7 Best Commercial Door Entry Systems in 2021

With more commercial buildings reopening, property managers are focused on making sure their locations are safe and secure for tenants. The process of reopening a building is no easy task and there are many moving parts but one thing that ranks high on the list is access control. Even before the pandemic, access control was a high priority for business organizations that were committed to providing a safe environment. 

Although most of the attention is being placed on safety measures such as sanitizing stations and air ventilation, the importance of access control can not be understated. Access control sets the tone of your building’s overall security physical security. Having the ability to control who comes into your building is fundamental to maintaining a secured environment. In addition to implementing safety guidelines, building owners and property managers should be aware of both the importance and value of access control.

Commercial Building Access Control

Commercial  building employees entering door.

Every commercial building has unique challenges and requirements. When it comes to access control there is no copy and paste model for commercial buildings. Instead, there are certain principles and best practices that can improve the strength of a commercial building’s security posture. A few practical tips include:

  • Obtain a professional security assessment.
  • Audit who has access to your building.
  • Conduct regular tests and audits of your security systems.

Physical security is the most fundamental aspect of your building’s defense and door entry systems play an important role. Door entry systems give you more access control and allow you to track and monitor entry to your building while enforcing safety guidelines. You can choose from a number of entry methods, and a professional security integrator can help you incorporate mobile as well well as touchless access control methods.

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Types of Door Entry Systems

Types of door entry systems.

In physical security, door entry systems fall under the domain of access control. Commercial buildings use a variety of access control solutions to address the challenge of determining who can gain entry to their location. Three well-known solutions include:

Keypad Access Control
Visitors and employees enter the correct pin code to gain access. Keypad door entry systems usually allow for the use of multiple codes, and are a simple and effective way to restrict and grant access.

Mobile Access Control
Mobile access control systems offer access to secured buildings and rooms with just a couple of clicks on mobile devices, including smartphones, tablets, and wearable tech. 

Touchless Access Control 
Touchless also known as contactless access control come in the form of mobile access, video intercoms, and facial recognition systems. Touchless access control creates a hands-free environment by reducing touchpoints throughout your building.

There are many different door security access control systems & solutions available. Here are the 7 Best Commercial Door Entry Systems in 2021.

HID Door Entry System

HID Global Access control

HID Global is a market leader in the world of access control. For decades, HID has helped organizations secure assets with a combination of physical security, and logical access control. HID provides a comprehensive combination of available features, such as access control that can be time-based, real-time monitoring, scalable solutions, and individualized, concept-to-implementation support.

For enterprises looking for a seamless, end-to-end platform, HID provides a total solution. This includes support for printing ID badges, visitor management, mobile access control, and biometric authentication. HID is also a preferred brand for commercial buildings that want to upgrade their legacy access control technology.

HID Mobile Access Control 

Speaking of convenience, with HID Mobile Access, employees can use their smartphone, tablet or wearable to access doors, gates, networks and more. Through an online management portal, administrators can grant and revoke privileges to employees and visitors as needed. HID Mobile Access is delivered through a highly secure and reliable cloud platform that is backed with a service level agreement of at least 99.5% service availability. 

HID Touchless Access Control Solutions

As commercial buildings reopen, reducing touchpoints between people and objects remains a top priority. In order to support this effort, HID provides touchless access control solutions that:

  • Enable contactless entry to doors, facilities, and more
  • Minimize personal interactions in managing lobbies and visitor management
  • Provide real-time building occupancy data to help with compliance and social distancing

In summary, HID offers innovative, secure access control solutions that increase safety and convenience. 

Honeywell Door Entry System

Honeywell access control door reader.

Honeywell Access Control Systems are frequently used in facilities with critical infrastructure. Known for their high quality, state-of-the-art electronics, and focus on integrated security software, Honeywell offers a total access control package. Honeywell’s in-built features enable organizations to address the challenges of scalability and usage.  The system can grow as needed with the organization, with no absolute maximum on the number of supported users, and support for a system at multiple sites. 

Honeywell’s Win-Pak Integrated Security Software is a single, browser-based interface, that offers many benefits especially for organizations that want to centralize their security systems. The software enables security integrators to merge access control, along with intrusion prevention and video surveillance. This allows you to access and manage the system from a any secured internet connection. There is also support to integrate with third-party solutions that support mobile access control and touchless solutions.

Honeywell Mobile Access Control 

Honeywell’s WIN-PAK 4.8 software solution provides a cost-effective way to integrate and manage access control, video surveillance, and intrusion detection through a single interface. It also enables mobile credentials which offer greater flexibility and security for organizations looking to use a more advanced access control system.

Honeywell Frictionless Access Control Solutions 

As expected, Honeywell is not ignoring the ever-increasing demand for touchless access control solutions. Their Pro-Watch Integrated Security Suite platform addresses the challenge of minimizing contact throughout the building by enabling:   

  • Use of facial recognition software to automate access control
  • Access to both server-based and device-based analytics
  • Real-time video surveillance monitoring to enable quick response 

Ultimately, Honeywell Access Control Systems provides commercial buildings the technology they need to deliver sophisticated security solutions.

Envoy Commercial Door Entry System

Envoy security systems logo.

Envoy chooses to focus its efforts on access control to office environments, for both security, and health. In many ways, we can say that Envoy chooses to specialize in an important aspect of access control, visitor management. A visitor management system tracks the usage of a site. By collecting specific data, a visitor management system tracks the usage of the site by individual visitors and provides documentation of visitor’s whereabouts. This feature is especially useful given the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. 

As commercial buildings adjust to the post-pandemic era, property managers will have to integrate systems the enable smooth visitor screening. Envoy systems make it easy for staff members to be notified upon their guest’s arrival. Envoy can track visitors, have them sign documents digitally such as an NDA, and have them automatically take pictures upon arrival for automated badge printing.

