6 Best Door Buzzer Entry Systems for Business in 2021

Door buzzer entry systems have become a staple of an office building’s security setup. Their simplicity and effectiveness make them an ideal choice for business owners that want to protect their property and address today’s safety challenges. In this article, we will cover the basics of this type of system and share 6 Best Door Buzzer Entry Systems for Business in 2021.

Door Buzzer Entry Systems

Office building with door buzzer intercom access system.

Essentially a door buzzer entry system is composed of a microphone and keypad unit located at the main entrance. The unit is connected to a telephone receiver located inside the building. This may be on the desk of an employee or mounted conveniently on a wall. The system is activated when a visitor presses the call button on the keypad enabling a two-way conversation to take place between the visitor and a representative of the business.

If the visitor is permitted entry, the door is unlocked remotely by pressing a button on the representative’s telephone handset. The visitor hears an audible ‘buzzer’ noise indicating that the door is unlocked and that they can enter the building.

Functions of a Door Buzzer Entry System

Lady using door buzzer entry system.

There are many factors that make a door buzzer entry system effective but essentially they provide an important extra layer of physical security. Criminals are always on the lookout for a weakness, an easy way in. When it comes down to the security of your building you need to think in terms of layers. The four layers of physical security are deterrence, access control, detection, and identification. A door buzzer entry system strengthens all four. 

The system serves as a deterrent because it discourages those who might seek to gain unauthorized access to your building. In most systems, the unit is installed at the main entrance equipped with a camera as well as an intercom. The small unit is generally equipped with a keypad and a microphone. This is important because it enables somebody inside the property to screen and ultimately grant access while maintaining social distance. 

Qualified security integrators are also able to sync your door buzzer entry system with high-quality locks to control access. This provides a basic level of access control that can be supplement with additional security technology such as access cards and biometric readers.

Door Buzzer Entry System with Access Reader

Door Buzzer Entry System with Access Reader
Aiphone IX-DVF-P IP Addressable Video Door Station with Card Reader for the IX Series

AIPHONE’s AX-DVF-P is a video door station that comes equipped with an HID ProxPoint Plus Reader. This unit enables remote communication with visitors prior to authorizing access to the building. The HID proximity card reader works with an access control panel (sold separately) to confirm security credentials and permit access. The station flush mounts into a wall and has a brushed finish stainless steel faceplate with a polycarbonate lens cover for vandal resistance.

Biometric Door Reader with Body Temperature Detection 

Biometric Door Reader with Body Temperature Detection 
TVIP-MultiBio Door Reader

TVIP-MultiBio door reader is a multipurpose access control reader that provides facial or palm biometric entry control. It also includes the detection of a person’s body temperature and if they are wearing a protective mask. The system provides screening of people for businesses interested in detecting elevated temperatures.

Access readers and biometric features while not required, provide increased reliability and functionality.

Advantages of a Door Buzzer Entry System

The primary security functions of a door buzzer entry system are to deter criminals, enforce access control, and keep out unwanted guests. While the system definitely strengthens your building’s security posture it also provides a much needed level of convenience that can be used in various settings. 

In today’s health conscious world a door buzzer entry system provides an important layer of safety. The system allows you to screen and unlock the door at a safe distance which is far superior to physically opening the door. While door buzzer entry systems are mostly installed at entry points, they can also effectively assist with interior access control. 

Office Door Buzzin Kit

Buzz In Electric Strike Kit
Buzz In Electric Strike Kit

Maglocks’ single-door remote buzz-in kit allows you to remotely release your office door from the convenience of the reception desk. The door buzzer entry system for office doors includes an electric strike and multiple release options. This system enables a receptionist or lobby attendant to allow entry through a locked door. Under normal operation, the electric strike will remain in the locked position, until the release button is engaged which will unlock and allow the door to be pushed open.

Cost of a Door Buzzer Entry System

Male hand budget documents.

As with most security equipment, there are many systems on the market to consider. When it comes to pricing usually the more comprehensive the system is the higher the cost. For example, systems that do not include a camera will generally be less expensive than those that integrate one.

Generally, door buzzer entry systems for businesses range between $850-$10,000. The wide cost estimate is due to the fact that each system varies depending on multiple factors. Among these are the layout of the space, placement of the hardware, equipment, and integration requirements. 

