Surveillance Camera Installation Cost

Security cameras may come in at different prices but so do installation costs. Typically, the average surveillance camera installation cost in the US is $1,500. To be more precise, a security camera installation falls somewhere between $621 and $2,044. However, this cost depends on various factors. These include the number of cameras, the level of technology used in the system and the type of installation. 

surveillance camera installation cost

It’s no surprise since surveillance cameras are usually chock-full of features and need to be installed at several locations across the site. When it comes to security camera installation costs, the average cost of security cameras is $125 to $450 per camera. On the other hand, IP or CCTV camera systems cost $500 to $1,600 for a 4-camera setup that also covers installation. 

What factors affect security camera system installation cost? 

There are a number of factors that might increase or decrease the overall price of surveillance camera installation. These include property size, security requirements, wired or wireless, indoor or outdoor, monitored or unmonitored and local or remote storage. 

Security requirements 

Your security requirements directly affect the amount you will pay for the setup. For instance, if you want higher security, you will need a blend of different indoor and outdoor cameras with optimum resolution to cover each door and window. This will ultimately cost you higher than average security systems. 

Wired or wireless 

Although wired cameras and associated parts come at a price slightly higher than wired cameras, wired camera systems require attached cables and manual installation. So if you’re selecting a wired camera system, the price of the setup will increase when you factor in the necessary materials and labor required for the job. 

Outdoor or indoor 

The surveillance camera cost for outdoor settings is usually higher than that of indoor cameras. Both the environments require different cameras with some specifications. Video security systems used for outdoor settings need to be waterproof and weatherproof so they can resist harsh climate. They also must be difficult to tamper with, which requires protective covering. It’s also critical to have night vision features for outdoor cameras so that quality and visibility are not compromised.

Monitored or unmonitored 

Monitored cameras are typically used by large security firms that need professionals for 24/7 monitoring. For this reason, the surveillance camera installation cost for monitored systems is higher. This cost covers the monitoring service charges so that while you are busy with your day, the hired team is on the job viewing and scrutinizing the situation as needed. They also alert you via text or phone call, and in case of emergencies, they can reach out to the concerned authorities. 

Local or remote storage

Surveillance camera systems that use remote cloud storage cost more than systems that use local storage. The cost of running a cloud system involves the costs of hard drives that are worth data security, data backups and management. Moreover, a software team is required to build and manage thousands of drives. Cloud storage tends to be more expensive than local storage.

Local storage has linear pricing, depending on your requirements. If you want more storage, you’ll have to pay more. However, the use of encryption algorithms make cloud storage much safer than local storage. The footage retention period is also a critical factor in determining your recurring costs. You can opt for storage retention based on a 30, 60 or 90-day period. The longer you wish to store that footage, the higher the price you will pay.

Size of the area to be monitored

Another factor that determines the cost of your surveillance camera installation is the size of the property. Larger areas require more cameras with higher resolution to cover each point in the field of view. The total installation cost depends on the size of the area and number of cameras that you need. For instance, a large home or mansion would need more coverage, and multiple cameras would be required to effectively monitor corners, blind spots and entrances.

surveillance camera installation cost

Security Camera Costs By Type 

Security camera typeCost 
Bullet camera$100
Dome camera$100 to $150
Hidden camera$100 to $150
PTZ camera$100 to $300

How much does it cost to set up security cameras?

Cost of wired security camera systems

Wireless cameras and parts may be pricey, but professional installation increases the overall cost of wired security systems. The average cost of wired security camera systems ranges between $150 to $500 per security camera. However, the installation cost depends on the type and labor rates. For instance, a 4-camera wired security system costs $600 to $ 2,000 to install.

Wired systems have further classifications as well. A hand-wired system has relatively higher installation costs. This is because it requires additional labor and work such as drilling, electricity usage and hiring contractors to do the work. Wired security systems often have built-in battery backups to tackle power outages. 

Cost of wireless security camera systems 

The surveillance camera installation cost for wireless security camera systems ranges from $500 to $1,500. The average cost to install a wireless security camera is $130 to $400. This may change depending on the type, brand and labor required. Wireless security systems provide you with ease of installation. However, wireless security systems can be subject to signal interference and have low resolution. 

Wired security camera systems $500 to $1,500
Wireless security systems $130 to $400

Cost of indoor and outdoor surveillance camera systems 

Indoor and outdoor camera installation costs $100 in addition to the price of cameras. The outdoor cameras typically cost more than interior cameras since they must have greater durability and resistance to external environments.

