5 Best Keyless Entry Systems for Business Security (2023)

Crime has become a hot issue in California, with an uptick in retail theft towards the end of 2021. Yet, beyond well-publicized incidents like the smash-and-grab robbery at Louis Vuitton, there has been a disturbing increase in violent crime recently, with a 31% increase in homicides during 2020. 

If you’re a business owner concerned about protecting your staff, customers, and premises, then the best keyless entry systems for business are an ideal solution for enhanced security.


Keyless Entry System Comparison Chart

This chart compares the features of the top 5 keyless entry systems covered in this article. 

Top 5 Keyless Door Entry Systems for Business

1. Brivo

Brivo smart readers

Brivo is one of the top security systems dealers in the market, and Safe and Sound Security trusts them as the top choice of keyless systems for business clients. Their browser-based software interface and remote control capabilities allow you to manage your access control unit like keyless locks from anywhere.

Other top benefits of Brivo remote keyless entry systems include: 

  • Intuitive user interface and robust feature set 
  • Users with admin privileges can perform functions like scheduling and credential changes from anywhere 
  • Software and security updates occur in the background
  • The Brivo On Air app can be accessed from any device and may be combined with video surveillance and access control.

2. Openpath

Openpath integration

Openpath provides cloud-based access control, meaning you can operate your system remotely. The technology works with BlueTooth and cellular, so your keyless entry will still work even if you lose internet connectivity.

The main benefits of the Openpath access control system are: 

  • Patented triple-unlock technology 
  • Fast mobile unlocking
  • Multiple credential options, including mobile phone, prox cards, prox fobs, and smart cards. 
  • Can be linked with identity services
  • Emergency lock feature for instant locking.

3. Alarm.com

alarm.com apps and website in every website

Alarm.Com Smarter Access Control allows you to manage your property access requirements across multiple locations, making it the ideal choice for commercial property managers and landlords. Your keyless entry system works via a smartphone app or web browser for remote management.

Key benefits of choosing Alarm.com for your access control include:

  • Smart business analytics – notice activity trends in your business thanks to access tracking
  • Enterprise solution – manage multiple locations from a centralized dashboard 
  • Unique user codes for easy-to-track access 
  • Remotely lock and unlock door locks

Keyless Entry System Comparison Chart

This chart compares the features of the top 5 keyless entry systems covered in this article. 

4. Verkada

Verkada access control

Verkada offers seamless keyless entry and video surveillance integration, giving you real-time visibility of your building’s access points. Using key fob systems, you can track door entry.

Instead of a physical key, smart locks use a keyless entry system powered by cloud-based technology (remote access). It can be used to access commercial buildings even if you are outside the area.

Some of its main features include: 

  • Full encryption of your cloud-based connection
  • Access your cloud-based management system from any location via a smartphone or web browser
  • Capability to connect thousands of devices to a single Verkada platform 
  • Automatic cloud-based updates 
  • Actionable business insights across multiple sites to improve commercial security

5. Kisi

ip door access control system

Kisi keyless entry systems for business will give you peace of mind because your property is safe from trespassers. Using their commercial keyless entry systems, you can gain entry without needing a traditional lock. Keyless door locks use key fobs, an access reader, key cards, and other fob systems.

The security solution uses cloud management software with a wide range of features prioritizing functionality and flexibility.

These include:

  • Managing visitor and employee access remotely 
  • Remote door unlocking – perfect for out-of-hours deliveries
  • 24/7 audit trails on building entry to be exported as CSV files 
  • Wide integrations enabled with an open API platform linking to third-party vendors.

What are Keyless Access Control Systems for Business?

What does your current access control system look like? If it’s as simple as a receptionist at your front desk holding a sign-in sheet, you need to up your security game. Instead, keyless entry systems dictate:

  • Who enters your building 
  • When they’re allowed to enter 
  • Which areas of your facility do they have access to

This type of access control relies on something other than basic commercial door locks and key methods of gaining entrance. Instead, authorized users can use one of the following to gain access to keyless door locks:

  • Key fobs (radio frequency identification)
  • Smart cards 
  • PIN codes for keypads 
  • Mobile apps 
  • Biometric devices

How Does It Work?

There are four steps involved in setting up and using your keyless access control system.

  1. A keyless security installer sets up the door entry system and links it to cloud-based access control software
  2. You provide authorized users with access credentials so they can enter your building. For example, these might be your regular employees, out-of-hours contractors, or cleaning staff. 
  3. Your users will present their key card, key fob, microchip, or mobile phone device and press it onto a sensor to verify their credentials. Only users with the necessary credentials will be granted access, and the keyless entry system will deny anyone else entrance to your premises. 
  4. The cloud-based software logs all admissions for administrators to view and manage remotely as required. These insights help business owners to identify patterns and security risks.

Keyless Entry System Comparison Chart

This chart compares the features of the top 5 keyless entry systems covered in this article. 

Where are Keyless Entry Systems Installed? 

You can choose to have your access control unit set up at all principal entrance and exit points of your building, but you can also have them installed within the interior. 

This is useful if you need to monitor access to high-security zones such as a server room or an elevator control room. You’ll be in no doubt about where your personnel has been and at what times. 

What are the Business Benefits of Keyless Entry Systems? 

Businesses that invest in keyless access control systems have complete control of their business security. Some of the top advantages are:

  • Lower insurance – providers are known to look favorably on businesses that invest in top-notch security. Access control systems can help to lower your premiums. 
  • Compliance – satisfy your industry regulations by keeping a tight grip on who moves in and around your business premises. 
  • Less risk – keyless entry systems are a lower risk than assigning keyholders to your premises. You don’t have to worry about lost or stolen keys and can readily revoke or add access privileges as needed. 
  • Low-cost – an investment in security technology typically means lower security salary costs. You won’t need to pay for a security guard when you have an access control unit to verify credentials.


How do keyless entry systems enhance security?

Keyless entry systems enhance security by providing a centralized control system. 
Access permissions can be granted or revoked instantly, and audit trails allow you to monitor who enters your premises and when. 
With keyless locks, lost or stolen access credentials like key cards can be quickly deactivated, reducing security risks.

Can I integrate a keyless entry system with my existing security infrastructure?

Yes, most keyless entry systems are designed to integrate seamlessly with existing security systems, including CCTV security cameras, alarms, and access control software. 
The keyless system used in a keyless door can instantly decline or grant access using an integrated access control system. The seamless integration enhances the overall security and monitoring capabilities of your smart locks.

Are keyless systems secure against hacking or unauthorized access?

A modern keyless door lock employs advanced encryption and security protocols to protect against hacking or unauthorized granting access. 
Smart locks are designed to be highly secure and tamper-resistant, making them a reliable choice for businesses seeking robust security solutions. Your key card or key fob can’t be copied and counterfeited, so you can confidently use a keyless door lock.

Can keyless entry be used in multi-location businesses?

Yes, these systems are scalable and can be deployed across multiple locations or branches of your business. Centralized management software lets you control access permissions for all locations from a single interface.
You can use a keyless entry system if your business operates in different locations and you’re considering upgrading your security infrastructure.

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