Using Retail Security Cameras to Protect Stores

There’s no denying that retail security cameras are an essential element of improving store safety and operation – which is why the security camera technology sector has grown exponentially in recent years.

In 2017 alone, the security camera business generated $30 billion in revenue worldwide, and that number is projected to more than double to over $62 billion by 2023.

While this could be taken to mean that the world has become more and more dangerous all the time, it’s also simply because more and more retail stores are becoming aware of how vital retail security cameras are to keeping their business safe.

Whether it’s providing real-time protection against retail theft and burglary or around-the-clock surveillance against break-ins and vandalism; property crimes are reported on average every 3.9 seconds. while robberies occur less than every 2 seconds.

While making the investment in a retail security camera system for your workplace might seem restrictively expensive, it doesn’t have to break the bank either. And properly done, it can end up paying huge dividends in the long run.

If that’s not enough to convince you, here are a few more reasons why retail store security cameras are important for the business you operate in.

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1. Retail Security Cameras Prevent Shoplifting

Keeping your retail store running depends on preventing theft and loss. In 2015, more than $12.4 billion in property (from both commercial and home properties) was reported stolen or missing.

A good retail CCTV system does an excellent job at protecting your store against theft and burglary. Properly placed security cameras covering key points of your retail shop will allow you to keep an eye on customers and notice any suspicious behavior, stopping theft before it occurs.

Prominently placed, they also act as a deterrent for thieves, who may be too scared to attempt anything when they notice the security cameras observing them and keeping an eye on the store perimeter.

Many newer security cameras also include intelligent retail video analytics and other real-time, detailed software that can detect suspicious behavior before (and while) it happens, tracking movements, recognizing faces and alerting you in real-time to incidents as they arrive – saving your time, trouble and of course, money.

2. They Also Prevent Employee Theft

Retail security camera systems can be essential to preventing retail shrinkage through other avenues – such as employee theft and even stealing company secrets. Installing retail store security cameras – placed at the right locations in your business – can keep employees in line and prevent these kinds of problems when dealing with valuable products or high-level, important data.

3. Help Keep Your Employees Safe

While keeping your store safe against theft is often the primary use of retail security cameras, they’re also their for protecting your employees, too.

Preventing break-ins and stopping shoplifting in their tracks is important for your employee’s safety, too, and will have a large impact on overall workplace safety.

If your business deals with valuable products or important information, employees can often be the first in the line of danger; retail security cameras can help relieve those fears.

Furthermore, if an emergency, incident or workplace injury does occur, having a recording of exactly what happened will be important for ensuring fairness of resolution for everyone involved.

4. Retail Surveillance Systems Provide Accurate Records of Everything That Happens

Retail security cameras are useful for a lot more than just preventing crimes; they also provide excellent records of everything that happens in a building.

Should a visitor or customer become injured on the premises or should there be a dispute between customers and employees, high-quality security camera footage can provide a full record of everything that happened and make sorting them out easy.

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How To Improve The Image Quality of Your Retail Security Cameras

With the importance of CCTV image quality established, how do you go about getting the best possible surveillance video?

1. Start With Your Security Camera Resolution

Most high-end retail security camera resolution now come in 4k. Put them to use and make sure your security cameras can capture faces, license plates and other important things in detail, as these will often be the elements most important for security in case of an incident or suspicious activity.

2. Ensure You Have Enough Hard Drive Capacity or Cloud Storage

Recording surveillance footage won’t do you a lot of good if you can’t keep it for long. HD video – especially 4k – can require quite a bit of video storage; ensure you have HDD with large capacity and servers set up to handle it.

3. Choose Security Cameras with Excellent Retail Video Analytics

Retail Video analytics are an essential part of any surveillance system and are vital for retail store operations. Retail security cameras with built-in video analytics will allow you to keep a more watchful eye on all the goings-on on your property, analyzing suspicious behavior and predicting incidents before they occur.

4. Install the Retail Security Cameras in the Right Place

For the most effective coverage, security cameras need to be properly and effectively placed around the perimeter and inside of your retail store. Be sure to cover all entrances and exits, as well as high-value spots, consult a professional installation company to ensure you’ve covered all blinds spots.

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