How The App Keeps You Secure

Smart Home Security Devices are reshaping the way people protect their homes, providing them with all-in-one, integrated solutions that can be controlled easily and remotely from their smartphone or tablet. In the past, arming or disarming your alarm system could only be done from the control panel keypad, place somewhere inside the house. With the advent of smart security systems, like the app, you can now arm, disarm and check-in on your home’s security from your phone, anywhere and anytime. Let’s take a look at how the App works and some of the features and functionality it provides.

1. Ease of Use & Interconnectedness

Setting up and using the app is as simple and user-friendly as can be. Download the app to your phone or tablet and pair with your smart home security system via the cloud, and you’re ready to go. It’s that simple. From there, you’ll be able to control not only your security system, but also any connected, integrated devices such as smart lights, thermostats and smart locks – all of which are connected either by Bluetooth or some one other connectivity standard, such as Z-Wave.

2. Arm & Disarm the House Remotely

Ever forget to arm your security system before leaving the house? The app solves that problem, as you can simply log on and arm the system from your phone anytime. If you ever need to disarm it remotely – to let visitors enter while you’re gone, for example – that can be done just as easily.

Likewise, if you forget to turn certain household appliances off – like your lights or thermostat – the app lets you do that, too, thanks to the sheer amount of smart home integration it is capable of.

Arm & Disarm the House Remotely

3. Notifications & Alerts

The Alarm.Com app also has a wide arsenal of notifications and alerts built in, ranging from reminders that you forgot to lock the front door (which can then be done remotely, via the app) to no-show alerts, which tells you if someone who was supposed to arrive and disarm the alarm (say, a child returning from school or the petsitter) fails to turn up. The app can also send you alerts notifying you when doors have been accessed and opened, letting you dismiss the notifications if it’s an authorized user or sound the alarm if it isn’t.

Another innovative feature that Alarm.Com App offers is User Codes, which are customized 4-digit or 6-digit codes that can be assigned to particular users. Your dog-walker can have his or her own user code, as can your kids or the cleaners. When this unique user code is used to disarm the system and enter the house, the app will notify you of exactly who entered and when.

4. Smart Signal: Verify Alarms From Your Phone also recently unveiled their new Smart Signal feature, which serves as a direct connection to your alarm monitoring station and unlocks a whole series of new features on the app. These include a panic alert function, as well as the ability to quickly verify a triggered alarm or cancel a false alarm – all using buttons placed conveniently within the app. Each button immediately sends a Smart Signal to the monitoring station, allowing them to respond or contact authorities as needed. Panic alert mode is also completely silent at the alarm’s physical location, to avoid further alarming intruders.

Smart Signal: Verify Alarms From Your Phone

5. Remote Monitoring via the Alarm.Com App

One of the best advantages of the app is also the ability to monitor the video feed of your WiFi-connected smart security cameras, remotely and directly in the app. With this functionality, you can virtually drop in on the house any time you feel the need, checking in on any disturbances and even seeing who is at the front door via your doorbell camera.

With the right setup, you can also record your video feed when activity is detected, allowing you to see a recorded video of the exact moment that something occurred. See who pulled up the driveway and get a picture of their license plate or see who rang the front doorbell – after the fact.

remote viewing infographic

6. Image Sensor For Wireless Monitoring’s Image Sensor snaps still images of your home, transmitting them to the app via a dedicated cellular connection. This allows you to stay connected even when the power goes out or some other emergency severs your WiFi. Furthermore, the Image Sensor features a 3-year battery life, ensuring you know what’s going on in your home and never have to worry about forgetting the batteries. Use it to check in anytime, just like the remote video monitoring, or use it when an emergency occurs; the Image Sensor is automatically activated by emergencies like break-ins and fire alarms.

7. Geo-Services For Convenient Control

While not strictly security-minded,’s Geo-services is an extremely useful feature that can make using your smart security system much easier. Geo-Services allows you to set customized, automatic alerts and functions determined by your physical location. For example, if your phone leaves a certain defined geographic area without the system being armed, it will send you an alert or automatically lock the door for you. You can also set it to detect when you’re on your way home and disarm the system, turn up the thermostat, etc.

Using the Alarm.Com App For Business

While you may primarily think of the app as being for your home, it can also be used for all sorts of small business applications – such as retail shops and small offices. Use it within smart security cameras for security on a budget, and enjoy all the same features you do at home – at work.

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