There is no doubt that a properly installed and well-maintained door buzzer entry system is an integral part of a building’s security infrastructure. Here are the 6 Best Door Buzzer Entry Systems for Business in 2021:


Aiphone IX-DVF-4

Aiphone IX-DVF-4 is a vandal-resistant, outdoor IP door phone with four buttons and a built-in camera. It comes equipped with a 1.23 MP camera that lets you see who’s at the door for additional security. There are an additional two trigger inputs for actions like answering a page, as well as two contact outputs for door strike release and other functions.

Key Features

  • Store video and audio using a microSD card or stream it to a network-connected device.
  • Capture and store the audio and video of active conversations on a microSD™ card (not provided by Aiphone).
  • 2 additional trigger inputs (4 used by call buttons).

2. DoorKing Telephone Entry System

DoorKing Telephone Entry System 1800 Series
DoorKing Telephone Entry System 1800 Series

The Doorking Model 1834 is an ideal telephone entry system suited for office buildings and industrial sites that have a separate access control system or require telephone entry only.  The built-in electronic directory makes it a complete all-in-one compact unit. The large A and Z scroll buttons make it easy for visitors to locate the resident and our unique one-touch CALL button simplifies the calling process.

Key Features

  • PC programmable easy to use Remote Account Manager software included with system.
  • Stainless steel plate and anti-vandal features protects all internal parts.
  • Big characters half inch LCD display.

3. DoorBird IP Video Door Station

The Doorbird D21DkH model

The Doorbird D21DkH model is suited for commercial properties with up to 100 tenancies. The system combines innovative technology with elegant design and can be used as a standalone unit or integrated into an existing platform.

Key Features

  • The system features a camera with high-resolution, 780p image quality, and a 180-degree wide-angle field of view. A series of infrared LED lights also maximize visibility in low-light situations.
  • DoorBird intercoms feature an open API, making it possible to integrate with several different security systems.
  • The cloud-based mobile application enables tenants to use their smartphones and tablets to receive notifications and open the door.

4. 2N IP Force

2N IP Force

2N IP Force is an extremely durable IP intercom that performs well under any type of environment. It facilitates visitor communication monitoring and access control. The system combines an anti-vandal solution with an elegant design. It can also retrofit with legacy systems such as RFID card readers and fingerprint scanners.

Key Features

  • High durability guarantees the highest coverage on the market according to the IP69K and IK10 standards.
  • Built-in night vision camera.
  • Centralized multi-device management through a web interface.

5. Alpha Communications GB2

The GB2 2-Wire Video Intercom System

The GB2 2-Wire Video Intercom System can support up to 256 office monitor stations and 4 entry stations. To make a call, the visitor presses the button of the recipient on  the entry door panel. Calls can be received using a hands-free, in-unit video monitor, which can also trigger a door unlock function. The GB2 Intercom also features an internal communication function.

Key Features

  • 3MP 120° view high definition camera.
  • Multiple relay outputs to operate up to 4 doors.
  • Built-in card reader (fobs sold separately).

6. ButterflyMX


ButterflyMX sells what are essentially high-end video intercom systems. Unlike traditional intercoms that need to be wired into a building to operate locks and alarms, the 7-inch and 11.6-inch intercoms only need a power cord, door strike, and internet access to operate. The owners can also send visitors or regular service providers a QR code or PIN to get into the building. Every door entry is logged with a time and photo, stored on an Amazon Web Services server for a year as a way of tracking any issues with people getting into the building who shouldn’t have been let inside.

Key Features

  • Ability to see door release event history for up to 365 days
  • Manage occupant and visitor permissions
  • Remote unlock feature through smartphone

Improve Security Awareness with Door Buzzer Entry System

Security, safety, and access control have never been as important as they are today. While a door buzzer entry system is an essential component of your office building’s security framework, it is only one piece of the puzzle.

In today’s mobile-centered world, office buildings are integrating cloud-based video intercom systems and other touchless technologies to enhance their security posture. If you are considering installing a door buzzer entry or would like to learn more about smart security solutions it is best to contact a professional security company that can guide you through the process.

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