Essential Office Security Systems: 4 Must-Haves

Office security systems are something every manager needs to consider. Often overlooked by smaller businesses, proper security measures play aintegral part in a business’ success. Whether it’s physical break-ins, vandalism, or internal theft and fraud, there are a host of potential security threats that need to be taken seriously, and the proper office security systems and precautions implemented to prevent them.

1. Office Door Access Control System

biometric access control

Office Door Access Control systems give you control over who can access certain parts of the building and who can’t. Swipe cards and badges, or such as RFID or proximity cards, are a simple way to establish credentials for accessing and securing the office.  More expensive office door access control systems may even use biometric credentials, such as fingerprints, for even more secure access.

Access Control systems such as these let you decide who gets inside the office, where they can go once in, and provide an extra layer of security for important facilities that need to be off-limits. Keyless access control also provides extra physical security, as they cannot be picked or broken in the same manner as keyed locks. And, they can be instantly updated when an employee is terminated, without needing replacement as physical locks do.

Office Access Control systems are often on-site systems that access a physical server in the building and pull up a user’s credentials. But many offices are now opting for Cloud-Based systems – such as from Brivo – where credentials are stored in the cloud and accessed instantly via Internet connection. Some cloud access systems will even let employees use their smartphone for access.

Cloud-based access systems offer convenience and ease for business owners, who can simply pay a monthly subscription fee as opposed to having a physical server onsite requiring maintenance and service.

Be sure to give access cards only to those who need them, and ensure every employee has the permissions to complete their work without interruptions. Also, ensure that any contractors or temporary employees turn in their badges when leaving.

2. Office Security Cameras

warehouse security camera

A comprehensive office security camera system covering both inside and outside the office allows you to monitor everything happening around the office, protecting against employee theft and corporate sabotage. You’ll be able to keep an eye on the property around the clock, guarding against break-ins and vandalism.

Office security cameras should be placed to avoid blind spots and placed near sensitive locations – such as near entrances, server rooms, and any places where cash or other valuable items may be stored.

Most modern security camera systems offer remote viewing and live streaming, allowing you to check on your office from anywhere, even on your phone. NVR’s and server give you a record of everything that happens on the property.

3. Office Alarm System

Alarm System Panel

Don’t forget to monitor the office perimeter as well. While an office alarm system and access control should prevent most problems, should anything go wrong – a security breach or physical break-in – a comprehensive office alarm system is the next defense, alerting the police or monitoring company to the issue.

Door and window contacts can trigger the alarm when a physical break-in happens, and motion sensors can alert to anyone who managed to find their way into an off-limits area. Proper fire alarm systems can call the fire department should a fire break out.

4. Don’t Forget The Security Team

For larger offices, it’s well worth it to have a properly trained and trustworthy security team. They’ll be able to monitor the office surveillance system in real time, patrol the grounds, and observe and monitor who goes  in and out. They can react to events quickly, but also deter break-ins and breaches just through their regular presence.

Smaller businesses, however, will likely not have the budget to hire a full-time security team, in which case comprehensive office security systems and proper measures become even more important.

Office security can be an intricate system, but these basic points should get you started in setting up a workplace system and keeping your business secure. If you’d like to learn more, give Safe and Sound a call with any questions.

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  1. Thanks for the interesting article about office security. I’m glad you mentioned that a surveillance system could help monitor everything that is happening in an office. This sounds very useful to have in high traffic areas of the building as well, since that’s where a lot of people can gather.

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