Portable Alarm Systems: A Buyer’s Guide

Burglaries in California climbed 50% during 2020, and remained at this level throughout 2021 too. Security cameras across the state have captured an uptick in smash and grabs, shoplifting, and property crimes. Commercial premises, retail units, and any type of vacant property are at risk but traditional security tools including robust locks, fences, and security signs just aren’t enough to keep criminals at bay.

If you want to add an advanced layer of protection to your property, and have your security deployed in rapid time, then portable alarm systems are a great solution for your home or business.

portable alarm systems

What is a portable alarm system?

When you invest in an alarm system to protect your property, products within the wide market range fall within two main categories: wired and wireless alarm systems. Portable alarm systems are wireless.

Wired alarm systems rely on existing telephone and electric lines to connect the components of the alarm system. If you need to make any adjustments to a wired alarm system, this is complex to arrange. In comparison, the benefits of portable alarm systems are:

  • Battery-powered – you don’t need a power supply in place, and your portable alarm system can run for months on batteries without requiring maintenance.
  • Great for remote locations – as your alarm is battery-powered, this is the perfect solution for delivering sophisticated security solutions in remote locations where mains power isn’t an option.
  • Lower cost of installation – portable alarm systems can be set up quickly and without hassle, making this a low-cost security solution. If the scope of your site changes, your wireless alarm can also be disassembled and reconfigured as required.
  • Easy to repair or upgrade – if your portable alarm needs maintaining or updating, a wireless unit is easy to update so you can take advantage of the latest advanced security features.
  • Smart analytics – many portable alarms can identify trends in your business which can help to optimize staffing or deploy additional security measures as required.

How do portable alarm systems work?

Portable alarm systems protect personnel, property and assets but without the need for a wired camera system. You can still expect your surveillance to capture high-quality footage, but you don’t need the internet in place to act on it. Instead, your portable cameras transmit your security feed back to a central station using either Wi-Fi, wireless nanobeams, or Bluetooth.

How are wireless alarms paired with video?

Your wireless alarms can be used on a standalone basis, but usually they form part of a wider security strategy to cover every corner of your site. When paired with 24/7 video monitoring, any security breach will be reviewed by a professional monitoring team who will dispatch the authorities to deal with signs of a genuine intrusion.

portable alarm systems

Where can a portable alarm system be used?

Your wireless alarm can be used in both commercial and residential environments. Some of the following locations will benefit from portable alarms.

Construction Sites

Construction site security is essential as criminals regularly target the valuable raw materials and equipment that are used on building projects. By their nature, construction sites don’t often have power or internet connectivity in place, which is where a portable alarm system offers superior surveillance 24/7. As your construction project progresses, portable alarm systems can be added or repositioned to fit your changing security needs.

Vacant Properties

There has been an increase in vacant properties during the pandemic as businesses have closed and employees have switched to remote working. Landlords with vacant properties, either residential or commercial must keep them secure to prevent an intrusion.

Unoccupied buildings can be targeted by vandals, thieves, and squatters but a portable alarm system as part of a property management strategy will notify you when an intrusion occurs.

Cannabis Growing Facilities

A portable alarm system can be used within a customized strategy to protect your cannabis business. If you’re growing at an outdoor facility, there’s often limited access to power and internet. This is where our portable alarms are a flexible solution that can be set up to pose no threat to the growth of your plants.


Farms lose million of dollars each year due to equipment theft. Farm tools are expensive to replace and can significantly impact the running of the business, causing lengthy delays. Our portable alarm systems are entirely scalable, so are appropriate for small to large farms, including areas where power and internet aren’t reliable or available.

What questions should you ask before choosing a portable alarm system?

If you’re interested in investing in portable alarm systems, be aware that there are a wide variety of options available in the market. You can narrow the field and compare wireless alarm systems by asking questions like:

  • How much does it cost to install? – costs may vary across providers but a typical portable alarm system will cost about 1k-2k for labor.
  • How much is the alarm hardware? – A typical portable alarm system will cost between $500 and $1,000 dollars.
  • Is the alarm monitored? – some portable alarm systems can be paired with security monitoring so you have 24/7 protection of your premises.
  • What happens if a security incident occurs? – understand whether trained security professionals will be dispatched to attend your property or if you will be notified of the security breach.

What are the best portable alarm systems?

Some of the best portable alarm systems in the market include:

Before selecting a brand, it’s always worth discussing your specific needs with one of our Safe and Sound security specialists so we can help you make an informed decision.


Arrange an installation

If you’re interested in buying a portable alarm system, you’re making a flexible choice that is quick to install and easy to modify if your security needs change.

Safe and Sound offers a range of security solutions that are ideal for protecting your commercial or residential premises. Our portable alarm systems can be paired with other strategies including access control systems, video monitoring, and video management solutions.

Find out more by contacting Safe and Sound Security today on 888-988-6506.

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