5 Best Gym Access Control Systems in 2023

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Ensuring the safety of your gym premises is critical for secure access and prevention of theft. Did you know that traditional lock-and-key methods are rapidly becoming obsolete, making way for advanced access control mechanisms?

A robust physical security system is indispensable, especially for gyms, where members come and go at all hours. Dive into gym access control systems and discover the best specific solutions for fitness facilities.

Top 5 Gym & Health Club Access Control Systems To Try

1. Brivo Door Entry Systems

Brivo Door Entry Systems

Brivo door entry systems offer a comprehensive solution for gyms, ensuring both safety and convenience. Their cloud-based interface means you can manage access from anywhere, and with live video, you can monitor the premises in real time.

Their offerings span a variety of products, including the Brivo Onair, a comprehensive web-based access control system, and the Brivo ACS IP door controllers. The brand also stands out with its mobile pass solutions, giving a modern touch to access control.

Key Features:

  • Cloud-based management
  • Mobile credentials capability
  • Live video integration
  • Real-time alerts for unauthorized access
  • Scalability for multiple sites


  • User-friendly interface
  • Mobile access minimizes the need for physical cards
  • Seamless integration with other security systems


  • Requires internet connectivity for cloud features
  • Premium features come at an additional cost

2. HID Global Door Entry Systems

HID Global Door Entry Systems

HID Global has a sterling reputation for top-tier security solutions. With a keen focus on multi-factor authentication, their door entry systems for gyms ensure that only authorized individuals gain access, providing peace of mind for gym owners and members alike.

Their product line is vast, with HID Prox as a notable product for proximity access and iCLASS SE® smart card readers for advanced security. Their reach isn’t limited to cards; they also have a significant presence in the biometric and mobile access realms.

Key Features:

  • Multi-factor authentication options
  • Mobile access capabilities
  • Secure data encryption standards
  • Seamless integration with other systems
  • Advanced reporting and tracking


  • Highly secure with multi-factor authentication
  • User-friendly mobile application
  • Wide compatibility with existing systems


  • Maybe over-complex for smaller setups
  • Premium features can be pricey

3. Kisi Door Entry Systems

Kisi Door Entry Systems

Kisi’s cloud-driven approach modernizes access control for gyms. Their real-time event logging ensures gym owners are always in the loop, and the ability to issue guest passes instantly is a boon for accommodating visitors or trials.

Their signature product, the Kisi Controller, ensures real-time access logs and remote door controls.

Paired with Kisi Passes and smartphone-based access credentials, the company provides a comprehensive suite for businesses seeking streamlined, tech-savvy access solutions.

Key Features:

  • Cloud-based control and management
  • Any staff member can issue an instant guest pass
  • Event logging and activity analytics
  • Mobile and web access
  • Offline access capabilities


  • Flexible and easy-to-use system
  • Instant updates and notifications
  • Provides both online and offline access


  • Internet dependency for cloud features
  • The subscription model might not suit everyone

4. Openpath Door Entry Systems

Openpath Door Entry Systems

Openpath’s modern approach to access control revolves around touchless entry, making it highly suitable for gyms where hygiene is a priority.

Its cloud platform offers scalability, and real-time alerts ensure immediate response to potential security breaches.

Products like the Openpath Smart Reader bring together mobile access, cloud-based administration, and real-time reporting, marking Openpath as a leader in the sector.

Key Features:

  • Touchless entry with mobile app
  • Cloud-based management platform
  • Real-time entry alerts and monitoring
  • Integrates seamlessly with video surveillance
  • Multi-site management capabilities


  • Hands-free touchless entry
  • Easy scalability with cloud
  • Robust integration options


  • Requires stable internet for optimal functioning
  • Might be over-featured for small gyms

5. SALTO Door Entry Systems

SALTO Door Entry Systems

SALTO systems stand out with their innovative data-on-card technology, which offers enhanced security and flexibility. Their solutions are battery-operated, making them both energy-efficient and reliable.

SALTO has carved its niche with wire-free and data-on-card access control solutions. Their XS4 electronic lock system, known for its versatility, caters to various access needs.

Meanwhile, their SALTO Virtual Network (SVN) technology ensures data is up-to-date for every user, making access secure and efficient.

Key Features:

  • Data-on-card technology
  • Virtual network capabilities
  • Real-time audit trail
  • Energy-efficient battery-operated locks
  • Advanced encryption standards


  • Secure data-on-card technology
  • No hard wiring required
  • Environmentally friendly with energy-efficient designs


  • Card-based system might seem less modern than mobile-centric solutions
  • Initial setup requires careful planning

Benefits & Requirements Of Using Gym Access Control

Advantages of Door Entry Systems

Access Control

A foundational requirement for any gym is ensuring that only authorized individuals gain entry. Access control systems [1] provide this by enabling gym owners to set specific access permissions.

It ensures that members can use facilities they’ve paid for and keeps potential security threats out, providing a seamless experience for members while safeguarding the gym’s assets.

Security Integration & 24/7 Protection

A fitness center requires an integrated security system [2] that goes beyond simple access. Integrating access control with security systems, like video surveillance, means gyms are protected round the clock.

