Here Are the 6 Best Office Security Systems of 2020

best office security systems

Office security systems can be used to prevent and detect crimes, monitor employee work performance, enforce safety measures, and resolve disputes. In 2020 there are more robust systems than ever for keeping a constant watch over your office building. Today’s security systems for offices go the extra mile to protect your building using a range of features, including AI-powered object detection, facial recognition, biometric readers, and more. 

You can protect your office with video surveillance cameras, door access control, burglar alarms, intercoms, or a combination of these elements. But which office security system should you choose? To see the 6 best cutting-edge commercial security systems of 2020 and how they stack up, read on.

1. Brivo

Brivo access control

Brivo Systems is a trusted name in commercial security, offering comprehensive and feature-rich security systems for office protection. The company has gained a reputation for top-of-the-line equipment, easy upgrades and repairs, and smooth-running security operation for businesses. When you choose a Brivo office security system, you know you’re getting the best of the best.

Brivo offers high-quality access control systems, security management software, and security cameras. Their systems are continuously evolving to provide scalable security for modern times. Best of all, thanks to its cloud-based platform, Brivo supports remote access control and security management from your device. All you have to do is pull up your system in the Brivo app or in a web browser to review access logs, control access permissions, see live streams, and more. 

Brivo Cloud-Based Access Control

  • Have multiple office buildings in different locations? Brivo’s intuitive cloud interface lets you easily unite every location under one security system, saving massive amounts of time, money, and effort you or your staff may otherwise spend traveling between locations.
  • Since your data is stored in the cloud instead of on-site servers, you also reduce the risk of someone gaining access to your data by physically breaking in and taking your server.
  • Compatible with smartphones, computers, tablets, and other devices, Brivo systems offers convenient security management for multi-location businesses, suites of buildings or building floors, and single units.

Another advantage to cloud-based Brivo office security systems is that they are less expensive to install and maintain than traditional wired security systems. Brivo eliminates the need to keep a physical server, offering completely cloud-based storage that lets you access information from anywhere you have an internet connection. This eliminates setup and maintenance costs, as well as freeing up space in your business. Your cloud service provider will take over maintenance responsibilities, hosting, maintaining, and updating your access control database to keep it up to speed.

Brivo MobilePass


Brivo Mobile Pass gives you secure, easy-to-use credentials, letting all employees gain access the office building with just their mobile phones. Using a clean, simple interface, Brivo Mobile Pass lets you control access credentials and remotely grant or deny access, all using a mobile device. This means you can manage office security without needing to be at the office. Whether you’re at home, on vacation, or on a business trip, you can check in at any time and make sure everything in your office is running smoothly.

Brivo mobile passes also benefit employees, eliminating physical keys and letting people simply use their smartphone to access the building. This cuts down on lockouts and security risks from lost and stolen keys, as well as adding convenience and efficiency to people entering your building.

  • Create and modify entrance schedules
  • Set permissions to only certain areas
  • Create different access groups of employees
  • Grant temporary access passes to visitors and deliveries
  • Monitor real-time events
  • Easily distribute mobile passes to employees and guests
  • Integrate with third-party security hardware and visitor management systems

2. Verkada

Verkada offers top-of-the-line security systems that are perfect for businesses in 2020. Verkada security cameras use a hybrid-cloud infrastructure, allowing it to provide all the convenience and flexibility of a cloud-based system, even in spaces with limited or no internet connection. Storing security footage both on-site and in the cloud eliminates system downtime and ensures you always have a backup. You can manage all Verkada security devices in the web browser-based Command platform, using any device, no VPN configurations or plug-ins necessary.

Verkada Security Cameras

Verkada security cameras

Verkada cameras are easy to install and get online, as they are ready to use right out of the box. You may also choose to go without physical servers, opting to store video purely in the cloud and/or on solid-state drives that are built into the security cameras. Verkada’s web-based software makes it easy to log in and remotely view the activities in your office building. You can see live footage streams to check in on the safety of the building, or view recorded video to see what happened at a specific time.

Verkada Video Analytics

Verkada video analytics provide a valuable tool in protecting your office building. Intelligent search features let you easily search footage for specific people, objects, vehicles, and events, saving you from spending hours trying to find what you are looking for. With advanced people analytics, Verkada cameras can recognize faces and tell the difference between employees and visitors in your office. If someone causes trouble or commits a crime, you can blacklist them in the system, meaning you or your security staff will receive alerts every time they are detected in your building.

Remote Management

Verkada heat map

Verkada’s remote security management is a huge draw for businesses. With just a mobile app or web browser, Verkada system users can view live and recorded video footage, interact with business maps and floor plans, use search functions, and manage security across all office locations. Verkada makes it easy and convenient to keep your office safe. The second an unauthorized intrusion is detected in your office, the system sends alerts to your mobile device, or to local law enforcement. This prevents people from getting away with crimes in your office building, only for you to see footage of it later. With instant alerts, you can stop any crime in its tracks. Verkada even has advanced heat map functions for accurate detection of people in any lighting and weather.

