The Best Commercial Intercom Systems of 2021

Having a powerful intercom system on your corporate premises is one of the best ways to ensure the safety of your business. Intercom systems allow you to monitor visitors in your office remotely and ensure that any unauthorized entries are monitored and attenuated. 

The choice of a commercial intercom system depends upon various factors, such as the number of devices required in the building, different functionalities and the budget allocated for the equipment and installation. Here are some of the best commercial intercom systems in the market that will deliver the most value for money.


ButterflyMX intercoms are designed as a single front entrance security solution for commercial properties. ButterflyMX systems are available in four variants depending on the dimensions of the hardware units:

  • 7” Surface Intercom 
  • 7” Recessed Intercom 
  • 11.6” Surface Intercom 
  • 11.6” Recessed Intercom 
commercial intercom system


Some of the key features of the ButterflyMX intercom are as follows:

  • Intercoms can be installed next to the doors using DC power and CAT5 and CAT6 internet cables
  • Remote access management
  • Access to door release event history for up to 365 days
  • Virtual keys in the form of shareable QR codes
  • Remote unlocking using the ButterflyMX mobile app
  • Two-way video calling


  • ButterflyMX has been a leading security solutions provider for more than 10 years in the security market
  • Intercoms can be easily integrated with multiple devices and property management software platforms
  • Broad touchscreens with steel casings
  • 6-digit access PIN available if keys or phones are inaccessible or misplaced
  • Remote elevator access management through the mobile app
  • AI-enabled voice controls


  • More expensive compared to some other options on the market
  • Require additional components such as lock power supply, which increases the installation costs
  • Large hardware panels restrict installation in some locations and can be seen as an easy target by intruders
  • QR codes can’t be embedded in delivery instructions, which can create lapses in delivery management
  • No cascade calling functionality: multiple recipients can’t be integrated with the system for call transfer in case it’s unanswered the first time


Doorking (DKS) is one of the most trusted providers of access control and telephone entry systems. With a wide variety of products, Doorking promises exceptional capabilities concerning the security of your office building. 


  • Highly customizable depending on schedules
  • Support LTE, VoIP, and POTL connectivity
  • Integration with Wiegand devices
  • Access to event history
  • Remote door lock mechanism
commercial intercom system


  • Easy programmability allows increased customization
  • Can be easily integrated with electronic door locks and modern card readers
  • Extensive storage
  • Compact design for installations in constrained spaces


  • Intercoms support only audio calling
  • Only one model supports video calling, and it requires additional components rather than being a ready-to-go video intercom
  • No directory display
  • Programming displays are not available on the devices
  • No built-in devices for door release: add-ons required
  • Pre-existing telephone lines required


Aiphone boasts various series with different functionalities to meet the requirements of its business users. One of the best solutions provided by Aiphone is the IXG series.

commercial intercom system


  • Supports up to 9,999 devices and apps, including physical stations, gateways, and elevator control adaptors
  • Touchscreen with digital keypad
  • Cloud-based system; can be updated remotely
  • Compatible with IX series hardware and software 
  • Fault detection with IX-Soft feature


  • Extensive storage and device support
  • Easy integration with modern CCTV cameras
  • Receptionist mode to assist visitors if the front desk officer is not around
  • Video feed from various substations can be viewed and recorded from the master station using the IX-Soft feature
  • Mobile app with two-way calling and door release functions 
  • No recurring fees for video intercom features


  • IXG series intercoms support one-way video calling, which restricts visitor engagement
  • Limited configuration ability on the mobile app
  • A costly solution considering multi-tenant installations


Based in Prague, 2N Telekomunikace is a European manufacturer owned by Axis Communications that has a global reputation for providing robust and resilient intercom systems. The 2N IP Verso is one of the best available commercial intercom systems for corporate properties.

commercial intercom system


  • Touchscreen pad and fingerprint reader
  • Integration of RFID and Bluetooth devices
  • SIP support
  • Built-in Ethernet port
  • Units can be bulk-managed via the use of 2N Access Commander, a browser interface that allows:
  • Device management and monitoring
  • Access control configuration
  • Time and attendance management