Such integration offers the benefit of real-time alerts for any unauthorized attempts, ensuring that any potential incidents can be swiftly handled and offering peace of mind to both owners and members.

Multi-location Compatibility

A unified access control system is vital for fitness centers with multiple locations. Such systems allow members to access any branch with a single access method, a card, key fob, or biometrics.

This harmonized approach benefits members by offering flexibility in choosing their workout location while giving gym owners a centralized management system, simplifying administrative tasks.

Enforce Safety Guidelines

Gyms can utilize access control systems to maintain safety standards by enforcing guidelines like capacity limits or restricted area access.

By automatically regulating the number of members in specific zones or denying access to certain areas, these systems help ensure a safe and compliant gym environment, further enhancing members’ trust and satisfaction.

Promote Security Awareness

While security equipment is essential, promoting a culture of security awareness among members is equally crucial.

Using an access control system underscores the gym’s commitment to safety. Every time a member enters through access doors, this conscious interaction reinforces the importance of security, making members more vigilant about their surroundings and personal belongings.

Data Recording

Modern access control systems store entry and exit data, which is pivotal for operational insights. This data benefits you by providing insights into peak usage times, member attendance patterns and even identifying potential maintenance windows. Such insights can guide staffing decisions, promotional offers, and facility upgrades.

Components of Gym Access Control Systems

Gym Access Control Readers

These devices read the credentials provided by members, be it key cards [3], key fobs, biometric data, or mobile access codes. The reader verifies the credential’s authenticity and grants or denies access based on its verification.

Modern readers can also integrate with a mobile device or use touchless technologies for enhanced hygiene and convenience.

Security Door Or Entry Barrier

It is the physical barrier that restricts unauthorized entry. There are multiple door entry system options. It could be a secure door, turnstile, or gate.

These barriers remain locked until the access control reader authenticates a user’s credentials. Their robustness and durability are essential, especially in high-traffic gyms, ensuring they can withstand frequent use without malfunctioning.


The infrastructure encompasses the wiring, network connections, and power sources that keep the access control system running.

It includes backup power solutions, ensuring the system remains operational during power outages, and maintaining security integrity.

Management Software

This software is the brain behind the access control system. Membership system where administrators add or remove health club members, set access schedules, review access logs, and monitor real-time activity.

The gym software can often be cloud-based, allowing remote management and integration with other gym management systems, such as membership billing or facility booking platforms.

5 Types Of Access Control Systems

1. Gated Access System

Gated access gym facility.

Gated access systems are popular for gyms in larger complexes or those desiring an extra layer of exterior security.

Before accessing the gym entrance, this system requires members to pass through a gate, usually controlled by a card, gym key fobs, or code. It’s particularly effective in controlling unauthorized parking and ensuring a secure perimeter.

2. Key Card Door Entry System

Access card reader.

The key card door entry system is a classic choice for many gyms. Members are given a card to swipe or tap to gain access.

These systems are simple to manage, efficient, and provide a log of entry times.

However, there’s a risk associated with lost or stolen cards, necessitating timely deactivation to eliminate security risks.

3. Hybrid Door Entry System

Turnstile and barrier access control.

A hybrid door entry system combines multiple access control methods. For instance, it might merge keycard entries with a mobile access system.

It offers flexibility to members and operators, catering to different preferences. It can also be a backup, ensuring uninterrupted access if one system fails.

4. Mobile Access Door Entry System

Mobile phone with gym access.

Mobile access systems allow members to use their smartphones as a virtual key, Capitalizing on today’s smartphone era.

Members can unlock the gym door with a tap on their phone using a dedicated app or Bluetooth technology. It’s a modern, keyless solution that is extremely convenient and reduces the hassle of physical cards.

5. Biometric Access Door Entry System

Biometric door entry system.

Biometric systems offer a high-security solution using unique physical characteristics, such as fingerprints or facial recognition, to grant access.

Since these characteristics are almost impossible to replicate, biometric systems offer enhanced security.

Biometric readers are handy for exclusive gyms or areas where security is a top concern. However, they might be costlier and require members to enroll their biometric data initially.


How much does a gym access control system cost?

The gym access control system cost varies based on the system’s complexity, the number of access points, and the specific features required.

Basic systems start from a few hundred dollars per door, while advanced setups with biometrics and integration capabilities can go into the thousands. Additionally, there might be ongoing costs for software subscriptions, maintenance, and periodic upgrades.

How do you manage a gym access control system?

Managing a gym access control system involves utilizing the accompanying management software. This software allows administrators to add or remove members, set access schedules, review entry logs, and monitor real-time activities.

It’s essential to keep the system updated, regularly audit the access logs for suspicious activities, and ensure that terminated or expired memberships are promptly revoked to maintain security.

Final Thoughts

Security and convenience need to go hand in hand in the modern world. Gym access control systems have become indispensable to facilitate that.

They provide an added layer of security and enhance the overall experience for gym members. Gym owners can ensure a safer environment, streamline operations, and elevate their establishment’s reputation by investing in a robust access control system.

As technology evolves [4], these systems will become more innovative, integrated, and essential for the modern gym.

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