3 Best Perimeter Security Camera Systems

When it comes to security in today’s highly technological and health-conscious world, organizations often prioritize cybersecurity and touchless technology while overlooking the importance of perimeter security. The fact is that if you want to protect your property, people, and profits you need strong perimeter security. 

Although perimeter security is a term that represents a wide range of physical security options such as access control, gates, barriers, and other security controls, an integrated camera system is essential. In this article, we will share some practical perimeter security insights and highlight the 3 Best Perimeter Security Camera Systems on the market in 2021.

Importance of Perimeter Security

Perimeter security also referred to as perimeter protection, is a technology-based security solution that protects a property’s perimeter or site from unauthorized entry. Perimeter security has traditionally been reserved for military and other high-security installations but advancements in technology coupled with a demand for video surveillance have changed the physical security landscape.

Perimter Security at a Modern Factory and distribution center.
Perimter Security at a Modern Factory and distribution center.

Today, most commercial buildings, retail spaces, warehouses, and manufacturing plants rely on perimeter protection systems to:

  • Fortified their security posture
  • Reduce theft and improve security awareness
  • Reduce loss of materials
  • Improve business operations
  • Protect high-value business assets

Protect your Perimeter with Security Cameras

Few security teams have the resources to solve all of the perimeter security issues, given the daily activities, natural elements, and nighttime challenges. Property managers and security teams must use all of their resources to efficiently monitor and defend their perimeter. This includes having reliable integrated systems that include visible as well as thermal security cameras.

Perimeter security cameras should work under all types of weather and light conditions. This includes working well at night and overcoming visual obstructions. In addition to the visual features, perimeter security cameras need to deliver actionable video analytics.

Video Analytics Applications

Building perimeter secuirty.
Video analytics applications are able to take your security to the next level.

Adding security cameras to your perimeter protection system alone will not provide the increased security that you need for your site. Smart cameras with video analytics are needed to protect your perimeter in a reliable and cost-effective manner. Video analytics software applications automatically generate descriptions of what is taking place in the video. This data can be used to list objects detected in the video stream and if needed, used as the basis on which to perform follow-up actions.

  • Analytics software enables perimeter security cameras to discern between a human and a false alarm.
  • Video analytics applications automate the monitoring process to reduce workload. and provide visual evidence when it matters most.
  • Thermal security cameras can be paired with video analytics to provide advanced image interpretation for sites in low-light settings.

Thermal Security Cameras

Therema security camera.
Theremal cameras give you the ability to spot incidents and intruders in difficult conditions.

Conventional surveillance cameras require light and ideal conditions to produce quality images. The challenge is that optimal lighting isn’t always available when it comes to your site’s perimeter. Thermal cameras solve this problem because they are less sensitive to light conditions and are able to deliver quality images which allow operators to detect and act on suspicious activity in real-time. Thermal security cameras are effective because they: 

  • Create images based on the heat that radiates from any object.
  • Less sensitive to problems with light conditions.
  • Reliable detection 24 hours a day, seven days a week. 

Choosing the right security camera system helps to ensure your perimeter remains well defended. Read on to find out our top 3 picks for the best perimeter security camera systems in 2021:

Avigilon Perimeter Security Cameras

Motion detector camera system

Avigilon offers high-resolution perimeter security cameras and access control solutions that enable you to accurately detect people and vehicles coming and going from your site while helping to restrict access to only authorized individuals. Avigilon’s full range of video security cameras allows you to choose the resolution you need for clear viewing around your perimeter. The bottom line is that Avigilon security cameras are able to withstand challenging conditions and deliver quality images.

Avigilon H4 Thermal Camera

face detector camera system

The Avigilon H4 Thermal camera is embedded with self-learning video analytics to provide long-range perimeter protection. This feature enables their thermal technology to operate under challenging conditions while minimizing false alarms.

Brief explanatory video of Avigilon thermal cameras.

