5 Best Security Cameras For Construction Sites (2023 Updated)

construction site security cameras

Material theft is rampant on construction sites, with up to $1 billion in theft from job sites every year. Job sites are an easy target for criminals who sneak in at night to steal copper wiring, machinery, and other costly materials and then resell them for profit.

So, if you own or manage a construction company, you need high-quality construction site cameras to protect your valuable materials and expensive equipment.

We have compiled the five best construction site security cameras for construction business operators looking for high-quality construction cameras to buy.

These cameras have a range of features that let them adapt to various construction site environments, whether it be a site with no power or internet connection, a site that lacks infrastructure and walls to run cabling through, or other challenges faced by job sites.

For more information on protecting your construction sites, check out our ultimate guide to construction site security or these four tips to prevent construction site theft.


Builder’s Risk Insurance Checklist

This checklist covers the video security requirements for builder’s risk insurance.

Top 5 Construction Site Security Cameras

1. Videofied

videofied construction security

Videofied produces end-to-end construction site surveillance systems in a comprehensive all-in-one solution, including hardware, software, and internet connection.

It is the best construction site security camera for job sites without power and internet (Wi-Fi).

Videofied Features for Construction:

  • Wireless Monitoring: Videofied systems run on batteries, making power sources and cabling on your job site unnecessary.
  • Built-in Data Connection: Videofied cameras use cellular signals to establish communication between the surveillance cameras, security system panels, and live monitoring stations where agents keep an eye on your job site. As long as you have a cell signal, Videofied is a viable security solution for your job site.
  • Easy Installation: Videofied construction site surveillance solutions are ready to set up right out of the box. Installing security cameras for construction is no longer complicated.
  • Infrared Motion Detection: The Videofied Outdoor MotionViewer protects your construction site using PIR (Passive Infrared) technology to detect intrusions and deter criminals on your site. Smart PIR technology lets Videofied cameras tell the difference between people and objects, minimizing false alarms.
  • Mobile App: If your construction site has power and an internet connection, you can remotely monitor your job site and control site access from the cloud-based Videofied mobile app. When PIR motion sensors detect intrusions, instant alerts are sent to your smartphone for mobile surveillance.

2. Axis

As the gold standard in IP security, Axis Security offers high-quality commercial cameras that capture clear footage in various conditions.

With their wide range of camera types and technology, Axis cameras are suitable for many construction site security projects.

Axis Features for Construction:

  • Line crossing: AXIS Cross Line Detection technology acts as a virtual tripwire around your job site, specifically entry points, instantly detecting intruders and sending automatic alerts to your device or local authorities. Axis line crossing detection only records upon detecting movement, saving you bandwidth and storage space.
  • Durable Hardware: Axis construction site security camera is built to last and withstand even the harshest environments. If you need durable cameras that can survive harsh weather, dust, and flying debris from construction, Axis cameras can be your ideal choice.
  • Daily Time Lapse Video: Axis construction site cameras let you easily keep track of construction work progress with daily time-lapse videos available to view at any time. It lets you ensure projects stay on track, ensure safety protocols are always met by workers, and provide clients with a clear view of the construction project from start to end.
  • PTZ Cameras: Axis PTZ cameras can be remotely adjusted to pan, tilt, and zoom throughout your site, focusing on different areas as necessary.


infrared camera

FLIR (Forward-Looking InfraRed) offers best-in-class construction site security cameras that use thermal heat mapping for foolproof construction site surveillance.

FLIR’s scalable camera systems are ideal for sites that need high-quality monitoring in various conditions.

FLIR Features for Construction:

  • Thermal Imaging Detection: FLIR heat mapping technology accurately detects people, objects, and vehicles on your construction site, even in the harshest weather and lighting conditions. FLIR cameras detect body heat to provide a high-contrast image of everyone on your site. It gives you complete construction site security after hours and in heavy fog, rain, and other conditions.
  • Easy Troubleshooting: FLIR cameras are an excellent tool for detecting heat loss, gas leaks, fires, overheated equipment, insulation damage, moisture, and other maintenance issues on your construction site. Non-intrusive building inspection with FLIR construction site security cameras helps you guarantee every project you build is safe and up to code.
  • Video Management: FLIR VMS (video management software) makes it easy for site managers to unify and manage all your construction surveillance systems. With FLIR VMS, users can remotely control construction site security cameras, gather video analytics, manage PTZ tracking, and more across all job site locations.
  • Mobile App: The FLIR mobile app lets you stream live and recorded infrared videos and stills from any location using a smartphone or computer. FLIR uses cloud technology for mobile surveillance to give users constant control over construction site security, even when nobody is around. FLIR app users can remotely connect with security cameras with a QR code.

