How Does Remote Construction Site Monitoring Work?

According to the Crime Prevention Program, California is regularly listed in the top five US states that experience the greatest amount of theft. One heavily affected industry is construction, where sites are targeted due to the high value and low traceability of equipment and materials held there during a project.

But this isn’t something that construction companies need to tolerate when sophisticated solutions like remote construction site monitoring are available.


Builder’s Risk Insurance Checklist

This checklist covers the video security requirements for builder’s risk insurance.

Remote Construction Site Monitoring

What is construction remote monitoring?

Construction companies can benefit from remote surveillance of their site. This means that cameras are set up to span the entire area, and footage can be monitored from a remote location. This could be from:

  • A central construction company office
  • Any tablet, phone, or desktop that is running the surveillance app.
  • A remote monitoring facility where agents are trained to guard your site

Remote monitoring allows you to track exactly what’s happening on your construction site, including the following key areas:

Theft Deterrence

First and foremost, any remote surveillance will help deter criminals from intruding on your construction site if they know that their actions are being monitored.

The UNC Charlotte of Criminal Justice reports that 60% of convicted thieves routinely check for security cameras before progressing with their plans, and 40% state that the presence of CCTV would prompt them to seek another easier target.

Motion Detection with Instant alerts

Construction live monitoring is paired with motion detection, so you will receive an instant alert if intruders are detected on your site. But not only do security cameras rapidly stop theft, they also prevent other crimes including vandalism.

Project progress

Construction site CCTV monitoring is also highly convenient for company owners, supervisors, or project managers who need to keep track of the progress of a project. Some surveillance systems are cloud-based, so you can check in remotely and monitor progress in real-time.


In the past, managers have relied on outdated reports sent to them, which discuss the progress made on site from the previous day or even the previous week.

Remote monitoring allows you to log in right now, to assess whether your current labor schedule will hit the volume of work you’ve committed to on this project. The information you receive will allow you to adjust your workload or timetable accordingly.


For the same reason, access to CCTV surveillance also means you can check the productivity of your contractors.

Your footage will tell you who is on-site, what time they arrived, how many hours they have worked, and what they are doing. The presence of cameras is also likely to boost contractor efficiency to ensure you hit your project goals.

Health and Safety

Companies must follow health and safety protocols on-site, as 20% of American worker deaths occur in the construction industry. Remote surveillance cams allow managers to carry out spot-checks to see if construction teams are taking the necessary measures to prevent:

  • Slips, trips, and falls
  • Excessive noise
  • Accidents from hazardous moving objects
  • Electrical injuries

Builder’s Risk Insurance Checklist

This checklist covers the video security requirements for builder’s risk insurance.

Remote Construction Site Monitoring

What are the benefits of construction remote surveillance?

When you commit to a construction remote monitoring solution, you’re making a wise investment for your business that will benefit you in the following ways:

  • Save money vs security guards – if you have been using other forms of security up until now, then you’ll find that remote surveillance offers a significant cost-saving. Instead of paying a security guard to be on-site 24/7, your remote security solution is vastly more affordable.
  • Reduce visits to the site – Remember that construction live monitoring also reduces the number of supervisor visits to your site. If your company has multiple construction projects in different areas, it’s a waste of man-hours to send out supervisors to check on each site. Instead, they can log into the cloud-based remote monitoring app to get an immediate picture.
  • Cuts theft – which construction site are thieves more likely to target? The one without CCTV in place, or the one with cameras covering every inch of the site? Even those criminals who attempt to steal will be quickly detected and stopped.
  • Reduces the cost of insurance – insurance providers are known to favor construction companies who are invested in security. When they have confidence that you’re tracking equipment and raw materials while monitoring health and safety, they’re more likely to approve your cover quickly and keep your premiums in an affordable range.

How does construction live monitoring work?

Construction Site Managers can use an integrated approach to construction site security, involving:

All of the above offer superior quality of footage throughout the day or night, so you can be confident about the resolution of surveillance you’re receiving. Surveillance systems can be equipped with various camera types to provide precisely the security coverage you need.

These include:

  • PTZ cameras can be moved around by security personnel to provide the required angle and close-up.
  • Cameras mounted on poles with sirens and strobes for warning intruders
  • Thermal cameras are useful for detecting body heat when someone enters your site and can also identify gas leaks, fire, and overheated equipment.
  • Time-lapse cameras are a convenient way to zoom through your project footage, either to pinpoint an event or showcase it to clients.
  • Wireless and cellular based cameras for construction sites with no power or internet.

Alerts are set up so administrators will be alerted in real-time when a security incident occurs. They can check the footage and alert the authorities as required or you can leave the monitoring to the professionals and hire a remote guarding agent to watch the site while you sleep.


Builder’s Risk Insurance Checklist

This checklist covers the video security requirements for builder’s risk insurance.

Remote Construction Site Monitoring

How to arrange your remote construction site monitoring

Do you have a construction site that lacks advanced security? The best time to reassess your security needs is today!

It’s easy to get started – begin by contacting Sound Security to speak to one of our security experts. We’ll provide you with further details about how we can keep your construction site, materials, equipment, and personnel protected using our top-of-the-range security systems.

Contact Safe and Sound Security today.

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