  • Share live video feeds with law enforcement via SMS or email links
  • Get instant motion and tamper alerts
  • Quickly find the footage you’re looking for with object, date, and motion search functions.
  • Easily add multiple users, grant admin control rights, and manage permissions levels
  • Centralize your entire surveillance system by uniting all camera feeds and business locations into one platform
  • Remotely monitor the health of your surveillance system and get alerts if any cameras go offline

3. DMP

dmp installer

DMP (Digital Monitoring Products) produces network security solutions for any office building, integrating various security features into one streamlined system. DMP products combine intrusion alarms, access control, fire safety, and business automation. The various functions may be controlled from an on-site panel or a web browser, offering flexible and convenient management of your office locations.

DMP multi-function keypad systems keep your business safe in a streamlined and cost-effective way. The latest DMP keypad systems on the market are the 7800 and 9800 Series Graphic Touchscreen Keypads, which provide sleek and powerful security management using a touch screen, graphical interface, and security system operation. These keypads offer 5-inch, full color touchscreens with interactive icons, as well as built-in prox card readers.

DMP XT Series

The DMP XT Series panel is an all-in-one solution, providing network, cellular, and dial-up options in a unified onboard design. The XT50 and XTLplus panels offer built-in two-way wireless capabilities for quicker and easier system installation. XT panels’ wide range of communication options ensures the central station will always find a way to communicate with system components, so your business will never be left unprotected by alarm monitoring. In fact, the DMP XR550 Series panel lets you create up to 8 different communication paths between the central station and the panel, giving you complete assurance that your business is continuously watched over.

Touch-Free Security

dmp touchless keypad

DMP’s new touch-free keypad technology makes it an especially good choice for businesses in 2020, helping to limit germ exposure and the risk of spreading disease while permitting access into your business. The Graphic Touchscreen and Thinline Series keypads eliminate the need for employees and visitors to punch in a code while entering, as they contain built-in proximity card readers that are compatible with key cards, fobs, and adhesive “prox patch” buttons that stick to phones and wallets. Two-way wireless capabilities also allow DMP systems to provide secure touchless arming and disarming.

DMP Virtual Keypad App

The DMP Virtual Keypad lets you control your entire DMP security system right from your smartphone. Remotely monitor and control the lights, thermostats, door locks, security cameras, appliances, and more, all from your mobile device. The app is compatible with Siri, so you can vocally arm and disarm your system, as well as programming “favorites” such as lights, locks, and thermostats.

  • Remotely arm and disarm your office security
  • Lock and unlock entrances
  • Manage employee access privileges
  • Schedule future locking and unlocking events
  • Run analysis, evaluation, and system health reports
  • Access area arming and output control

4. Aiphone

Aiphone JO mobile app

As a trusted leader in intercom systems for all kinds of buildings, Aiphone provides sophisticated video door intercoms that boost your office security with cloud-based technology. Aiphone’s flexible systems and long-lasting designs ensure any office using an Aiphone intercom will be well-protected against intruders trying to come into the building. Aiphone intercoms pair with security cameras and a mobile app to let you see who is outside the door to your business at all times, and decide whether to grant them remote access.

IXG Intercom

The Aiphone IXG is an IP intercom that is perfect for a single office building or multiple offices in different locations. The IXG can integrate up to 9,999 stations, meaning it can accommodate even huge enterprises. What’s more, Aiphone’s mobile credentials can be quickly and easily dispersed to any employees who download the app on their smartphone. Aiphone video intercoms are also useful for multi-use structures that contain offices along with other commercial or residential spaces, such as retail stores, condos, and parking garages.

Aiphone offers interior intercom stations as well as the main entry station, so you can install an intercom station at the office reception or in certain rooms where people might need to grant access. Using the touch-screen entry panel or the cloud-based mobile app, your office staff can see and speak with guests at the door, grant access remotely, and view past records of door entry events. Aiphone also offers touch-free sensors to grant completely hands-free calling, helping your security system avoid the risk of spreading bacteria. 

  • Enhanced by ethernet connection for strong security
  • Paging and public announcements for up to 8 intercom stations
  • Up to 8 free lifetime mobile apps
  • Easy network communication between rooms and buildings
  • Remote system updates
  • Elevator control remotely locks and unlocks up to 16 elevators

Built-In Card Readers

The Aiphone IXG intercom features a built-in HID card reader with smart and prox card capabilities and Bluetooth compatibility. These flexible readers can be paired with a variety of third-party credentials, meaning if you already have access control cards you want to use, there is a good chance you can pair them with your Aiphone system. This saves you the trouble of needing to gather all your employee’s existing credentials and disperse new ones to each individual.

5. Avigilon

cloud based IP security camera

Avigilon is a top brand of commercial security, known as an innovator of security camera surveillance and video analytics software. Avigilon offers forward-thinking, high-powered business surveillance systems that regularly evolve to deliver the most cutting-edge protection available. Ideal for enterprise businesses, Avigilon systems use intelligent analytics to stop crimes before they ever happen. With Avigilon surveillance, you can rest assured your business facilities are protected around the clock with sharp, accurate machine learning recognition.

