10 Reasons You Should Consider A Hardwired Alarm System

When securing a commercial facility or office building, hardwired systems are usually a better solution than wireless systems. They’re more reliable and more effective, while still capable of many of the same powerful system functions that wireless alarm systems come with. Here are 10 Reasons Why You Should Consider A Hardwired Alarm System.

1. Reliable Over Long Distances

If you’re running a warehouse or other large facility, you need your security system to cover large areas. Wireless systems may be easier to install, but a hardwired system might be the smarter choice for in this case; wireless systems can lose signal over long distances, when sensors are too far from the control panel. Hardwired systems don’t have this problem, making them a more effective solution for warehouse security.  

2. Not Affected By Walls, Concrete or Metal

Wireless signals are easily blocked by heavy and thick materials like concrete and metal, found in walls and other structures; signals go around objects, not through them, and objects or walls effective range can drastically reduce effective range. Hardwired systems don’t run into this; if cabling can be physically run between the sensor and control panel, you’ll have a secure connection.

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3. You Can Do A Hardwired Alarm Takeover

When you install a hardwired system in your building, you’re not stuck with any one alarm system or manufacturer; the wiring can later be appropriated through a hardwired alarm takeover. The new alarm company takes over service and monitoring, using the old control panels and sensors or installing new ones as needed, all without modifying existing wiring. Wireless systems can be taken over, too, but wired systems provide more flexibility.

4. They Work With Wireless Components

If a situation does necessitate wireless sensors or cameras, most hardwired systems are still compatible with them, allowing more flexibility for creating alarm systems. DSC’s PowerSeries Neo systems, for example, are designed to support both wired and wireless zones.

5. Scalable

Hardwired security systems can be scaled to cover almost any size warehouse or facility, unlike wireless systems – which can generally support only a limited number of sensors and hardware.

6. Don’t Require Batteries

Hardwired systems run off power cables, eliminating any need to replace batteries or monitor battery level. Forgetting to replace batteries could leave your facility unsecured and vulnerable to break-ins; wired alarm systems just use the building’s main power supply.

7. Not Vulnerable to Wireless Interference

Wireless alarm systems using RF or cellular signals are easily affected by interference from other wireless devices, such as radios. Hardwired systems aren’t susceptible this and continue functioning unless the wiring itself is physically damaged.

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8. Less Vulnerable to Hacking

In the rare case of attempted hacking, wired alarm systems are more secure than wireless systems. There’s almost no way to hack the system, and a burglar or hacker would have to physically tap into the wires or connect to the alarm panel – much more complex and difficult than intercepting a wireless signal or Wi-Fi network – or by physically cutting wires. 9.

9. They Support Multiple Keypads

Hardwired alarm system allow multiple keypads to be set up at various locations throughout the building, creating multiple system access and control points where you can arm and disarm your system, change settings and customize system parameters conveniently in large facilities.

10. Smart and Convenient

Like the idea of remote access and viewing from mobile app, and other smart features that wireless systems offer? Hardwired systems have them too; wired systems and keypads from DSC, Honeywell and other top manufacturers support remote access and a variety of convenient, smart and intelligent functions.

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