6 Reasons Why Professional Alarm Installation Is The Way To Go

When it comes to alarm installation, there’s a lot of different options and directions you could go in, from DIY home setups to professionally-installed and integrated commercial systems. While a quick, easy DIY alarm system might be okay for monitoring your front door on a tight budget, when you’re looking for high-level, comprehensive and effective security and security measures, a professionally-installed alarm system is the way to go. Keep reading to see why.

1. It’s Easier

While a simple DIY setup might seem easier than integrating an entire system, especially if it’s just for your home or small business, it’s usually even easier to simply hand things off to the pros and let them do their thing. Professional systems integrators and installers are trained and knowledgeable professionals who know how to plan, estimate, integrate and install customized systems to your exact needs and specifications. They know how to do work and do it for you, so you can spend your time focused on more important things – like running your business or spending time with your family.

2. The Installer Does the Maintenance and Upgrades

When you work with a professional systems integrator, they’ll be able to handle all the maintenance and future upgrades to the system and make any repairs, taking such needs off your hands and making your life easier. They’ll be able to help you find the exact software updates and hardware upgrades your system needs to keep it running smoothly and keep your system up to date for years to come.

3. Get Assistance When Things Go Wrong

When you hire a systems integrator or an alarm installation specialist, they’ll usually provide up-to-date, helpful and convenient tech support and help desk assistance whenever you run into problems and need help troubleshooting your system. This support is sometimes available around-the-clock, too, so you’re never left unsecured or out in the cold when something goes wrong. And if the problems is something you can’t fix with a bit of tech support, they’ll send out an experienced and trained technician to troubleshoot and get things up and running again.

4. Up-to-Date Security Technology

Systems integrators are up-to-date on the latest in security technology, from advanced radar detection sensors for maximum-security facilities to ultra-high-definition cameras with advanced low-light vision and the latest in analytics algorithms and technology. All these components and technologies can be effectively integrated into one comprehensive system that can be upgrade, scaled and expanded easily, and provide the most cutting-edge technologies to keep your home or business safe for years to come.

5. Best Prices Available On Security Components

Thanks to their status as distributors, systems integrators and installers are often able to give you the best prices and even discounts on the latest technologies and security components – especially when you’re purchasing and installing an entire system. They’ll usually roll the entire system and installation into one neat, easy package.

6. Might Even Include Monitoring

Alarm monitoring is not always included or offered by the alarm installation specialist, but often is, providing you with a convenient, comprehensive installation and monitoring package; the same people who installed your system will also monitor and maintain it, allowing for a worry-free, no-hassle security experience. Those integrators and installers who do not monitor will almost always be partnered with a monitoring company who they know and trust, and can get you connected and monitored during the installation process.


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