Why Brivo OnAir is the Best Access Control System of 2019

As with any security device or system, it’s important to choose the right ip based door access control system for your business. There’s certainly no shortage of options to choose from, and it can certainly get confusing when trying to decide on the right system for your needs. What kind of coverage do you need? Do you need the control and security of a server-based system work for you, or is the convenience of a cloud-based system better for you?

We’ve decided on the cloud-based Brivo OnAir as the best access control system of 2019. Keep reading to find out why.

What’s the Best Access Control System? Server vs Cloud

Seeing how cloud technology has revolutionized virtually everything in the past few years, it’s certainly no surprise to see it do the same to access control. While traditional access control systems rely on local, on-site network servers to store credentials, manage their database, and whitelist or blacklist individuals, cloud-based access control systems store the credentials offsite and digitally in the cloud, where they are managed and secured by the cloud service.

This is beneficial to you and your business for several reasons.

Cloud Access Is Cheaper

Since the Brivo access control system is based remotely, it’s far less expensive to install and maintain. You don’t have to spend the money to invest in the setup and maintenance of an on-site server, instead paying a monthly or yearly subscription fee to the cloud service provider; they host and maintain your credential database, whitelisting and blacklisting users, and handling updates and upgrades. There’s no need to perform physical or on-site maintenance of the server, saving you time, money and serious hassle.

Brivo access control

Smartphone Door Access Control System

Since your access control system is connected to the cloud via a secure network, you can access the database and control the system from virtually anywhere (without compromising security). To change, allow or deny access, all you have to do is log on from your smartphone, laptop or other device, and control it remotely. It’s that simple.

This contrasts with server-based access control, which can only be accessed from on-site; the system is hosted locally on the private IP network and can be only be accessed or modified by another device on the same network.

In recent years and with the advent of smartphones, cloud-based access control has enabled a trend towards remote and mobile credentials for access control – something Brivo has taken full advantage of.

brivo best access control

4 Reasons Brivo OnAir Is The Best Cloud-Based Access Control

While there are many good cloud-based access control systems out there, our pick for best system goes to Brivo OnAir for several reasons.

1. Device-Friendly, Mobile-Ready User Interface

Mobile apps and credentials are becoming popular among access control providers, but few are as intuitive and user-friendly as Brivo MobilePass. The mobile app itself is clean, uncluttered and easy to use, allowing you to control virtually everything straight from your phone, laptop or tablet. These controls include setting schedules, limiting and setting permissions to certain areas, and creating groups of employees with certain access permissions.

Brivo OnAir also allows you to track users’ activity and check activity logs. Who goes where – and when? What doors and areas are your employees using most frequently? What are your employee’s access patterns?

Brivo OnAir will let you keep track of everything you need to know, right from your device.

2. MobilePass: Simple, User-Friendly Smartphone Door Access Control System

Brivo OnAir and MobilePass also make access control easy by allowing you to use your smartphone or device as your access credentials. This saves both money and effort; there’s no need to create credentials for your employees by assigning proximity or swipe cards; simply have employees download the MobilePass app onto their phone, and they’ll be able to carry their credentials with them at all times.

Doors can be unlocked with the push of a button or simply by having employees swipe their phone near the door reader, using either Bluetooth or Near-Field Communication. In some cases, connection to an IP Network via WiFi is also possible.

3. Secure Encryption

Brivo OnAir uses the same standard of encryption found on any server-based IP access control system, but also provides enhanced encryption for the use of mobile devices; all communication from your phone with your access control server is done through the cloud as opposed to directly through an internet connection, ensuring that the connection cannot be traced or hacked- keeping your business and access control information safe.

4. They’re a Trusted Provider

Finally, Brivo is a trusted name in the security industry, and one of the best in access control. When your purchase and install a Brivo access control system, you know you’re getting a top-of-the-line, comprehensive system that will run smoothly, be easy to upgrade and repair, and have an abundance of compatible components and replacement parts available. Add the convenience and security of a cloud-based system to the mix, and Brivo is your best choice for having an access control system installed.

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