It is designed to detect the presence and movement of people and vehicles in areas with poor visibility, including partly camouflaged scenes, low lighting and even absolute darkness, without the need for additional light sources. Notable features include: 

  • Audio Capabilities-Available ports for external audio including sirens, microphones and/or loudspeakers for audio talk-down situations
  • Self-Learning Video Analytics-Recognize threats without predefined rules to help you detect, verify and act faster.
  • Weather & impacted Rated:  IP66/7 weather rating and IK10 impact rating for vandal resistance

Avigilon ACC Software

Monitoring CCTV camera from Back Office

Avigilon Control Center (ACC) 7 is the latest and most advanced version of ACC™ video management software. It is designed to facilitate accurate information to so that you can take timely and decisive action. A powerful feature of the ACC 7 is that it provides an easy-to-use user interface empowered with AI to detect critical events. Additional features include:

  • COVID-19 Response Technology: Video analytics for occupancy counting and social distancing.
  • Cloud-connected ACC for easy and secure remote access.

HIKVISION Perimeter Security Cameras

Hikvision Security Camera System

Hikvision designs security cameras for every specific building-security need – indoor and outdoor areas, corridors, panoramic scenes, and much more. They provide intrusion detection featuring real-time alerts and deterrents based on video content analytics, along with 24/7 color imaging.

HIKVIS Security thermal cameras

Hikvision Industrial Camera System

Hikvision thermal security cameras have onboard analytics that enables customization such as temperature measurement that triggers an alarm if temperatures exceed or fall below a certain limit.

Brief explanatory video of Hikvision thermal cameras.

Hikvision thermal security cameras also deliver exceptional environmental adaptability in changing light conditions, total darkness, and difficult weather conditions including rain, fog or snow. Other advanced detection capabilities include: 

  • Intelligent video applications such as line crossing and intrusion detection.
  • Automatically trigger an alert while simultaneously triggering a PTZ camera to zoom in.
  • Digital Detail Enhancement (DDE) to ensure images display more details for a region of interest, and 3D Digital Noise Reduction (DNR) to minimize hot pixels, rendering more refined images.

HIKVISION Integrated Security Software

Computer display security images.
Hikvision unifies the management of its security solutions in its HikCentral system

HikCentral makes it easy for users to manage images and live playback; intelligent search for them and alarm management, which is marketed in two versions: a server-based solution and a software solution, to adapt to any need or infrastructure. Additional features:

  • Combines video surveillance, reading license plates, point-of-sale systems (Pos) integration of third-party systems into a single solution.
  • Easy to use thanks to its software and pre-activated license, HikCentral quickly confides and installs; after which it automatically detects connected devices on the network.

Axis Perimeter Security Cameras

Axis Communication Public Security Camera

Axis perimeter security systems are capable of safeguarding your entire site from the parking lot to the server rooms. Their security systems are equipped with technology that enables you to monitor your sites in an intelligent and effective manner. Axis offers a wide selection of IP-based security cameras. security cameras are based on open industry standards. Their video surveillance solutions are based on security camera systems with visual and thermal imaging, radar devices, audio equipment, access control solutions and analytics software.

Axis Q19 Thermal Network Cameras

The AXIS Q19 Thermal Network Cameras are ideal for perimeter security because of their high performance, flexible integration and image quality. The cameras use thermal imaging, which allows users to detect people, objects and incidents around the clock regardless of the light conditions.

Brief explanatory video of Axis Q19 thermal cameras.

Axis thermal cameras are an excellent perimeter security solution because they facilitate the detection and verification process. Their thermal cameras support intelligent analytics which will enable your security team to enhance the way they detect, analyze, and respond to critical situations. Additional notable features include:

  • Electronic Image Stabilization (EIS) is designed to cover a wide range of frequencies
  • Tailor-made detection area with many lens options
  • Reliable video analytics via high ACAP performance

Axis High Performing Video Analytics

Axis software is designed with the processing power needed to support high-performance edge analytics. This makes it possible to create scalable intelligent video solutions for a wide for whatever your site requires. Additional features:

  •  Motion recording: AXIS Video Motion Detection is a free application that enables the camera to detect motion in the video and to trigger a recording, either locally or in a video management system
  • Integrated analytics: Axis’ own video management systems, such as AXIS Companion and AXIS Camera Station, include several integrated video analytics that run in the camera, but which are so integrated that the end-user often thinks of them as ordinary functions. 

Perimeter Security Success

Perimeter surveillance cameras are an essential component of the overall perimeter security strategy. When it comes to perimeter security, combining the right tools ensures that best practices and all bases are protected. Integrating security cameras into your perimeter security system is challening but with the right support and guidance, it is an efficient and cost-effective way of enhancing your site’s security.

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