imperative you see the site of the activity. Conspicuous security cameras and CCTV systems are also an excellent deterrent, preventing many crimes in the first place.

5. Redundant Power System Backups

What happens in the event of a power outage? Without a redundant power backup, your entire security system could go offline. All someone might have to do is cut the power to bypass even the most advanced security systems, but it doesn’t even have to be intentional – fires or severe storms can interrupt your power at a critical moment. Be sure to invest in some kind of backup power system like a generator or a solar-powered battery to keep your system up and running no matter what.

6. Fail Safe

In the event your security system fails, your business security system can be designed to fail safe or fail secure. Failing safe means all exits default to open – it’s the best option for high-traffic locations like office floors.

7. Fail Secure

The more secure option is to have the system lock everything down in case of a systems failure. With manual crash bars on your doors, people can still exit the building – but no one can get in to take advantage of the crisis. By failing secure, you’re covered even in a worst-case scenario.

8. Professional Installation

The best business security systems are installed by qualified professionals. Security systems are made up of many complex pieces of technology, and there’s not a good do-it-yourself substitute. Cutting corners on security and surveillance system installation leads to blind spots, faulty systems, false alarms, and inconsistencies in event reporting. It’s not just a hassle – it’s embarrassing, it cuts into the bottom line, and it leaves your business vulnerable to threats.

Give us a call today and speak to one of our professional security system integrators and installers and arrange a free quote for your business. We’re California’s most trusted local security company, and we’re ready to get to work building your new business security system.

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  1. As you mentioned, a burglar alarm system should be one of the top priorities of a commercial security system. My aunt recently open a store front for her etsy shop. I wonder if she has looked into a security system for it yet.

  2. Nice Article!! The security systems you mentioned is really good. I installed the “Access Control system” for my business and it is really appreciable. Now, I am thinking to install CCTV surveillance at my house and your article gives me very important information about it. Thanks a lot!!!

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