Install Thermal Cameras in Los Angeles

install thermal cameras los angeles

Thermal imaging cameras have a wide range of uses for Los Angeles businesses — and more and more companies are installing them in their facilities. Thermal security cameras use advanced technology to detect heat and infrared radiation, then translate that thermal energy into an image on your monitor. This lets businesses accurately detect people on a property, regardless of weather and lighting conditions.

Thermal cameras are known for being used in mechanical and industrial settings to monitor equipment temperatures and detect heat loss. But in recent years, a wider range of LA business types are branching out into thermal security. Infrared imaging technology has come a long way, delivering innovations from smart business analytics to fever screening that helps businesses avoid spreading COVID-19. To learn more about installing thermal cameras in Los Angeles, read on.

Why Get a Thermal Camera Installer?

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A professional security installer can help you choose the best thermal cameras for your specific application, and can make sure your cameras are properly installed to provide the most benefits to your business. With a professional thermal security camera system, you can view accurate heat maps of everything that happens in your business, helping you visualize temperatures on your property. This benefits LA businesses by letting them detect people in and around a facility, scan body temperatures, and find maintenance issues in equipment and buildings.

Benefits of Thermal Camera Installation

No matter what industry you’re in, installing thermal cameras can provide a wealth of benefits for your LA business. Thermal imaging cameras work to expand your security intelligence, giving you superior detection of intruders and threats, regardless of lighting and weather conditions. Thanks to IR detection, they can keep locating people and objects on your property even when regular security cameras would fail. This gives businesses an extra layer of safety, especially when thermal cameras are integrated with a CCTV system.

Thermal Camera Analytics

The most cutting-edge thermal camera systems are compatible with video analytics and VMS, enabling them to gather business insights, send automated alerts, and accurately detect people and objects for advanced business security. Modern thermal cameras can also help you see exactly how many people have entered your business, giving you valuable metrics about customer entry and visitor flow. Some cameras even offer deep learning and AI capabilities for advanced business improvement and automation.

Thermal Imaging Cameras for Coronavirus Screening

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In the age of social distancing, thermal cameras are being put to an innovative use: detecting elevated body temperatures in employees, visitors, and customers. Businesses including resorts, casinos, hospitals, and even LAX are using infrared thermal cameras to help detect anyone with elevated body temperatures. This helps businesses avoid spreading the the virus in an efficient and non-intrusive way. Since cameras placed at facility entrances can scan large numbers of people at once, they enable streamlined, efficient entry into a facility.

How Does Infrared Temperature Screening Work?

Visitors simply walk past the thermal cameras, and their body temperature is displayed in real time on a security monitor for approval. If someone has high body temperature, the system will alert personnel. This avoids the need for getting close to each person to take their temperature, which is time-consuming and violates social distancing guidelines, putting visitors at risk. Using thermal security cameras to scan body temperatures is a smart way to restrict the spread of COVID-19 and show your business is serious about keeping people safe.

Who Should Get Thermal Camera Services in LA?

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Thanks to modern thermal cameras’ range of features and functions, pretty much every business can find a use for them. Anyone that wants easier surveillance and video management, optimized business operations, and a safer facility can benefit from installing thermal security cameras. Some prime facility types in LA for thermal cameras include:

  • Office Buildings: Thermal cameras in office buildings help to scan employee body temperatures as they enter the building, helping to stop the spread of the coronavirus in your workplace without interrupting flow into the building.
  • Schools: Thermal cameras can be a great tool for school buildings and campuses, helping schools keep the number of coronavirus cases low among their students. They also increase security for a safe environment.
  • Restaurants: Thermal imaging cameras in restaurants ensure only non-infected guests are allowed to enter your establishment. Provide a great experience for customers while avoiding the need to invade their personal space with up-close temperature readings.
  • Industrial Buildings: Warehouses, manufacturing plants, and other industrial buildings can use thermal cameras to screen workers and visitors, effectively monitor large areas, and detect repair and maintenance issues.
  • Retail: Installing thermal cameras in your store or shopping center ensures a virus-free environment, and prevents theft by enforcing high security at all times.
  • Law Enforcement: Law enforcement applications can use thermal cameras to investigate LA crime scenes and search for suspects or missing persons.
  • Construction: Thermal cameras on a construction site help to detect overheated equipment to avoid costly mechanical failures and even fires. With thermal imaging, technicians can easily locate heat loss, gas leaks, and other repair and maintenance issues.
  • Hotels: Los Angeles hotels can use thermal cameras to keep out guests with fevers, increase security measures, track guest flow, and identify any heat loss and inefficiencies that need improving.
  • Compromised Visibility: Any business with low visibility due to bad weather, lighting, or physical obstructions can use thermal cameras to keep track of operations and detect intruders, regardless of visual limitations.

Thermal Camera Dealer in LA: How to Choose the Best Company

Any businesses in LA looking for a thermal camera dealer should consider a few different factors. The best security authorized dealer should offer the most up-to-date thermal camera systems, and should be experienced in providing installation and consultation services for clients. Installers should know how to position cameras for the best functionality, and should be familiar with integrating thermal cameras into previously existing security systems. Los Angeles businesses without existing security may consider an installer that can design a complete security plan which includes thermal cameras and VMS software for easy security management. A security dealer that offers thorough training on your thermal system is important, as this will help your business take full advantage of the rich feature sets of your thermal cameras.

Thermal Security Camera Repair

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Thermal camera repair can be necessary to resolve issues that arise in your system over time. Any thermal camera dealer should offer thorough repair services, and ideally will offer to maintain your security camera system after installation. Thermal security camera systems may need calibration checks, refurbishment, and repair if parts are damaged or malfunction. They may also need internal circuitry replacement and firmware upgrades. The right security company will have vast knowledge about all security systems, not just infrared cameras, as this means they will be able to deal with any specific issues that arise. PTZ thermal cameras and cameras with joysticks may require special repair that an experienced security installer will know how to do.

Buy Thermal Cameras: How to Choose the Best Camera Type

Camera Hardware

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Thermal imaging cameras are available in a wide range of types, with different features for specific applications. To buy the best thermal imaging cameras, it’s essential to look at the different options and decide which one is right for your business. Thermal cameras are also available in different hardware models, including handheld versions for easy scanning and troubleshooting, videoscope systems to maneuver into equipment and inspect it from the inside, and fixed cameras to consistently monitor certain areas.

Thermal Camera Displays

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The color of your thermal display is also important. Some cameras capture black and white images, which is best for inspecting details in an image. Other systems feature multicolor displays, which are great for visually gauging the temperature differences in areas of a property. Some thermal camera systems only read temperatures in the middle of the camera view, while others provide full heat maps with on-screen analyzing and charting capabilities. Businesses that want to easily compare temperatures on their property should pick a system that offers these advanced functionalities.

If you need a thermal camera system in Los Angeles, Safe and Sound Security can help. We’re a local security company with 14+ years providing top-notch security systems to California businesses. For the best thermal camera installation and repair in LA, get in touch with us today!

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