Envoy Mobile Access Control 

Envoy Mobile is the mobile app companion for Envoy’s products that lets you get more out of your workplace. Anyone in your company can download and start using the Envoy mobile app. Depending on which Envoy products your workplace uses and if an employee also has administrative permissions, they will have different functionality available to them in the app such as managing incoming deliveries and registering guests. 

Envoy Touchless Solutions

Envoy focuses on helping organizations create a touchless sign-in process. Once again this is a significant feature considering the current demand for contactless security integration. With  Envoy, employees and visitors can 

  • Sign in without having to touch a front desk device 
  • Access essential information before anyone comes onsite
  • Integrate with other tools that support a safe workplace

For commercial buildings that value access control and visitor management, Envoy Systems offers a variety of practical solutions.

SALTO Access Control Systems 

Salto door entry system.

SALTO access control systems are in use around the world in office buildings. Their focus is to help commercial buildings provide a safe and convenient environment for employees, visitors and external guests. SALTO strives to distinguish their systems by offering seamless integration with Physical Security Information Management Systems (PSIM) and building management systems in order to make it easy for property managers to add SALTO to their existing systems.

Salto Mobile Access Control

Salto is based around smart locks for the business environment. These smart locks then offer cloud-based access control, for any company type or size. These Salto locks can then be controlled through the cloud. There is a Salto app that can be used to control the lock, with robust control such as being able to supply the mobile key to anyone with a smartphone, avoiding the need for an access card to be able to open a lock. As Salto is managed via the cloud, it can be controlled remotely, from anywhere with a web browser.

Salto Touchless Solutions 

Salto’s touchless solution comes in the form of their Wave XS access solution. The Wave XS is a smart access control solution with a touchless button that permits smooth operation for a large number of activator devices. In addition, the Wave XS reader offers:

  • 100% touch-free automated access control
  • IP65 protection rated for indoor and outdoor use
  • Contactless push-button technology 

In simple terms, Salto access control solutions can help commercial buildings reinforce their safety without undermining their security.

Kisi Access Control Systems

kisi door entry system.

Kisi is an access control provider with software and hardware solutions, including a reader, controller, cloud-based management platform, and a mobile app. Kisi access control employs mobile credentials via a smartphone app, and the reader also supports keycards. Cloud-based access control and mobile credentials are great for commercial real estate, office buildings, and multi-family residential applications, as they offer more flexibility and simpler management compared with legacy systems.

Kisi Mobile Access Control 

With Kisi every user can have mobile and/or card access. This allows property managers/building engineers to configure Kisi on a use-case bases. With Kisi mobile access control users simply tap their smartphone against a Kisi reader for access. Authorize users can also unlock doors, elevators, and conference rooms. 

Kisi Touchless Solutions 

Kisi offers a variety of solutions to facilitate touchless door and elevator access. From touchless readers to elevator dispatch panels that require zero contact, Kisi is onboard the contactless trend. Additionally, Kisi systems enable 

  • Remote access sharing 
  • Ability to deploy Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) for additional security
  • Lockdown features for additional access control coverage

Kisi access control solutions is a solid choice for organizations that prefer cloud-based systems over traditional on-premises legacy security technology.

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Openpath was designed with developers, property owners, property managers, and asset managers in mind. Openpath works across all forms of entry, including parking gates, elevators, and garages. From one building to multiple buildings, property managers creating a new system can put the latest and greatest technology in place so they can spend less and get more. Tenants can rest assured that they will receive real-time updates as they occur.

Openpath Mobile Access Control  

OpenPath Mobile Access allows users to quickly and securely open a door connected to the OpenPath Access Control system with their smartphone. Their system enables property managers to manage their entire database from any web browser or authorized device. 

Openpath Touchless Solutions 

Openpath’s touchless access control solutions support mobile credentials and hands-free unlock configurations that can accommodate any commercial building. Whether it is by waving one’s hand at the Openpath reader or using the app which allows users to unlock doors with a tap, Openpath provides a variety of touchless solutions that enable: 

Openpath allows property managers to upgrade their commercial real estate entry systems without the hassle or expense of replacing the legacy security technology already in place.

BOSCH Access Control Systems 

BOSCH Mobile Access Control

Bosch Access Control offers a scalable, and effective solution for a wide variety of applications. It includes a number of software, as well as hardware options to suit different needs. There is a choice of hardware, Access Modular Controllers, readers and credentials, that can then be compatible with various software solutions as the system scales up to keep pace with the company’s needs. 

BOSCH Mobile Access Control

BOSCH mobile access control is A new STid and Bosch Building Technologies partnership offer a mobile, touchless access control solution for buildings. To use this solution, users must install the STid mobile app on their smartphone to receive a unique ID number. Then, when presenting their mobile phone to the reader, the authorization rights of the ID credential within the Access Management System or the Building Integration System will be checked by the AMC2 before access is granted.

BOSCH Touchless Solutions 

Bosh’s BIS 4.8 system has a lot of offer in terms of touchless solutions. In addition to allowing users to manage security, safety and building automation with just one system, it also enables: 

  • Touchless entry possibilities via face recognition
  • Touchless fingerprint or mobile access 
  • Up to 2,000 users on as many as 25 intrusion panels

Bosh’s access control systems increase the strength of a building’s security posture while enhancing safety in an efficient manner.

Beyond Door Entry Systems

As commercial building owners and property managers update their operations in an effort to create a safer environment, it’s important to consider a variety of security solutions that are able to support safety efforts in a cost-effective manner while minimizing business interruptions. In addition to effective automatic door entry systems, property managers should consider incorporating mobile as well as touchless access control systems throughout the building.

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