How to Choose Wireless Access Locks For Your Business

Access Control Systems are popular mainly for two reasons: convenience,and because they can do many things that traditional lock-and-keys can’t. By convenience, we mean the ability to quickly unlock doors with the swipe of a card, push of a badge, or click of a smartphone app. And in terms of doing things that regular mechanical door locks can’t, we mean the sheer amount of customization and flexibility that access control systems offer for configuring and managing who can go where and when.

These points go twice for installing a wireless access control system, provide you’ve picked the right locks. But how do you know what locks your system needs? Here’s a few points to keep in mind. Here are a few things to keep in mind.

What Kind Of Credentials Will Work Best?

This is generally one of the first considerations to make in selecting wireless access control locks: what kind of credential are you looking to use? If you have a lot of turnover or lots of guests and contractors onsite, smart cards or prox cards are likely the best choice; credentials that can be easily and cheaply coded and reprogrammed as people come and go. You might also want to look at mobile credentials, which simply lets users download an app and setup a credential profile that is then whitelisted and given appropriate permissions by the systems administrator – no additional keycards or effort necessary.

PIN codes and biometrics are also common choices, usually best used in systems with fewer visitors and tighter security needs.

What Else Needs To Be Protected?

Wireless access control locks can often be used for more than just doors; gates, elevators, windows and similar can all be controlled via wireless access control, creating an all-in-one system that can be controlled in a single unified spot. If permissions allow, all these access points can be controlled with a single credential – of your choice – simplifying access and operations and increasing convenience. Systems integrators can help you find liftgate openers and elevator lock systems that your system might need.

Do You Want Remote Access and Cloud Management?

Almost all wireless access control locks and systems are compatible with or include cloud connection and remote access features; locks can be locked, unlocked and barred remotely straight from your smartphone,while system databases and whitelists can also be accessed and modified, revoking or creating credentials on the spot. If this is an important consideration for your security needs, there are a wide variety of different locks to choose from, such as Brivo OnAir.

Do You Need Intercom or Video Options?

Intercom option locks are becoming popular as part of access control systems, both for commercial operations and private areas. Video intercom-capable access locks are found on front gates, automatic garage door openers and apartment buildings in particular.  Being able to communicate with visitors and contractors directly at the access point – and even just with employees who do not have or lost their credentials – makes managing access simpler and easier.Video also provides visual identity verification before access is granted.

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