Builder’s Risk Insurance Checklist

This checklist covers the video security requirements for builder’s risk insurance.

4. Rhombus Systems

rhombus systems security installer

Rhombus Systems makes high-quality cameras with a modern cloud-based platform. Scalable and easy to manage, the Rhombus security platform uses cloud technology to put various construction security functions at your fingertips.

Intelligent PoE cameras, IoT, time-lapse capabilities, and other key features make Rhombus cameras ideal for job site security.

Rhombus Features for Construction:

  • Unified Platform: Rhombus gives you 24/7 visibility into all your job sites using a unified interface, letting you manage security across all locations from a mobile device or web browser. Since video footage can stream from anywhere, you save time and money traveling to different sites and can easily share footage with customers.
  • Low Bandwidth Consumption: Rhombus cloud security cameras provide advanced site monitoring without high bandwidth consumption.
  • IoT Tracking: Rhombus Systems provides innovative IoT (Internet of Things) tracking abilities. IoT makes it easy to manage building material delivery and more. With IoT tags, you can easily see the location of any building materials and equipment, so you can quickly recover lost or stolen items.
  • Hazardous Area Monitoring: Rhombus IoT equipment tracking makes your construction site safer for workers and visitors, letting staff monitor the location of heavy equipment such as trucks and forklifts in hazardous work site areas.

5. Verkada

Verkada provides real-time visibility into your job site with an intuitive, modern, and feature-rich interface.

With a Verkada job site security camera system, users can conveniently manage all security devices and business locations from one web-based platform.

Verkada Features for Construction:

  • Works With Low Connectivity: Verkada’s flexible platform provides the convenience of cloud-based cameras while also functioning with limited or no network connection. It stores footage both on-site and in the cloud to ensure consistent monitoring without downtime.
  • Remote Management: Verkada users get unified remote security management across all construction site locations using one secure device. You can view live and recorded videos, maps, floor plans, and more with a mobile app or web browser.
  • Smart Analytics: Verkada’s intelligent search and people analytics lets the security camera system accurately recognize and catalog the faces of everyone who enters your site. Verkada cameras can also recognize objects and vehicles on your site.
  • Live Video Sharing and Alerts: Verkada surveillance systems send instant alerts to your mobile device or local law enforcement if any intrusions into your site are detected. It lets you quickly respond to any event, catch the criminals, and recover your materials. Motion and tamper alerts give you complete control over your job site security.

Factors to Consider

  • Waterproof Design: A robust and waterproof construction site security camera and system is essential to withstand the elements and thrive in a demanding outdoor environment.
  • Portability: Opt for portable security cameras that can be easily dismantled and relocated to the next job site once the current project is completed.
  • HD Video Quality: High-resolution video quality (at least 1080p) ensures clear footage day and night, which is particularly important during nighttime (night vision) when construction theft often occurs.
  • Wire-Free Installation: Avoid the hassle of messy cables at the construction site by choosing wire-free security cameras that are easy to install and minimize disruptions for construction workers and subcontractors.
  • Remote Access: You can monitor the job site’s progress and security status from anywhere, using your mobile devices.

Importance of Construction Site Security Cameras

  • Deters theft and vandalism
  • Documents incidents
  • Ensures employee safety
  • Cost saving
  • Monitors project progress
  • Reduces insurance premiums
  • Ensures legal compliance
  • Provides remote access


Why is a security camera necessary on the construction site? 

Construction site security camera is essential to protect valuable assets, equipment, and personnel inside the construction sites and perimeter fences.

It helps increase transparency, prevent theft, vandalism, and unauthorized access, ensuring a safe working environment. 

Additionally, construction site security cameras can aid in investigations and liability management.

Security cameras and surveillance systems provide crucial evidence that can aid in investigations and insurance claims as long as they are installed in the most effective way and not in blind spots. 

What are the types of cameras used at the construction sites? 

Construction sites employ a range of camera types for diverse surveillance needs. Surveillance cameras provide continuous monitoring with high-quality video, night vision, and motion detection. 

Time-lapse cameras can capture the progress and security of construction projects. Drone cameras offer aerial views, needing high-quality imaging and stable flight.

How do you choose the best security camera for construction sites? 

To select the ideal security camera for most construction sites, assess your budget and read reviews to make an informed choice that aligns with your construction site’s unique security needs.

Prioritize high-resolution models for clear visuals, consider night vision capabilities for low-light conditions, and opt for rugged, weather-resistant designs.


Builder’s Risk Insurance Checklist

This checklist covers the video security requirements for builder’s risk insurance.

At Safe and Sound Security, we create security camera solutions to protect any job site. Our experts strategically design, install, and integrate construction site surveillance systems to protect your business from costly crimes. For the get in touch with our experts and learn more today!

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