6 Components of an Effective Retail Security System

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If you own or operate a retail business, you probably know your store is a target for thieves. Burglars and even employees can steal from any store that is not protected, potentially costing it thousands over time. In fact, according to the National Retail Federation, retail loss cost businesses $61.7 billion in 2019 alone. Without a retail security system, your establishment is put at risk of violent crimes, increased liability, and loss of profit and inventory. With a comprehensive retail security system, store owners and operators can gain complete control over what happens in a facility, and stop criminals in their tracks. Here are 6 must-have components of an effective retail security system.

1. Retail Store Security Cameras

Retail security cameras are key in catching crimes in the act. Security cameras monitor and record everything that happens in your store, showing live footage on a monitor and/or internet-connected device. Cameras let you keep an eye on your entire store, or multiple stores, all at once, to ensure no crimes happen in any area. With live monitoring services or a cloud-based app security system, you can guarantee instant alerts will inform you of any intrusions and thefts, so local authorities can quickly get to the scene. For the most effective security, retail store cameras should cover the entire perimeter of a store, all entrances and exits, cash register areas, stock rooms, sales floors, parking areas, and any other places where crime and theft are likely to occur.

2. Live Retail Security Services

Video Monitoring Services

retail security monitoring

A live video monitoring service gets the eyes of trained security professionals on your facility, preventing theft and intrusions around the clock. Security agents remotely watch security footage of your business to catch any crimes that happen and get rid of false alarms. If agents detect a crime in progress, they can instantly call authorities to the scene, and talk down to the intruder through speakers to let them know law enforcement is coming. They can also trigger sirens and strobe lights to scare criminals away.

Alarm Monitoring Services

With alarm monitoring, any time your retail security systems detects suspicious activity, it will send an alert to security agents. The agents can then verify whether a crime is taking place, and take action. This is a great way to ensure your retail store security is under control, and that every incident is detected and taken care of in a professional manner. Alarm monitoring providers such as Alarm.com offer high-quality alarm monitoring services combined with a convenient mobile surveillance app to let you check in on your business anywhere, anytime.

3. Video Analytics in Retail Security Cameras

retail video analytics

Video analytics are a cutting-edge tool for boosting retail security. With video analytics software incorporated into retail security cameras, your business can benefit from enhanced crime detection and actionable insights. Retail video analytics enable security cameras to accurately tell the difference between people and objects, track anything that moves across your store, and alert staff in case of suspicious activity. Facial recognition also lets you prevent repeated crimes from the same person, by detecting them any time they come near your business. And with object counting, you can detect any major changes in the number of items on a shelf in real time, meaning you can stop thieves before they get away. Video analytics software gives you the highest level of security, while helping you gain insights and make strategic decisions to improve your business. Learn more about how video analytics can help your retail business here.

4. Retail Security Alarm System

Retail security alarms are an essential part of any retail shop security system. Alarms are central in theft prevention because they give your store an added layer of security against intrusions and shoplifting. A wide range of alarm systems are available on the market, from full-fledged monitored alarm networks, to touch screen alarm panels, to crash bar devices that sound a buzzer or bell every time a door is opened. Retail alarms can be programmed to sound when a customer walks out with a security tag still on it, or when unauthorized entry is attempted into a back room. For merchandise that requires employee permission to view and handle, alarms can sound if any customers violate these rules. Alarm motion sensors may be activated 24/7, only after hours, or on holidays, depending on the needs of your business.

5. Retail Security Gates and Access Control

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A retail security gate will cut down on opportunistic crimes that can happen to your business, making sure your storefront is clearly and visibly protected after hours. Door access control for any restricted store areas is another important addition to any retail security system: Key cards, fobs, PINs, smart cards, cloud-based mobile phone credentials, and even biometric scanners can all be used to keep unauthorized people out of areas they shouldn’t be in. Access control can be installed in stock rooms, cash register areas, and anywhere else with valuable goods. Store entrances are another great place for high-quality access control, such as a smart card or mobile credential system. This will increase efficiency, provide a more streamlined experience, and eliminate the risk of physical keys.

6. RFID Retail Security System

RFID retail security

An RFID retail security system lets you track each piece of merchandise to ensure nothing exits your store without being paid for. RFID tags are attached to objects, then emit electromagnetic signals to let your system know where they are at all times. This makes retail inventory and stock taking processes easy, since advanced software takes care of it for you. With RFID technology, you can rest assured that none of your merchandise has gone missing, easily see inventory levels at any time, and track items through the retail supply chain. RFID security also lets you target items that are valuable or frequently misplaced, giving your business a boost in efficiency and loss prevention.

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Need a retail security system to prevent theft and provide a safe environment for customers, employees, and visitors? Our security experts can help. We have 10+ years of experience designing and installing complete retail security systems. Get in touch today to learn more!

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