5 Best Club Door Entry Systems in 2021

This article will help you choose the best door entry system for your club, fitness center or athletic facility. While most standard door entry systems provide base-level security, we took the time to highlight systems that are able to deliver more than just basic security.

Today’s door entry systems are integrated with highly advanced access control systems and include a range of different components that ensure security, offer remote access, and prioritize user experience. Few technologies are more critical than door entry systems for clubs that want to keep their members safe and happy.

Physical Security at Clubs and Fitness Center

Gym, gym equipment, gym lockers.

No business is without security challenges and assets protection risks. These risks and challenges take on many forms but one thing is for certain, they do not go away by simply ignoring them. Effective physical security requires planning and an understanding of your facility’s security needs and vulnerabilities. As a result, having a security evaluation of your club, fitness center, or gym is always a good place to start.

Physical security is the foundation of your facility’s protection. It is the use of physical controls to protect your facility, customers, and assets. Nonetheless, as a business owner, you want to make sure that your protection remains efficient and convenient for your customers. It’s difficult, but not impossible, to combine convenience and protection.

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Value of a Door Entry System 

During these challenging times, it is important for business owners to invest in high-quality security systems. Businesses such as gyms and wellness centers are vulnerable to physical security risks. For example, they must contend with the threat of trespassing and illegal entry, as well as vandalism and robbery.

A door entry system also referred to as an access control system serves as a deterrent to criminals. Installing a surveillance system alongside access control will also strengthen your facility’s security posture and may reduce your business insurance. Additionally, these systems can assist your day-to-day operations and improve your overall service by: 

  • Eliminating the need for multiple keys or locks. 
  • Removing the need for manual control of access.
  • Improving your customer’s experience.

Types of Door Entry Systems at Clubs

Door entry systems, are designed to regulate access to restricted areas within a commercial space. There are various kinds of door entry systems on the market, ranging from keypad operated to biometric door entry systems. At the end of the day, the purpose of these systems is to verify identity and allow authorized personnel access into a given area. Here are five popular door entry systems found in clubs:

Gated Access System

Traditionally, clubs have relied on gated barriers as an alternative to access doors and other commercial building systems. Gates display security to your members and function as a deterrent for non-members. Gates come in all shapes and sizes, choosing the right one for your facility’s needs will depend on your member volume and the overall facility atmosphere you’d like to have in your gym.

Gated access gym facility.

Key Card Door Entry System

Key card door entry systems are some of the most common forms of access controls used by clubs and for good reasons. Not only are they cost-effective but they also provide a high level of security and convince that make them an effective option. Proximity cards in particular offer gyms an option to address access control while reducing the need for touching surfaces to gain access.

Access card reader.

Mobile Access Door Entry System

With the demand for 24/7 gym access many clubs and fitness center operators have turned to mobile access control for their organizations. Mobile access control not only minimizes the possibility of people sharing their credentials but also eliminates the need for keys, key cards, and other expensive accessories.

Mobile phone with gym access.

Biometric Access Door Entry System

Biometric door entry systems function similarly to proximity readers in that they use unique information to provide access. In the case of biometric door entry systems, the system uses unique data collected from individuals in order to identify them successfully upon access. This is a powerful innovation when integrated with an advanced access control system.

Biometric door entry system.

Hybrid Door Entry System

Traditional as well as cloud-based access control work great, but some clubs still need a hybrid solution that can support legacy systems. In this case, a hybrid access control system that is able to provide multiple credential options is a good choice.

Turnstile and barrier access control.

Advantages of Door Entry Systems

Advantages of Door Entry Systems

Simply put, door entry systems allow you to control, monitor, and analyze of who can enter a property. They remove the requirement to change locks or re-issue keys when they are stolen or lost. If the system relies on cards or tags, they can easily be deactivated if they become stolen or lost. Access control systems offer a simple way to keep track of members and employees coming and going. In addition to these benefits here are five important advantages that a door entry system offers to the security of an organization:

1. Access Control

The bottom line is that clubs, gyms, and fitness centers have to manage a frequent flow of customers. Preventing unauthorized entry to non-members should be a top priority for a club that want their customers to feel safe and secure. With an Access Control System, a business is able to track who comes and goes and what time they arrive and leave.

2. Security Integration

Many facilities use key card access doors, either through swipe or scan features while this is a great first step, there is so much more you can do with the power of security integration. By integrating your door entry system with software- or browser-based programs, designated personnel can manage security and enforce safety guidelines more effectively.

3. Multi-location compatibility

Many clubs and fitness centers have multiple locations. That means they need an integrated security system that can manage multiple sites. By integrating door entry consoles into your access control systems you can effectively manage multi-locations. This makes it much easier to keep track of security at all of its locations.

4. Promote Security Awareness

Clubs are generally considered safe places. However, there are a variety of security risks that must be considered on a day-to-day basis.  Theft, tailgating, and harassment are only some of the security challenges that you need to be on the lookout for. A door entry system plays an important role in the overall security posture of your establishment. It tells your customers that security is important and deters criminals from targeting them.

5. Enforce Safety Guidelines

Moving forward we can expect clubs to have capacity limits and restrictions. This means that gym operators will have to come up with an effective process to manage these requirements. Your access control system will help you manage this process seamlessly.

