Video Verification vs Video Monitoring

Commercial security systems are increasingly reliant on the advances in surveillance camera software to protect businesses and warehouses. Cameras provide more real-time data and analysis than door and window sensors, and when paired with card or fingerprint readers they become a powerful part of access control. They’re only effective as long as someone’s watching them, though – that’s where video verification and video monitoring come in. An off-site service guarantees someone will respond to incidents without triggering false alarms.

Verification and monitoring are closely related, and even some security integrators and providers use the terms interchangeably. Both require a monitoring center, and both offer more security than separate, unmonitored burglar alarms and surveillance systems. They also send you email alerts, notifying you of an incident at your site in real-time. While verification only happens after an alarm or sensor has been triggered, active monitoring constantly watches your cameras for suspicious behavior.

Standard CCTV – No Verification, No Monitoring

The old way of using security cameras is barely even reactive – it’s just passive. No one watches the footage or bothers to review it unless there’s an incident. At best, the cameras are present only as an unquantifiably effective deterrent and an investigative aid after the damage has already been done. Even then, image quality affects the investigation – if your cameras don’t have high enough resolution to make out facial features or license plates, they won’t be much help.

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Security Video Verification – Reactive Confirmation

A video verification service works in conjunction with your burglar alarms to validate an incident. When your system detects an anomaly, your cameras record a short clip and send it to your security company. If the operator sees a problem, they forward a verified alert to the police. Emergency response times are much faster with verified alarms, primarily because they’re treated as “in-progress” calls rather than after-action reports. As an added benefit, verification can stop false alarms from being sent out. The police don’t like wasting time on false alarms any more than you like them showing up because a squirrel tripped your motion detector.

The drawback to verification is that it’s reactive, not proactive. If an incident occurs, it’s going to continue occurring until the authorities arrive. They might arrive sooner than they would without verification, but it’s essentially a halfway point of securing your business. If you want full security, you’ll want a video monitoring service.

Security Video Monitoring – Proactive Protection

A monitoring company watches your cameras around the clock instead of waiting for something to happen. This proactive approach to security relies more heavily on the cameras themselves – the purpose is for the operator to recognize a threat before the sensors do. Video analytics and motion detecting software makes the task easier for the monitors. Pairing a speaker or 2-way intercom with your camera allows the monitoring company to communicate with your premises and scare off would-be intruders. Few things are more discouraging to burglars than a loud, disembodied voice politely telling them the police are on the way.

Professional Monitoring, Professional Installation

Proper placement of your cameras is crucial to your security – if your alarm service can’t see an incident happening, they can’t stop it. As with any security security system, professional installation and maintenance is key – you’re already having professionals monitor the system. Whether you choose video verification or monitoring, you want a seasoned security team to have your back.

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  1. Thanks for helping me learn more about video verification and video monitoring. I didn’t know that video verification can record a short clip when the overall system detects an anomaly. It sounds important to have alarms all throughout the place so that it can be triggered at the right moment.

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