Avigilon Control Center Software

ACC software

Avigilon Control Center (ACC) software lets you view live and recorded footage, search for people, flag important events, and more, all from a web browser. With Avigilon ACC, view live and recorded video camera streams from anywhere on a desktop or the Avigilon app. You can remotely review all marked events, change access permissions of staff, and broadcast to on-site speakers. Avigilon Smart Maps also provide advanced 3D diagrams of all your monitored areas.

Avigilon ACC software integrates with various plugins to add stronger and more customizable security to your office space. These features include video analytics, motion sensors, modified interface capabilities, and more. You can also integrate Avigilon ACC with access control to get two-step video verification. Remember, combining different security systems and system components makes it easier to keep criminals out, find events in your stored footage, and maintain a safe and efficient work environment.

Avigilon Security Cameras

Avigilon security cameras offer powerful, high-resolution video monitoring day and night. Able to recognize half a million objects, people, behaviors, and more right out of the box, Avigilon cameras use intelligent, AI-powered monitoring to establish a virtual force field of surveillance around your business.

Avigilon’s new H4 Multisensor Camera offers a vast range of options for the field of view captured, thanks to multiple different camera sensors. Using 3 or 4 unique sensors that can be configured independently, Avigilon cameras provide highly flexible and customizable surveillance. With four sensors, Avigilon cameras can achieve a 360-degree view of your area at all times. This is ideal for businesses with large areas to cover using top-of-the-line surveillance, including:

  • Large rooms
  • 4-way intersections
  • Building corners
  • Vertical spaces
  • Factory floors
  • Parking lots

Avigilon surveillance is perfect for large enterprise offices with various location, as Avigilon is known for its multi-site monitoring abilities. With smart wall technology, your Avigilon system can display surveillance video streams of multiple office locations on joined monitors, giving you a complete view of your business.

Avigilon AI

Avigilon facial recognition scans the features of everyone who enters your business, storing them in a database so that your cameras recognize the individual each time they enter the building. Thanks to advanced machine learning and data analytics, Avigilon systems accurately identify individuals and decide whether they have access to certain areas.

If a flagged individual tries to enter your business, you and/or security staff will be notified, or your system can combine with access control to instantly lock all doors to your business. You can also easily search for each time a specific employee was in the building, by selecting their credentials and cardholder information.

Avigilon AI also recognizes objects, behaviors, vehicles, and more. Avigilon lets you search video footage based on hundreds of different parameters, including specific movements, facial features, gaits, and more. This lets your security cameras identify anyone who enters your business in a foolproof way.

6. Openpath

Openpath’s sleek designs and modern convenience make it a top choice of access control for office buildings in 2020. Openpath offers a user-friendly software interface, a cloud-based platform, and mobile phone credentials to let people in and out of the office. Thanks to phone app credentials, employees can unlock entrances simply by touching their phone to the reader, tablet, card, fob, or watch app.

Openpath also provides hands-free entry, which allows the readers to recognize the phones of authorized individuals, even without making direct contact. You can use the watch app to tap it on the door panel and gain access, allowing the readers to detect the phone in an employee’s purse or pocket and grant access. This is a modern way of keeping a sanitary workplace, enabling quick and efficient entry and exit, and providing easy entry for employees who have their hands full.

  • Bluetooth and cellular compatibilities ensure your Openpath system continues to work even when the internet is down.
  • Lock any doors in an instant with emergency lock features.
  • Easily see the activity history of your system at a glance with Openpath reporting.
  • Openpath’s patented triple-unlock technology offers high-speed mobile unlocking with simultaneous LTE, Bluetooth, and Wifi signals.

Openpath App

Openpath access control

Openpath is ideal for business operators who want to lock and unlock doors on the go, as the convenient mobile app lets you do this with just a tap on your screen. Grant temporary access via an email or text to grant someone access for a specific time window, without even requiring your visitors to download the app. You can also opt for two-factor authentication for extra security, or select options to prioritize the most-used doors in your office building. And thanks to mobile Openpath credentials, you don’t have to worry about physical credentials when you’re modifying access rights. You can add or revoke permissions at any moment, and they will be effective immediately.

Integrated Openpath Systems

openpath integrations

Openpath access control integrates with many third-party and legacy security systems, letting you incorporate older security systems into a modern interface. For office buildings with legacy security, this can save costs, installation time, and efficiency. If you have existing credentials such as prox or smart cards that you would like to integrate with your Openpath system, there is a good chance you can.

You can also integrate Openpath with visitor management systems such as Envoy, to add those individuals to your Openpath activity logs and manage their access permissions. Or sync your office access control system and identity services with Okta, G Suite, and Microsoft Active Directory. For video management integration, you can add well-known VMS platforms such as Milestone. Openpath also integrates with G Suite and Active Directory to let you onboard new employees with just the click of a button.

front door security cameras

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