As we can see there are many reasons to invest in a high-quality door entry system. While there are many door entry systems on the market such as Brivo, Openpath, and Keyscan access control, the systems we selected for this list are elite because they offer high security, low friction, and plenty of value. These are the 5 Best Club Door Entry System in 2021:

5 Best Club Door Entry Systems in 2021

Kisi Door Entry Systems

Kisi Door Entry Systems

Kisi access control specializes in mobile access and software integration. Their door entry systems are popular in the fitness industry for their adaptability and remote management functions. With Kisi, you can easily set up permissions for your gym members, limiting what time they can access the gym. You can also provide them with custom access cards, or even mobile access.

Kisi Door Entry Features for Clubs

  • Ability to customize permissions based on the membership plan
  • Tracking features that allow you to know how many people enter and exit your facility
  • Can be integrated with your current security cameras

When it comes to access control for your club if your top priorities are software integration, mobile access, and cloud-based technology then Kisi may offer the best door entry system for your facility. Kisi technology makes it easy to integrate software such as Glofox, Exercise.com and G Suite, as well as specific hardware solutions like video surveillance cameras or thermal scanning devices.

Brivo Door Entry Systems

Brivo Door Entry Systems

Brivo specializes in assisting business owners that manage multiple sites. Their door entry systems are designed to help teams have uninterrupted access to gym facilities. Their signature access control product for clubs and fitness centers Brivo Onair, allows for managing access control from anywhere, at any time, on any device.

Brivo Door Entry Features for Clubs

  • Increase efficiency and productivity by eliminating multiple servers to access and maintain
  • Doors can be opened remotely and immediately for members who forget their fobs or credentials
  • With the video integration, it’s easy to confirm that only actual members are using the facility

If you are having challenges managing access at multiple sites then Brivo may offer the best door entry system for your facility. Brivo Onair with the Eagle Eye Networks video management system allows for true multi-site capabilities without running multiple servers and setting up VPNs to call into them individually

Openpath Door Entry Systems

Openpath Door Entry Systems

Openpath is really on the cutting edge of access control when it comes to clubs and fitness facilities. Openpath offers reliable, touchless, access solutions for clubs of all sizes and specialization. With Openpath, health club members just need their smartphone to get into the gym. The 24-hour gym entry system can be installed on outside entries, interior doors, and turnstiles to improve security and convenience.

Openpath Door Entry Features for Clubs

  • Reduce congestion with fast, touchless entry for gyms via wave to unlock feature
  • Backwards compatible with existing gym swipe card entry systems
  • Real-time entry analytics and occupancy visibility

Openpath is a solid choice especially for club operators that want to integrate their existing system with a modern and mobile-friendly product. The power of Openpath is in its ability to deliver a reliable security system that connects with your club’s management platform. The bottom line is that Openpath makes it easy to upgrade current gym access control systems without the hassle or expense of replacing legacy security systems.

SALTO Door Entry Systems

SALTO Door Entry Systems

SALTO door entry systems are widely used in clubs, fitness centers, and athletic facilities. Their view on access control for clubs is that the solution should enhance the experience of the visitor while still remaining effective. SALTO offers clubs a lot of flexibility as their hardware and software platform is able to fit virtually any door and access point.

SALTO Door Entry Features for Clubs

  • Efficiently handle high traffic moments thanks to SALTO’s reliable RFID technology that reads credentials quickly and seamlessly so bottlenecks are avoided.
  • Employ reliable and intuitive products and technologies developed for hard use in high-traffic areas like public main entrances and locker areas.
  • Enjoy the wide range of carriers to suit just about any kind of need, including waterproof credentials, and smartphone-based credentials.

The SALTO SPACE access control platform combines electronic door components, peripherals and software, providing tailor-made wire-free networked access control solutions. SALTO hardware and software can be networked without wires to provide real-time intelligence and instant control while enabling integration with existing systems to improve manageability and enhance end-user experience.

HID Global Door Entry Systems

HID Global Door Entry Systems

HID Global is a market leader when it comes to access control technology. From entry-level smart card technologies to modern touchless technologies, HID offers a wide range of access control solutions for clubs. HID is a solid choice for club owners that want a convenient, user-friendly access control solution. HID Mobile Access takes access control beyond a smart card to a mobile device, wearable, or even tablet.

HID Global Door Entry Features for Clubs

  • Open, reliable access control technology that improves user convenience and security
  • Flexible support for the widest range of credential technologies
  • Innovative solutions that scale organizations for existing and future threats

If quality and proven track record are your top priorities when it comes to selecting the best door entry system or access control solution for your club, then HID Global may be the best option for your facility. HID door entry and access control systems support the widest range of credential technologies and offer an unparalleled range of different credential options including cards, fobs and mobile devices.

Safe and Simple Door Entry System

Regardless of the commercial door entry system you select, it should be simple for your members to comply and make them feel safe while using your facility. It is also important to remember that door entry systems are just the tip of the security iceberg. Access control combined with video surveillance along with support from professional security integrators will ultimately ensure your facility remains safe and secure.

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