Outdoor cameras require higher resolution and protective casing to detect and stop criminal activities. Simply having an outdoor camera mounted on your premises can help deter violence and vandalism. They also reduce the attempts of a break-in, as people know they are being watched. 


The installation cost for CCTV cameras is between $150 to $450 per camera. Some systems have a higher price tag than others. If extensive wiring is required, that means more trenching and more post-installation repairs. High resolution systems and license plate readers are some of the factors that could bump up the price to $50 or $300 higher.

The number of cameras also impacts the overall price. For instance, the security camera installation cost for a 4-camera CCTV installation is between $600 to $1,600. CCTV camera packages start from $70 and end at $340 per camera. The cost may vary depending on additional features, such as storage and resolution.

IP systems 

Internet protocol systems range from $60 to $300. This includes the average of materials and labor charges. Wireless IP cameras connect automatically to the internet and offer high-resolution 4K recording. They can also be controlled via an app and can be installed on your own. One of the major drawbacks of IP systems is that they are more susceptible to hacking. 

Surveillance camera systems maintenance costs

After installing your surveillance system, the main concern is maintenance. Since you have already invested a considerable amount of money for the installation, it is important to keep everything working properly. For instance, CCTV camera maintenance costs around 15% of the total amount of the system. These charges include software updates and configurations. 

Service charges for surveillance camera installation 

For each surveillance camera, $80 to $200 are charged for installation. You do not have to spend any amount for DIY surveillance camera installation, since you can install this type of security camera by yourself. However, if you get surveillance cameras installed by a professional, service charges are inevitable. 

Business surveillance camera installations vs home security installation

Surveillance cameras are essential for businesses and homes. With so many options in the market, it becomes challenging to choose the right one that fits your business and home security monitoring needs. Depending on your requirements, you’ll have to choose surveillance cameras with specific features. Here we have filtered out some of the features and their costs for you. 

Cost per feature

High resolution 

Surveillance cameras with high resolution provide clearer images of people, property and license plates. The installation costs for cameras with higher resolution fall between $60 to $350 per camera. Comparatively, the surveillance camera installation cost for cameras with low resolution is between $45 to $250. The more pixels that a surveillance camera has, the more detailed images it produces. 

Motion sensors

There are some areas that you want to monitor and capture in specific circumstances. These areas may be storerooms, back alleys, parking lots and areas near the fence. Surveillance camera systems with integrated motion sensors cost between $40 to $150 per camera. The basic cost of a motion detector is $20 to $50. Motion detectors can trigger lights, alarms and recordings when they detect movement. 

surveillance camera installation cost

Line crossing detection

A specific feature in certain cameras is the line crossing detection mode. This allows you to select a virtual space in the camera’s field of view. You can set a virtual line around that specific area. Once motion is detected across that point or the line is crossed, the system will send you an alert or notification. The feature is ideal for monitoring parking lots, property and fenced areas. Line crossing does not have any additional cost and is completely free. As long as your surveillance camera entails this feature, it is free of charge. 

Infrared night vision

Infrared night vision is one of the key features in surveillance camera systems. As visibility is relatively low at night, it is best to invest in surveillance cameras that have night vision capabilities. 

Color night vision cameras cost $80 to $380 per camera. Outdoor cameras with infrared night vision cost between $20 to $200. If you want to opt for a separate infrared illuminator, it will cost between $15 to $90. 

Audio Surveillance 

Surveillance camera systems with audio surveillance cost only $10 to $30 per camera. Audio surveillance allows you to listen to live footage on your PC, smartphone or tablet. It can save thousands of dollars for you. 

Features Cost
High Resolution $60 to $350
Motion Sensors$40 to $150
Infrared night vision$20 to $200
Audio surveillance$10 to $30

Surveillance cameras help you remotely monitor your possessions, staff and environment through live viewing and recordings. Every camera comes with its own features and functionalities, and each system has its own installation cost depending on the type, number and requirements of the system.

It’s best to look for cameras that are cost-effective for your home or business. Keep in mind the features that suit your environment and security needs. DIY installations may be best to try for smaller properties such as apartments or homes. However, businesses can have a better installation if done through electrical contractors, IT professionals, or security system integrators and installers who can address any security camera installation questions you may have.

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