PIN Code Readers

3 Reasons to Use PIN Code Access Control Systems

There are many different forms of access control credentials and readers out there, but few are as convenient as PIN coder readers. Simple and affordable to install, PIN code readers are one of the easiest ways to take your access control to another level. Keep reading to see how they could help you do the same.

How Do PIN Code Readers Work?

PIN Code Readers can be attached to a few different types of electronic locks – both standalone locks and those attached to a complete access control system and network. Standalone locks will usually contain all the hardware and software necessary to lock and unlock the door when the PIN code is punched in; once the code is entered, a small electrical current will trigger the actuator, which controls the door lock via a small motor, either locking or unlocking it as necessary.

If the electronic lock is part of a greater access control system, the PIN code will work just like any other form of credential; triggering the system to check the database of users, credentials and permissions to verify the user’s identity, before unlocking the door and allowing access.

PIN code readers might be simpler and less technologically-advanced than a few other forms of access control authentication factors (think smart cards), but they provide their own benefits as well.

PIN Code Readers Access Control

1. They’re Cheaper

PIN Code readers will generally be one of the least-expensive forms of access control readers to install, as they are generally less software-intensive than swipe card, prox card and especially smart card readers. This doesn’t make them any less capable, however, if being integrated into an access control system.

2. Don’t Require A Physical Card

Physical swipe cards and prox cards can be lost or stolen, allowing unauthorized persons access to doors in question, as well as just being inconvenient and requiring replacement. And while most prox or swipe cards and relatively inexpensive, creating them for and handing them out to all authorized users can add up – another reason why PIN code readers can be much more cost-effective.

Mobile Access Control Keypad

3. Most Are Smart Phone Compatible

While PIN code readers can be employed on standalone electronic locks, newer models will still support the features found on most access control systems and smart locks, such as remote monitoring and control via mobile app and automation for programming it to lock and unlock at automatically at certain times of day, among other functions.

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