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3 Ways Automatic Gate Openers Like LiftMaster Help With Security

Automatic door openers might be more closely associated with your home garage than with commercial security, but they play an integral role in access control too. Both commercial and residential properties need to be secured at all angles and entrances, and front vehicle gates and garage-style overhead doors call for special forms of security. That’s where commercial door and gate opener systems can make securing large gates and garages easy – especially when integrated with your businesses existing access control system. Here’s how.

1. Easy To Use

One of the primary benefits of access control is ease-of-use and convenience. There is no need to carry keys, and employees can simply swipe their badge or type in the appreciate PIN code to unlock the door. Commercial door openers work the same way, in this case for opening garage doors or gates. Personnel must simply swipe their card or enter their credentials, and the door – whether it’s a garage-style lift door at your warehouse loading docks, or front gate – will swing open, allowing them to enter unrestricted. In most cases, visitors don’t need to get out of their cars.

LiftMaster Cloud Access Control

2. Do Everything Access Control Systems Do – and More

Commercial door openers aren’t like your typical home garage door opener; they’re powerful, fully capable systems that can be integrated with your current access control system or set up all on their own. You can set them up with a keypad, card reader with swipe or proximity cards, or remote-control reader, just like any other commercial access control system, allowing you to choose the system that works best for your business. Old-fashioned intercom and keypad systems are still a possibility, too.

Commercial door openers, like those from LiftMaster, are cloud-connected, too, allowing you remote access for everything from remote viewing and monitoring, to changing settings and permissions, just like any other access control system. LiftMaster Cloud Smart Access Control can also send text and email alerts and allow you to see whomever comes and goes throughout the property – giving you easy and complete control over your system. If a suspended code or credential (from a former employee, for example) is used, an instant alert will let you know.

And – you can do all this from your smartphone or computer. Liftmaster Cloud works over WiFi, Cellular, wired connections and even DSL.

Liftmaster commercial gate and door access control systems come with some expanded features not found on everyday access control systems, too. These include touchscreen access control systems allowing visitors to easily call from a list of contacts over secure VoIP to verify identity, in addition to real-time alerts.

Liftmaster Slide Detector Gate Opener

3. Convenient and Reliable

Wireless access control systems are very popular right now, thanks to their convenience and lower cost for installation and maintenance. Commercial door opener systems such as Liftmaster make the most of wireless technology, with the access control panel and door opener capable of connecting via both WiFi and their own wireless link technology. This saves on installation costs and time, ensuring you don’t have to run expensive and complicated wiring through walls or underneath driveways.

Liftmaster even includes Local System Memory, which ensures smooth entry and exit even when the internet connection goes down.

The Bottom Line

Commercial gate and doors openers from LiftMaster are convenient, dependable forms of access control, that make securing both front gates and overheard-style lift doors both easy and possible. If you’re looking to secure your business or residential property properly, they’re integral parts of the setup.

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