Commercial Security Camera Applications in San Jose

Security cameras form an integral part of any business’s security, offering the around-the-clock vigilance needed to keep the site and property as safe and secure as possible. This is especially true for businesses in San Jose.

As the world’s largest tech hub, San Jose is home to the world’s most creative, innovative, and forward-thinking companies – and several parts manufacturers – all of which have their own unique security challenges.

Many of these challenges require more than run-of-the-mill surveillance solutions. It’s only fitting that these businesses are utilizing the latest, most-innovative security technologies available to safeguard both physical sites and intellectual property.

Here are some of the security camera technologies and solutions that San Jose businesses (in all sectors) need moving forward.

Video Analytics and AI Technology for Protecting Tech Secrets

Effective video surveillance doesn’t have a one-size-fits-all solution. Protecting high-tech hubs and headquarters requires protection against more than garden-variety break-ins and vandalism. Intellectual theft, sabotage, and theft of technical equipment such as servers and hard drives are often more pressing concerns. Full-Coverage security camera systems already offer a nearly-foolproof level of security both inside the building and out, protecting high-priority areas – such as server rooms or manufacturing plant floors – against unauthorized access by the wrong people, but often require a more proactive approach.

This is where the powerful, customizable security of video analytics comes into play. Video analytics and self-learning AI bring a level of proactive and defensive security that can be missing from unmonitored CCTV security systems.

If the goal is to keep unwanted visitors out of certain areas of the building or even restrict employee access, analytics technologies like line-crossing detection are helpful. Line-crossing functions from top manufacturers like Axis or Avigilon can be customized with virtual boundaries around off-limits areas inside facilities and even particular areas. Program the system to detect when unwanted or unauthorized persons cross the line and enter the boundaries, immediately alerting security personnel or the business owner on his or her personal smartphone.

Avigilon’s Appearance Search is one analytics software particularly suited to this task. Appearance Search, and similar programs, can be easily set to recognize and flag persons by almost any number of parameters such as height, eye color, clothes, gait, etc. When blacklisted or unknown individuals enter a restricted area, they’ll be flagged and the right people are alerted.

Analytics programs can also use facial recognition to determine if someone entering the zone is authorized to be there, comparing their facial scan to those on an approved whitelist.

Additionally, the number of custom parameters that camera analytics software allows you to set is almost unlimited, and they can be customized by date, time, and much more. The system can be set to only flag individuals or set off alerts during restricted hours (late at night, after business hours, etc.), and can also set time limits on how long people stay in a restricted zone. And thanks to facial recognition and other identifying tools, certain individuals can be allowed in restricted areas at times when others are not.

All these are valuable tools for securing tech companies against break-ins and intellectual and physical theft.

PTZ Cameras and License Plate Readers For Enhanced Coverage

PTZ Camera

Large facilities mean large swaths of area in need of proper camera coverage. Tech manufacturing plants and warehouses are prime examples.

In these situations, PTZ cameras are the answer. A single sensor can cover large fields-of-view and multiple angles. PTZ cameras can be programmed to cover large areas automatically with pre-defined or customized routes, acting as a virtual “roving” security guard.

Aditionally, PTZ cameras fully integrate with analytics and AI systems, allowing them all the same alerts and custom functions. They can also be used for motion tracking – following flagged individuals across a certain space.

When it comes to securely monitoring wide areas of warehouses and complexes, PTZ cameras can cut down on both camera installation and hardware costs. Larger areas can be covered with fewer cameras, less hardware and wiring, and shorter installation times without compromising quality or comprehensiveness of security.

License Plate Reader Cameras (LPR Cameras) can also be vital components of a full-coverage security camera system. Securing large campuses where some of the world’s most innovative tech is being created requires monitoring not only every person who steps on premises, but also every entering vehicle.

LPR cameras can identify and track every vehicle that enters the property or within set boundaries by their license plate number, setting off alerts when a car doesn’t match the whitelist of approved vehicles or enters a zone it’s not supposed to be in.

More Benefits of Installing a Commercial Security Camera System

More Benefits of Installing a Commercial Security Camera System

Whether it’s running a manufacturing floor or an office, security cameras and surveillance systems can be a vital part of optimizing productivity and improving their employee accountability. With detailed surveillance 24 hours a day, businesses can observe and monitor production processes and business operations and make sure that things are done by the book and according to protocol. They can also observe what parts of the process are the most inefficient and find solutions for optimizing them.

Security cameras also help with employee accountability and can deter inside theft – whether of proprietary software and code or physical manufactured goods. The visible presence of security cameras can also ward off false liability lawsuits and provide records in case of accidents.

The Best Security Cameras For San Jose Businesses

Whether you’re protecting company secrets or warehoused goods, the best cameras for featured, capable, future-proofed security come from brands like Axis and Hikvision – which are known for their high-end commercial quality and reliability, low-light performance, and full integration with analytics software. Features such as on-board storage and mobile access are standard.  

For comprehensive security solutions, including access control systems in San Jose, you can explore more at this link: Access Control Systems in San Jose, CA.

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