Cellular vs Landline Security Systems

Traditionally, security systems have used physical landline phone connections for external connection to the security monitoring company. In recent years, however, many systems have made the switch to cellular connections, which allow for wireless connection and enable homes without landlines (increasingly common in the smartphone age, where seemingly nobody uses landlines anymore) to have an integrated security system connected to an outside monitoring company creating a wireless security system.

But are cellular connections better than phone cable?  What kind of benefits do they have, what are the potential security risks?

Why Get A Security System With A Wireless Cellular Connection?

Why Get A Security System With A Wireless Cellular Connection?

A wireless security system, as the name implies, use a cellular connection to transmit their signal between devices and the control panel, and externally to the monitoring company. The benefit in this is that it eliminates any need for physical wires and removes any avenues for physical tampering; the wires cannot be cut, unlike on traditional phone lines. This has always been one of the biggest weaknesses in landline systems, and a go-to trick for burglars and break-ins. Signal is often faster than landline phones, and response times quicker.

Since they are easier to install and require much fewer physical components, they’re also easier to maintain or move. Many people don’t even have traditional landline phone connections or subscriptions anymore, opting simply to use cell phones for their business and personal needs – in which case, a cellular system makes much more sense.

Cellular systems will usually be more expensive to install than a wired landline system, but after installation, are usually less expensive to use and maintain. They also run the potential problem of signal interference and can go down when a cell tower or cell service goes down (but so can a landline connection, when a telephone pole is knocked down in a storm).

Lastly, cellular systems are now often compatible with all the latest smart home and home automation systems – letting you control them remotely – remotely viewing video feeds on your cell phone, for example – activating and disarming them while away from the home or building.

Why Stick With A Landline Security System Instead?

Why Stick With A Landline Security System Instead?

As great as a wireless security system is, there are some cases where opting for a phone cable connection still make sense – for example, when cost is a factor. Landline systems are generally cheaper to install in the first place – which has always been one of their main draws. Most homes already have the wiring and infrastructure necessary to install them, ready to go, and they offer an easy, low-cost method of securing a home. They are also usually cheaper for a monitoring company to keep an eye on, and could save you 10% or 20% a month.

Landline connections are less susceptible to interference, such as from nearby radio devices, as well as weather events. Since they are not reliant on a wireless connection, they are also less susceptible to weak signal and poor connection. In case of failure, newer landline systems also often have wireless cellular backups in place, so your connection to the outside world is never lost.

Which Is Right For You?

Which connection method is right for you or your business will depend on a combination of all these factors. There is often difference between the equipment and systems used with each type of connection – it’s just a matter of choosing the one right system infrastructure and external connection for your needs.

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