  • Centralized device management through a browser interface
  • Easy to install
  • Free on-premises configuration support
  • Built-in night vision camera
  • Easily integrated with other Axis products
  • No master stations required


  • Requires purchasing of several different hardware components
  • Updated manually
  • Components are ordered separately and require assembly; lack of plug and play devices
  • Low-quality audio: the audio quality of 2N IP devices is prone to electromagnetic interference
  • Remote access control requires separate fees per user after the first month

With each brand of commercial intercoms supporting both pros and cons, there’s no absolute best choice here. While choosing a suitable commercial intercom system for your business requirements, you need to consider the following:

  • Number of devices needed to be installed
  • Install locations
  • Dimensions of the devices
  • Budget
  • Number of users and admins required for the system
  • Required functionalities depending on your property and usage

What is a commercial intercom system?

A commercial intercom system, in simple terms, is a device designed for commercial and industrial properties that enables office tenants to communicate with outside visitors and each other. In addition to two-way communication, commercial intercom systems also provide an effective way to manage access control for the property and grant entry to visitors remotely. 

Intercom systems are traditionally based on two components:

  • Base station: a device installed outside the main entrance of the commercial building
  • Substations: units installed over different locations in the premises

Substations transmit and receive audio from the base station and other substations, allowing remote communication among office employees and visitors. Modern intercom systems boast various upgrades like video calls, remote access management, mobile apps and cloud management systems.

commercial intercom system

What are the different types of commercial intercom systems?

Commercial intercom systems are mainly divided into three categories:

  • Intercoms for internal communication
  • Commercial door intercom systems
  • Commercial video intercom systems

Intercoms for internal communication

These systems allow corporate employees to communicate with each other within the official premises. With the integration of messaging apps in the official workflow, commercial intercom systems with only internal communication capabilities are no longer commonly used. 

Commercial door intercom system

Commercial intercom systems with door release cater to the requirement of managing property access remotely. The door release functionality enables office employees to unlock the door and grant admission to a visitor with the click of a button.

Commercial intercom systems with remote access control features require a specific type of door lock. These locks can be magnetic or electric strikes. Regardless of the mode of operation, both kinds of locks serve the same purpose: unlocking the entrance when the door release mechanism is triggered by the intercom’s electronic relay.

Commercial video intercom system

A commercial video intercom system boasts video calling capabilities to allow office workers to communicate with visitors through a video transmission before granting them entry into the building. Video intercom systems can provide:

  • One-way transmission: In these systems, cameras are installed only at the base stations. This enables the office workers to see the visitor at the entrance, but the visitors can’t see the employee on the call.
  • Two-way transmission: Both the visitor and the office tenant can see each other on the call.

Commercial video intercom systems are great choices to improve the safety and security of your corporate building as they allow you to identify who is at the entrance before you grant them access.

How does a commercial intercom system work?

Commercial intercom systems allow visitors to inform the right person in the office of their arrival and the purpose of their visit. In commercial and business properties, it’s often the reception that receives the call from the base station of the intercom system.

Upon receiving the call, the receptionist or the front desk officer can identify the visitor by checking historical logs of the intercom system, inquire about their purpose for visiting and choose to grant them access into the building. Some intercom systems support the display of commercial directories, so visitors can choose to call the office tenant they are visiting and speak to them directly.

How much does a commercial intercom system cost?

The price of intercom systems for business properties varies depending on the number of devices, features and mode of installation. Generally, a cost bracket of $1,000 to $6,000 is suggested for a commercial intercom system with video intercoms coming in for as high as $7,000 per system. However, these costs do not include the installation or service charges. For an overall account, you’ll have to factor in maintenance fees, upfront charges and additional hardware costs based on the requirements of your building.

As the security solutions industry evolves, the market is saturated with high-quality access control systems. Choosing the best option for your business from a sea of robust commercial video intercom systems can be a daunting task. If you’re looking for the perfect commercial wireless intercom, take note of the features explained above. Map out your requirements and pick the system that best meets the layout of your property.

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