4 Benefits of Telephone Entry Systems

Telephone entry systems are convenient, easy ways to control who gets in or out of any building or complex , and are a vital part of many security systems. They can be installed at virtually any door or gate, and traditionally allow visitors and guests to quickly communicate with someone inside, who will let them. These days, they do a whole lot more than that, too.

Keep reading to see how telephone entry systems work, and how they can benefit your business and security.

How Telephone Entry Systems Work

Most telephone entry systems work simply: by communicating via phone line and allowing visitors outside to speak with people inside the building. In such cases, the entry system simply uses the existing phone line already running within the interior of the building and the property. Some newer systems now use IP networks to communicate, as well; these are not telephone entry systems in the strictest or most traditional sense but function much the same. Many modern systems also offer the benefit of remote communication, allowing you to speak with visitors on your phone (or similar) even when away from the building.

1. Increase Security

Telephone entry system’s simple operation doesn’t mean they aren’t secure. In fact, the increased security they offer is perhaps their biggest asset. They allow you to quickly and easily communicate with people at your business’s front or back door, and instantly give them access or not, gives you complete control over security, keeping unwanted visitors out while still letting the right people in. Secure entrances mean a safe workplace.

Compare this with an unsecured or unlocked door. Anybody who feels like it can just waltz right in to an unsecured door. A good access control and telephone entry system solves that problem.

2. Convenient

This goes hand in hand with their increased security and simplicity. A telephone entry system is so quick and easy to use, you can see who is waiting at the entrance and let them in – or not – within minutes. No need for anyone to physically walk to the door and open it or lock it; simply press a button and it does it automatically. With modern systems, they can even be accessed and controlled remotely, letting you open the door or speak to a guest from virtually anywhere.

3. Work With Many Different Systems & Doors

Telephone entry systems aren’t just for apartment front doors. They can work with gates, with revolving doors, and virtually every other kind of door out there. And the systems are almost infinitely scalable; whether you have a small business with just one or two doors to cover, or a huge building complex with dozens, you can setup telephone entry systems at nearly every door and entrance.

But just because the systems grow in size, doesn’t mean they become more complex and harder to use. Their main attraction is their straightforward operation and ease-of-use, features they retain over time.

4. Can Work With Video Too

While in most cases, a telephone entry system with intercom will be enough on its own, in many cases the system can be integrated with video surveillance to give you a live feed and view of who’s at the door. This takes the convenience of a telephone entry system to the next level, making your building access control and security easier and more effective than ever before.

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