An Introduction to Security Doorbell Cameras

It takes a lot of different systems to secure your home – indoor and outdoor security cameras, door contact sensors, window and glass break sensors, and a security keypad to tie it all together. Sensors and cameras are passive systems, though – you can’t intervene if a problem is detected, and no place needs your direct attention like your front door. A security doorbell camera and intercom is an excellent addition to your security system – it’s easy to install, easy to use, and fairly unobtrusive.


Simply put, security doorbells are just small security cameras – wired or wireless – that include a door buzzer and a 2-way intercom in the frame. Combining the benefits of a security camera and an intercom gives you a wide range of powerful features to secure your home or business.

One of the most important features of doorbell cameras is that they can interface with your smartphone through an app, allowing you to see and react to events at your door whether you’re home or not. The best security doorbells connect to Z-wave devices like lights and door locks, allowing you to lock and unlock your front door remotely.

Security Camera

Whether you want to see who’s at the door or keep an eye on a delivered package, a doorbell camera allows you to stay informed even if no one’s home. Most use a wide-angle lens and record in HD, saving footage to a server or the cloud and sending a real-time feed to your mobile device with the right app. HD video quality generally isn’t high enough to pick out specific details like facial features or license plates, but it’s more than enough to let you react in real-time.

2-Way Intercom

Many security doorbells feature a 2-way intercom, allowing you to talk to your visitors. If your system supports wireless network connections, you can speak to your visitors remotely – scare off a would-be intruder or just ask the delivery person to come back later, right from your smartphone.

Theft Deterrent

People are generally more well-behaved when they think they’re being watched. An obvious camera at the door lets potential intruders know your home has a multi-layered security system, possibly deterring them from attempting to break in at all. Even if they don’t see your camera, motion-activated alerts to your smartphone let you deter them personally through the intercom.

Doorbell Camera Manufacturers:

Ring Doorbell Cams

Ring specializes in doorbell cameras and the companion mobile app. They make both wired and wireless models, and they’re even night-vision capable, giving you the benefits of a doorbell camera 24/7.

Ring doorbell camera

Nest Hello

Wireless camera giant Nest has entered the realm of the doorbell camera with their Hello model. While it’s comparatively small, the Nest Hello has all the features typical to security doorbells, including cloud storage for your footage with a subscription to the Nest Aware service.

Nest Hello doorbell camera

Cameras from has cornered the market on cellular connections from your smartphone to your alarm system, so it’s only natural that they offer a WiFi Doorbell Camera that interfaces with the app you already have for your smart home and alarms. The cameras themselves are manufactured by SkyBell and feature a motion sensor and 2-way intercom as well as a camera, and can even be wired into your porch light to turn it on when it detects cameras from SkyBell

DoorBird Cameras

German manufacturer DoorBird makes slick, professional doorbell cameras with full 2-way intercoms, motion sensors, and IR night-vision. Some of their “door stations” even double as an access control system with a PIN keypad or RFID reader, but the all-in-one options are significantly more expensive than the simpler door cams.DoorBird door station

Get Safe and Sound with Doorbell Cameras

Regardless of manufacturer, adding a security doorbell is a great way to get additional security at your most important entrances. Whether you’re looking to install a doorbell camera or just want a little more information about how to secure your home or business, give Safe and Sound Security a call for a free consultation from California’s best local security system installers.

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