Security Options For Smart Homes

Smart home systems aren’t just for thermostats and light bulbs anymore. While security systems and surveillance have traditionally meant specialized and expensive systems, the advent of smart homes and smart devices has enabled a host of different options for integrating your security system into a comprehensive, easy-to-use system. Smart systems such as Amazon Echo and Google Home all work with smart security cameras and alarm systems via WiFi, allowing you to access and control them from your phone or smart home controller.

Let’s take a look at some of the various options for smart home security out there and see which might work best for you.

Nest cam

Security Cameras For Smart Homes

The most common, and easiest to integrate, security options for smart homes include surveillance cameras and doorbell cameras. These are usually small and easy to set up, and work directly with smart home software, such as Google Home. You can set up surveillance cameras from brands such as Nest or inside your home, around the perimeter of the house, and covering main entrances, then record or monitor video live from your smartphone or PC.

Security cameras for smart homes are usually available in full 1080P HD, and outdoor options are weatherproof and impact-resistant, keeping them working no matter the conditions outside.

Many smart home platforms can also be integrated with traditional IP cameras, which may take some expert installation but gives you a heavier-duty level of security that consumer cameras can’t offer.

You can also do the same with doorbell cameras, which are built right into your front doorbell or keypad and let you see who’s at the door, either before answering or remotely when you’re out of the house. Doorbell cameras also often have other handy features built in, such as intercoms for talking to visitors outside your home, lights, and even motion detectors to alert you when someone is standing at the door.

Nest Hello doorbell camera

Smart Home Motion Sensors

Security cameras and doorbells aren’t the only thing you can use to keep your smart home safe and secure. Motion sensors can also be integrated into the system, detecting movement on the property or intrusion in your home and alerting you on your phone or triggering the alarm system. Some systems, like those from Wave, even snap pictures to send you, so you can review the situation before alerting the proper authorities.

Door and Window Sensors

Door and window contacts can also be integrated into a smart home security system, giving you the benefits of a traditional burglar alarm as well. When a window is opened or the door opens unexpectedly, Wave and other smart home systems can send you alerts directly on your phone, and give you the option of alerting security.

As a bonus, having door and window contacts integrated into your smart home lets you know when a window is left open, so you can shut off the heat or A/C via your smart thermostat.

Smart Home Security Monitoring

While one of the main benefits of a security system is being able to monitor and control it yourself, especially remotely, they can also be hooked up and monitored by a professional security monitoring company, which gives you added peace of mind and around-the-clock protection, without having to do it yourself. The monitoring company will be able to react immediately, either alerting you to check on the situation remotely, or dispatching first responders in an emergency.

Smart Home Security Monitoring

Door Locks

One of the best parts of a smart home system is the ability to install smart locks, such as Kwikset, into your home. Smart locks and keyless access locks make entering the home easy, replacing physical keys with keypads and PIN codes, or allowing you to unlock the door from the mobile app your phone. Just like as with your thermostat or your window, you can see when the door is locked or unlocked from your app.  If you forget to lock the door on the way out, simple do so from the app. You can also let friends friends and family in remotely.

And with voice-activated devices such as Alexa, you unlock the front door using nothing but your voice. They make controlling who gets in and out easy – and look good on your front door, too.

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Benefits of Smart Home Security

Why opt for smart home security options, as opposed to traditional security systems?

First, they’re easier to install and use than heavier-duty or commercial-oriented security systems, as they are almost always meant for homeowners to install themselves. They’re intuitive and easy to integrate. Once set up, they are easy to control and monitor, requiring nothing more than a smartphone and app to use.

Second, since they’re controllable from your smartphone, they are essentially always available. You’ll never have to worry about forgetting to arm the system, as you can simply pull it up in the app and arm it remotely. Smart home systems can even send you notifications and reminders to arm your system as you head out the door.

Finally, smart home security systems can be much cheaper than traditional security systems. You can purchase security cameras and sensors starting in the ballpark of $100, and even install them yourself – giving you an entire system for a fraction of the price of a professionally-installed system.

The downside of a smart home security system, however, is that it simply does not have the options, power and capabilities that a professional-grade security system offers.

But, if you’re looking for the most user-friendly and affordable home security system you can find, a smart home security system might just be your best choice.

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