How AIPhone Video Intercoms Bring Business Security To The Next Level

When it comes to intercoms and telephone entry systems, few brands are as on top of their game as AIPhone. Known for their comprehensive gate entry systems that combine the best of intercoms and video security systems to create all-in-one answering and video access control solutions. Here are some of the main draws of a good AIPhone system, and how they enhance your business’s security efforts.

Video Integration

Traditional and more old-fashioned intercoms generally employ telephone or audio connections, but AIPhone’s new intercoms – like the JP Series 7” – incorporate touchscreen video right into the intercom control placed. Placed at the front door of your business or apartment building, or at your property’s gate, this allows you to easily see and verify who’s at the front gate, or at any of four camera locations throughout the property. You’re not limited to one viewing station, either; each system allows for a variety of different viewing locations inside, allowing you or other staff members to easily check the front door.

The video is provided by a built-in PTZ camera, which features a 170-degree wide angle lens – wide enough to virtually eliminate all blind spots and give you a complete view of everything around you. The camera even includes settings for adjusting to different lighting situations.

Picture Memory

Live video feed isn’t the only way to view video feeds from AIPhone; their Picture Memory feature allows you to record images and stills of visitors from the video feed and store them on both SD and SDHC cards. This allows you to see who rang the doorbell at a later date and keep a record of everybody who visits for future reference.

Hands-Free Communication

Video is great, but it’s not the only way of communicating with visitors outside the building. AIPhone intercom systems also allow for hands-free communication, using headsets as well as their VOX technology. VOX essentially leaves the built-in microphone on at all times but is programmed to only transmit audio inside when voices above a certain programmed level are detected. No need to hold down the call button or press to answer – visitors simply speak and you speak back.

AIPhone’s Call Partitioning also allows you to choose which interior stations calls go to, from which doors these calls come, and have complete control over all incoming and outgoing communications.

Versatile System Integration

If you run a large business or facility, you need to cover a lot of doors and entrances – if only because of the sheer number that your building might contain. AIPhone knows this and designed some of their video intercom systems for scalability, and to work with a massive amount of door stations – up to 120, with the right system. Smaller systems with more advanced video capabilities will still be capable of working up to 8 door stations, more than enough to cover most smaller businesses and buildings.

This is due to their IP network functionality. Many AIPhone systems also run off Power-over-Ethernet, allowing you to use a single Cat5 or Cat6 cable to both power the system and feed the network signals, saving on installation time and costs. And if you formally stationed a guard at various doors and entrances throughout the building, switching to a video intercom can cut down significantly on costs, too.

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