Why You Should Get A Call Verified Alarm System

call verified alarm system

It’s crucial to safeguard your business from crime — but what’s the right way to go about it? To protect your business against burglaries, you can opt for various methods, including installing a high-performance business alarm.

This solution will help you protect your property, your employees, and everyone else affiliated with your business. When choosing a business alarm system, it’s important to make an informed decision by taking different criteria into account.

You need to protect your business from theft — but that doesn’t mean you have to turn your company into a bunker. The first steps in safeguarding your facility are simple behavioral changes. Remembering to always lock business doors is a great first step. Here are some other simple actions you can take:

  • Close doors and windows after business hours
  • Close all property gates
  • Don’t put a sign on the door indicating your absence
  • Install floodlights or wall pack lighting coupled to a motion detector
  • Place your valuables in a safe in the bank

These steps are a great start, but to really ensure your business is safe, you need to install a complete commercial security system consisting of security cameras, access control, and intrusion detection.

A security system is necessary to prevent burglaries as thieves target businesses with no visible security. Businesses are the most common targets of burglary in the US after public roads, and workplace theft is estimated to cost US businesses $50 billion per year.

About Burglaries:

  • 400,000 burglaries per year, or 45 burglaries per hour
  • 80% of burglaries take place during the day
  • Burglaries usually happen between 2 p.m. and 4 p.m
  • 80% of burglaries take place in cities and 20% in the countryside
  • 50% of burglaries target main residences
  • 44% target professional buildings

During The Burglary:

  • 90% of burglars give up after 5 minutes of unsuccessful efforts
  • 80% of burglars use the door; the others go through the roof or windows
  • Activating an alarm siren scares away 95% of intruders from a property

Read more burglary statistics here.

Business alarm systems work to deter intrusions into your business, and to scare away anyone who tries to break in. The faster intruders flee from your property, the less damage they can do.

wireless call alarm

After Burglaries:

  • Only 13% of burglaries end in recovered property
  • 22% of burglary victims do nothing to secure their property afterward
  • Burglarized houses are more likely to be visited again

Did You Know?

An intruder can use a screwdriver to exert a force of 350 kg on your door or window — with a crowbar, this force increases to 1.3 tons. Suffice to say that few entrances resist. It is better to invest in a wireless alarm that scares a burglar away in 5 minutes than to risk expensive damage to your facility.

Wireless Call Alarm: Essential

Activating an alarm siren scares away 95% of intruders from a property. But choosing the right alarm system is essential. You must identify the sensitive areas of your business property in order to place the appropriate detectors there. Businesses should install:

  • Opening or perimeter detectors for doors and windows
  • Movement detectors for “obligatory passages” such as corridors, stairs, or entrance doors

Wireless Call Alarm Alerts You Remotely

Alarm systems with wireless calling capabilities allow you to stay in touch with your alarm system using your phone. In the event of an intrusion or technical fault, your alarm system immediately sends an alert to a landline or mobile phone or to a monitoring center. You can also call your wireless alarm system to listen and talk to occupants, or to order the installation to be placed on or off.

call alarm system

If activating an alarm siren that scares 95% of intruders from a property is not enough, you can catch the wrongdoer in the act by supplementing the alarm siren with video recording and monitoring.

You can also add other types of detectors to your anti-intrusion alarm system, and protect your business property and all its employees against risks:

  • Slowly developing fires thanks to the optical smoke detector,
  • Leaks of water or any liquid thanks to the leak detector,
  • Prolonged power cuts thanks to the mains cut detector.

Each of these incidents is signalled by the indoor siren and / or on your mobile phone.

Easy to Install Wireless Alarm

wireless alarm system

Video surveillance systems are wired or wireless. Wireless systems are often used on business properties thanks to their ease and speed of configuration. It is not necessary to make holes in the walls to run cables, as is the case with wired alarms. Wireless alarm system installation does not take more than a few hours for a very small property. The various elements (motion detector, heat detector, etc.) communicate with the alarm center using radio waves or other wireless communication methods. Conversely, video surveillance often requires wired systems for good image quality. However, alloalarme.fr offers pre-wired systems that can be installed and configured in record time, and without calling on installers.

In all cases, we can offer you, if necessary, a pre-installation and pre-configuration of your alarm or video surveillance system.

Easy to Use

Surveillance camera systems, intrusion alarms, and wireless alarms are all very easy to use. With a simple gesture, from inside your property (with a remote control, badge, or coded keypad) or from outside (with your smartphone, your touchscreen tablet, or your place of work connected to the internet) you can turn on, control, or shut down your alarm system. You can shut it down partially or totally. Wireless alarm systems can also send a message to you or a central monitoring station without you doing anything.

What Are the Different Types of Security Systems?

office alarm system

In short, there are three types of alarm systems: wired, wireless, and hybrid. In hard-wired security systems, the signal from the detectors to the hub is transferred through the cable; in wireless systems, through the radio channel.

Hybrid systems are a combination of wired and wireless systems, and the signal is transferred through both cables and air.

Wired solutions have dominated the market for a long time. This was related to the shortcomings of the wireless systems: the radio channel was not well enough protected, the systems often lost contact with the detectors and, due to the one-way connection, it was not easy to establish a link between the detector and the system.

But PRO-level wireless solutions have evolved and now represent serious competition for wired systems. Modern wireless security systems provide more information, are easy to install, and give you more than just security.

Check out how Safe and Sound installers used wireless technology to provide a 1-million-square-foot shopping center:

Distinctions Between Wired and Wireless Call Alarm Systems

The first choice you will have to make concerns the essential question of wired or non-wired alarms. Simply put, the difference between the two is that the devices are connected to each other either by cables or by waves. Both systems have advantages and disadvantages.

The wireless option looks better but costs more. For its part, the wired option is more difficult to install in already built properties, and the wires may be visible and exposed to damage. The strong point of the wired installation, however, lies in its reliability, which is higher than that of the wireless option, since this system can be disturbed by radio waves. You can opt for a hybrid version, comprising both wired and non-wired components. This is the most cost-effective solution.

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Special Features of the Call Alarm System Connected to a Central Station

To choose your alarm system, you must also think about whether or not to connect to a central monitoring station.

Such a connection allows the authorities to be notified as soon as a danger is detected, without you having to contact them yourself. If you choose this option, the cost of your installation will increase, but the security will be optimal.

The main disadvantage of such an installation is that you risk alerting emergencies for no reason. False alarms could end up leading to fines. You must, therefore, take into account all the other selection criteria for a safe, useful, and profitable installation. An alternative would be to integrate an automated messaging system once the alarm system is activated.

What Are the Other Selection Criteria for Your Alarm System?

wireless alarm installer

Choosing the right type of alarms is important, but it’s not the only decision you have to make. In addition to increasing your knowledge of alarm systems, you should also carefully select the security company that will provide it to you. For an efficient choice of the installation company, certain measures are necessary. For example, you should:

  • Check the choice of other companies and commercial enterprises
  • Study several system offerings by comparing installation prices, years of experience, licenses, and supplier reputation
  • Give preference to companies that submit a quote to you only after a real evaluation of your business
  • Request a very detailed description of the equipment to be installed
  • Check the length of the warranty provided by the company for each device

Once you are reassured about the company and after choosing the type of alarm, you can have your system installed. Then, inform the insurer of your installation in order to benefit from all the advantages of your equipment.

Alarm systems are very helpful in making your business safer for you and your employees. To choose the right one for you, you must base your decision on the types of security systems offered and the integrated equipment, as well as on the other selection criteria related to the chosen company.

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