5 Threats to Commercial Security Systems

While all business security systems are unique, they face the same basic security risks. If your business isn’t protected against these threats, you probably need to overhaul your commercial security system or get a new security provider.

1. Theft

Any good business turns a profit, which depends on any number of valuable assets – machinery, product, infrastructure. Keeping those assets is a main priority for any good commercial security system. Theft protection takes many different forms, with a number of distinct but interconnected systems contributing to the process.

The kind of theft protection you’ll need depends on the kind of business you run. A retail store with hundreds of people coming through every day will need cameras to watch for problems, prox readers to control access, and vigilant security personnel to act if anyone tries to steal anything. A secured storage vault, on the other hand, would still need a CCTV surveillance system, but might add glass-break and motion sensors for a commercial security system.

2. Vandalism

Having a prime business location downtown is great for sales, visibility, brand awareness, and networking, but it can have its drawbacks. In such a public space, your business location is at risk of vandalism, especially after hours.

Dissuading vandals isn’t as difficult as it sounds. Cleverly placed exterior lighting makes your premises a much less tempting target. The same is true of deliberately conspicuous security cameras aimed at the door.

Deterring vandals is all about making your business a less inviting target. Vandals hide in the dark, so make sure they know they’re seen and brightly lit.

3. Corporate Espionage

You also need to be protected against more subtle threats. Letting the wrong person through your doors could lead to sensitive information getting into the wrong hands. Access control systems handle door locking and unlocking, even automatically, and are a valuable part of any commercial security infrastructure. They let you vet anyone coming through your doors, whether they’re card-carrying employees, contractors with temporary pin numbers, or investors with fingerprints on file.

4. Misconduct

Most businesses depend on a team of employees to keep things running smoothly, but any mistakes by a member of that team will create problems. Improperly trained workers might not take every safety precaution on a machine or leave a mopped floor without a caution sign.

With security cameras monitoring your premises, you’ll be able to step in and correct the situation before it causes a workplace mishap, preventing damage, costs, injuries, and possibly even charges.

5. Fire and Accident

Not every threat to your business is intentional or criminal. As long as you’ve got an alarm system and a monitoring company keeping watch and reacting to any systems alerts, you’ll be covered in case of fire, flood, or any other kind of non-criminal emergency. It’s probably more likely that your alarm system will need to respond to a fire than to a burglary.

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