Verkada Review

Verkada security systems have helped thousands of people across the globe to detect, reduce, and prevent potential security threats. Proactive response features eliminate the need for 24/7 on-site monitoring. How do these systems work and what benefits do they offer? 

We have put together a comprehensive Verkada review to explain the technology, use and other aspects of this popular security solution. Verkada security systems are easy to use and highly scalable solutions that retain video and audio recordings on each security camera. However, every device has a different footage retention period. Depending on the device model, the footage can be stored for a period of up to 365 days. 

verkada review

By default, verkada logs all users and camera activities in the command platform. Audit logs are maintained organization-wide and per camera levels. These cameras form an integral part of an end-to-end video security system, giving users the ultimate functionality of secure access and remote monitoring. Let’s take a closer look at the Verkada review below to understand the systems and their popularity with users.

Verkada Reviews

Verkada has allowed people to scale security options with high quality footage, smart notifications and minimum storage requirements. The goal of Verkada is to make life easier for its users by incorporating more intelligent functionality. The security company has garnered brilliant customer reviews for its services.

Verkada Reviews

Verkada Reviews from Gartner peerinsights

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Verkada Reviews from Gartner peerinsights

Why Companies Choose Verkada

Verkada is always looking for ways to make their cameras easier to install and maintain. It works continuously to provide better solutions to its customers. Here we have listed some of the major reasons why users choose Verkada for monitoring and control. 

Auto-leveling innovation 

When it comes to auto-leveling, perfection may seem like a far stretch. There can be tiny shifts over time that may disturb the footage grid. Verkada is constantly working to further improve straightening and introduce auto-leveling capacities. By doing so, the process of achieving good frames is simplified, and this eliminates the need for micro adjustments.

Verkada’s auto-leveling innovation uses an accelerometer, a device that infuses the force of gravity to determine the physical orientation of the camera when it is installed. It allows the camera to automatically rotate the images to compensate for the degree of rotation required. Innovation such as this helps deliver precise footage that is easier to handle for users.

Easy-to-use software

Verkada security systems include automatic updates and software replacements. Unlike old DVR systems that need to be replaced to get new technology, Verkada hardware is constantly improving and being updated regularly. Some users claim that Verkada provides effortless work, uses the right technology and right equipment, and has helped drive the business forward. Law enforcement agencies have praised Verkada security systems as well.

The software helps them perform better at their jobs. This goes to show that Verkada security solutions are a perfect fit for a variety of industries, giving better performance and stability for everyone.

Access control

Verkada’s video management solutions provide access control for admins. This feature includes a cloud-based management platform, a 4-door controller and mobile credentials via a smartphone app. It offers remote access for management, unlocking, activity logs and access schedules.

Objective video evidence

The footage remains stored in Verkada security cameras for a range of 15 to 365 days. For this reason, these systems provide liability protection and objective video evidence. It can help provide law enforcement with hard evidence for their investigation. With objective video evidence, employees and organizations feel protected. It also helps to save both time and energy when dealing with situations.

The motion grid filter isolates incidents according to where they occur within the frame. That means guess work is ruled out. Footage can be found and used within a short time, and there is no need to convert videos into a different format for isolating incidents.

Live monitoring and audio

Verkada offers a wide range of enterprise security cameras, including indoor and outdoor domes. Verkada security cameras enable the owners to remotely monitor live camera feeds from multiple sites simultaneously. It facilitates them to streamline security measures while travelling less and making fewer mistakes through its mobile application.

Verkada modernizes and simplifies video security systems with 4K security cameras and award-winning software. It does not require any additional configurations. Smartphones can easily install Verkada’s command mobile app. The app is a great tool and resource for live monitoring. Activity and incidents are viewed live at a high resolution, which means suspicious activity is caught on time. 

Verkada’s live audio feature means additional video hardware is not required when teams want to stream events in real time.

verkada review

Find and share video

Verkada security systems use hybrid cloud cameras that are built with onboard processing to analyze footage at the edge. You can find the video by putting any indicator related to that incident and track down the culprit. Not only do they deter potential threats, but they also help you monitor and record any intrusion.

Motion grids highlight areas where the scenes occurred, allowing them to review all activities from those spots. This helps pinpoint the culprits in particular cases, who can be interrogated, and if needed, arrested after verification. Verkada’s person of interest alerts further help in continuously mitigating risks.

Person of interest alerts

Verkada people’s analytics include Person of interest alerts. The Person of interest alerts option allows proactively setting alerts for when a person is detected on-site who has a face that matches a preselected individual. Verkada’s people analytics solution enhances the existing people detection feature with face recognition, physical attributes and people of interest alerts.

These filters make it easier to find the required footage in a matter of seconds. People can be filtered for clothing attributes, and this functionality brings a high level of efficiency for businesses and organizations.

Face blur

Organizations are concerned with user privacy and may want to elevate their security with Verkada’s face blur functionality. When video footage is archived, this unique feature allows users to blur faces of individuals within the frame. Such features help with privacy regulations and compliance so that individual privacy is not violated when footage is shared externally.

If any mishap occurs and you are away from the site, the Verkada security system has got your back. In case of any undesirable situations, Verkada notifies you through a text message so you can instantly look at the monitoring screen. Moreover, the verkada security system can also inform the police in case of a critical emergency.

This functionality helps businesses such as those in retail, where if an alarm is triggered, a simple text or email alert is shared with the subscriber who can view the footage via the link within the notification. Verkada has 24/7 monitoring. This professional service helps with added security. In case the subscriber does not take action, Verkada’s team will call the police if required. 

Crowd notifications

Verkada’s security system has crowd notifications built in for effective monitoring of site occupancy. Using this feature, admins can receive text notifications if the occupancy exceeds the person threshold selected for any given camera. The selected range can be from 2 to 10 people. This functionality was added as a COVID response feature to help limit crowds on-site. 

Crowd notifications

Blackout zones

There are instances where teams may want to strategically blackout a camera’s field of view for the induction of privacy. This is essential for places where recording is prohibited such as sensitive areas. Users can use the blackout zone feature for specific cameras while maintaining surveillance in other areas that need monitoring.

Proactive loss prevention

Not only does the verkada security system send notifications, but it also proactively works to reduce and prevent loss. Verkada security cameras take an extra step to protect those who are using their security solutions. Verkada’s integrated products work to protect the privacy and privileged information of the customer’s data. Once any missing items or critical situations are identified, people can figure out the who, what, where, and when. The facial recognition feature enables you to track the number of times anyone has been in the building. 

Security for your home or business is vital and you need the ability to protect your system in an effortless way. Verkada security systems enable you to feel safe for your employees and confident in loss prevention. Transparency is the ultimate characteristic of Verkada. It is important for people to know about the products and services they buy, so Verkada is more than willing to deliver all the information to you.

Verkada security systems strive for innovative ways to enhance and strengthen security while reducing risks for their clients. Verkada security cameras provide clients with best practices and standards when it comes to protecting homes and businesses. No third parties are allowed to access and view information, only authorized Verkada employees can view footage and deal with prevalent issues. We are confident that this Verkada review is going to help you select the right security solution for your business or location.

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