Where to Position CCTV Cameras at Home?

Security Cameras Full Property Coverage

When utilizing CCTV cameras to protect your home, ensuring you know where to position the CCTV cameras is essential. What does that mean? Simply put, placing security cameras in the right place means that every part, corner and angle of your home is in the field of view of a security camera, ensuring there are […]

The Different Types of Security Systems

Security plans

There are many different ways to keep your home or business secure, and deciding what type of security system you need can be difficult. Do you need closed-circuit security cameras, glass break sensors, door locks, or window alarms? Do you want it hard-wired or wireless? The trick is figuring out what each system is capable […]

5 Tips to Improve Home Security for New Homeowners

Home Security Tips

You’re not just looking for a new house, you’re looking for a new home. You want a place where you and your family will be safe. You want your belongings protected whether you’re at home, out for the day, or out of town. If simple locks aren’t enough for you – and they probably shouldn’t […]

The Different Types of Motion Sensors and How They Work

motion detector

A staple of spy films and heist movies, motion sensors are just as commonly found as an integrated part of a security system as they are a convenient plot device. From energy-saving to alarm triggering, motion sensors can pick up objects passing through their environment and send a signal, either to lights, doors, security cameras, […]