Brivo Mobile Pass: What Is It, And How Does It Work?

If you’ve been looking into cloud-based smartphone access control systems to manage who can enter your business, you’ve probably heard of Brivo Mobile Pass. With mobile access control becoming a staple in commercial security, many businesses use mobile passes from Brivo to establish secure and convenient access to buildings across multiple locations. But what is Brivo Mobile Pass, and how is it used? Keep reading to learn about the award-winning physical access control system.

What Is Brivo Mobile Pass?

Brivo Mobile Pass

Simply put, the Brivo Mobile Pass is a cloud-based credential that lets employees and visitors gain access to commercial buildings using just their smartphones. Each user downloads the Brivo app on an iOS or Android device, then simply holds their Brivo Pass app credential up to a sensor at the door. This grants quick and secure access to each person as they enter the facility. Brivo Mobile Pass can be used to control entry to offices, gyms, gated communities, cannabis facilities, parking garages, and more.

Brivo Mobile Pass was introduced as an addition to the Brivo OnAir security management system, with every existing user of OnAir receiving 5 free Mobile Passes. Thanks to Brivo Mobile Pass’s completely cloud-based platform, the system can be integrated with a wide range of physical key cards and readers. This means you can combine Mobile Passes with your existing door access control system, saving your business from spending unnecessary time and money on replacing security equipment.

Brivo Mobile Pass vs Brivo Onair: What’s The Difference?


Brivo OnAir is an integrated, cloud-based security management platform, which lets business operators and security staff view and manage security in all business locations, using one centralized system. Using the Brivo OnAir app, administrators can remotely manage access control and video feeds at any time, using their smartphone. As an added enhancement to Brivo OnAir, Brivo’s Mobile Pass extends the system’s functions to include cloud-based credentials that staff and visitors can use to gain access. Essentially, Brivo Mobile Pass enables any administrators with an OnAir account to grant mobile access and eliminate physical keys, without replacing their existing security systems.

Why Brivo Mobile Pass?


Cost-Effective Integration

Brivo Mobile Pass isn’t just easy to use for administrators with an existing Brivo OnAir account — it can be easily paired with many existing door access systems. The ability to upgrade to cloud-based mobile access without switching out your existing door readers or controllers means you save time and money on access control installation.

Easy To Administer

Brivo OnAir administrators can easily distribute, activate, and manage user credentials using their mobile device. The unified Brivo platform lets you control access to multiple doors from one secure location. With Brivo Mobile Passes, it’s easy to quickly distribute mobile credentials to groups of people without upgrading your existing hardware.

Streamlined Experience

Brivo Mobile Passes provide a convenient experience to visitors and employees coming into your business, eliminating the hassle of traditional physical keys. In today’s increasingly mobile world, everyone has their phone on them at all times, meaning any lockouts due to lost or stolen keys will be eliminated.

Secure Entry

Brivo uses advanced cloud-based authentication to maximize business security. Secure passcode and biometric capabilities that are built into smartphones work to ensure only authenticated people can enter your business. Mobile passes also get rid of the risk of stolen or duplicated keys.

Brivo Pass Features

brivo mobile features 

Brivo has added some special features to the Mobile Pass app to enhance security and cyber protection. These include:

  • Automatic Door Detection: With automatic door detection, the Brivo system automatically locates and selects the closest doors to the user. Brivo’s cloud API also lets you use the mobile app on doors that do not have Brivo readers, giving you inexpensive and convenient mobile access to all entrances.
  • Voice Commands: Brivo Pass voice commands allow completely hands-free operation, adding security for users who have their hands full and providing a germ-free experience. Visitors can say the name of a door that is not yet outfitted with Brivo readers to gain entrance, or use the feature voice in combination with automatic door detection.
  • Two-Factor Biometric Authentication: Brivo two-factor biometric authentication provides high-security business entry by identifying visitors based on fingerprints and facial features. The OnAir pass uses biometric technology that is already built into smartphones, providing an efficient and cost-effective option. High-risk areas such as storerooms, cash management rooms, data centers, and laboratories can benefit from the biometric authentication feature.

How to Use Brivo Mobile Pass

Users can download the Brivo Mobile Pass app from the App Store or Google Play. To set up the mobile pass, the Brivo OnAir administrator simply emails a Mobile Pass Invitation, which includes a link to download the app, to any users. The user can then add the Brivo pass to their phone from the email. Employees and visitors can hold their mobile credentials up to the Brivo reader to gain access, no keycard necessary. The Brivo app communicates with a cloud-based API to request entry.

Brivo administrators can easily manage credentials from the OnAir web application or Brivo mobile app. Admins may create new passes, revoke passes, and cancel pending passes at any time. When a mobile pass is revoked, the credential instantly becomes inactive, and a new Brivo pass credit is restored to the administrator’s account.

Brivo access control

Want to learn more about Brivo Mobile Pass technology and how it can help your business? Get in touch with our team Safe and Sound Security today. As experts in cloud security, we know how to design and create the best access control system for your unique needs.

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