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Many security companies focus on a single part of your security system. Often, that means your commercial security and surveillance network is made up of sensors and cameras from different manufacturers. Integrating them – or even just getting them to play nice together – can be a daunting task. That’s why companies like Avigilon provide end-to-end security solutions, offering complete business security packages for virtually every commercial industry, government agency, and law enforcement department. One of the leaders in integrated Video Management Systems and video analytics, Avigilon has secured everything from retail stores and industrial warehouses to banks and airports with their advanced video surveillance systems and software.

What is Avigilon?

The Vancouver-based security company holds more than 750 patents on video analytics, automated license plate recognition, access control, and firmware upgrade technologies. Among their products are self-learning analytics software, search functions based on appearance, advanced security cameras, and access control software.

Security Software Solutions – Video Analytics and Management

Avigilon is probably best known for their advanced suite of surveillance video analytics. The Avigilon Control Center is a powerful open Video Management System that unifies the various analytic functions and your other business security systems into a single, easy-to-use interface. With the analytics, your cameras will detect patterns and movement, identifying people and vehicles with a self-learning AI. The software is designed to facilitate search functions, as well, offering a thumbnail view of images you can scroll through to find exactly when changes occur. This ability to focus your surveillance streamlines business security and safety, enabling you to get real-time alerts and identification for a variety of applications. Construction sites, industrial warehouses, and retail stores each have their own unique uses for video analytics.

Unusual Motion Detection

Unusual Motion Detection automatically learns what patterns of traffic are normal, and filters out those patterns to show you events you might otherwise have missed. UMD constantly learns about its scene, even with multiple cameras, and refines its algorithms to better narrow your searches, both in real-time and in review. When the UMD program detects abnormal activity, it’ll send you an instant notification so you can take immediate action. This is useful for more than just catching an intruder – you’ll be able to prevent an accident if someone wanders into an unsafe area.

Appearance Search

Avigilon’s Appearance Search doesn’t just identify people from objects, it identifies distinct individuals and lets you track them across recorded footage on multiple cameras. The always-learning software is not only to discern clothing on a person, but also gender and age group. You’ll be able to narrow a near-real-time search to an individual and find them on-premises if you need to – say they forgot a bag or decided to try shoplifting.

Stream Management

The company also has a solution for buffering and loading issues that can plague more advanced VMS interfaces when watching or reviewing footage. Avigilon’s proprietary High-Definition Stream Management reduces bandwidth and latency, storing the video files in packets on the server until they’re needed. It also stores different variations of the stream – lower resolutions for a multi-screen view, and higher resolutions for zoomed or single feed viewing.

Avigilon Security Cameras

Avigilon Cameras

In addition to software, Avigilon sells a powerful line of surveillance cameras to utilize their analytics tools. They manufacture all types of cameras, from bullets to domes to PTZ’s. Some of the more innovative designs are their thermal imaging bullet cam, an Infrared PTZ, and an edge-solution line of cameras. Thermal and IR cameras are useful for low- to no-light conditions, and the Pan-Tilt-Zoom models are able to follow reposition on the fly for a better field of view. The H4 Edge Solution cameras pack a solid-state hard drive, an analytic software package, and an on-board ACC into a variety of cameras. These powerful cameras provide an all-in-one solution to securing your site.

End-to-End Security with Avigilon

With commercial security often depending on many interconnected systems, Avigilon’s comprehensive video and analysis packages are difficult to beat – especially in light of their recent acquisition by Motorola Solutions. The recent addition brings a massive distribution platform and even stronger financial resources from the security and communications giant to an already powerful product line on the cutting edge of video analytics.

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