Tips Installing A Do It Yourself Security System For Business

Commercial security systems are an invaluable part of any business. They guard your property, sensitive information and data assets, and reputation as a well-managed enterprise. Business security is not an afterthought. Depending on a number of different systems like security camera systems, access control systems, and burglar alarms – business security systems need to be built from the ground up following a few very clear guidelines.

*Disclaimer: The following list of do-it-yourself security system tips are a great foundation, but creating effective business security systems takes years of training and certifications, so this list is not a substitute for a consultation with a local business security company.

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Do: Consider the Needs of Your Business Security System

From the very beginning of your commercial alarm system’s installation and development, you need to be thinking about the specific needs of your business and how to meet them. Consider security cameras – for some businesses, security camera footage will need to be backed up wirelessly, or streamed to a tertiary monitoring device, while other businesses may not need such features. Some businesses will need access control systems that are prohibitive for high-traffic offices. No two businesses are alike, so they shouldn’t be treated that way by their commercial security systems. Your installation should be a precisely tailored custom job.

Don’t: Leave Wires Exposed During or After Installation

Your equipment needs to be exactly calibrated for your business’s needs – the same should be true of your diy installation process. If you’ve got exposed wires, you’re vulnerable to someone simply snipping them. You need to obscure the wiring and layout of your security system as much as possible during installation in case someone is casing your premises, scoping out vulnerabilities to exploit them later. Keeping the wiring and the infrastructure hidden is a critical part of good business security system installations. Most modern burglar alarm keypads use wireless RF technology to communicate with door and window contacts, motion detectors, and glass break detectors, so exposed wires should never be a problem.

Do: Make Sure Your Security Cameras and Door Keypads Are Prominent

You should keep the wiring obscured, not the security cameras. At least some of your video surveillance cameras should be prominent enough to make an impression. A visible security camera is a simple and effective deterrent, so don’t discount the impact of presentation as part of your office security system. Appearances are just as valuable as the more tangible benefits you get from monitoring your CCTV footage. You may want to consider putting your alarm keypad in the open as well – its prominence could easily deter a would-be intruder.

Don’t: Install Cameras or Other Systems Within Easy Reach

Keep your security cameras prominent, but don’t keep them accessible – you don’t want anyone with a simple stepladder blinding or damaging your cameras. Tactical placement is another part of the installation process that no professional overlooks. If at any time you do need to install security cameras at eye-level or otherwise within reach, make sure you’re using vandal-proof cameras. Security camera system installation is as much an art as a skill.

Do: Review Footage and Alarm Settings Often

Even if you’re archiving security camera footage for months or years, don’t forget to review it often. Whether you do it yourself or have an alarm monitoring company watch it, reviewing footage is a solid preventative step to guard against security concerns before they become serious problems. It’s common for would-be intruders to case a business before attempting entry, so by being proactive with your camera footage you can take a more active role in guarding your business against illicit activity. All the footage in the world isn’t helpful if no one ever sees it. Checking your alarm settings often and even testing the connection to the monitoring center is also a good idea.

Don’t: Go It Alone

The Do-It-Yourself security system for business approach might seem like it’d save money and time, but in the end you’ll be paying for more repairs, maintenance, and rewiring. Professional security installers can develop solutions to problems you can’t anticipate, and they’ll be able to repair and maintain your system to extend its life. They have the training, certification, and confidence to handle your commercial security system installation professionally.

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