Construction Security Trailers: How Your Jobsite Can Benefit

Equipment theft is rampant in the construction industry. According to the National Equipment Register (NER) 2016 annual report, there was an estimated loss of $300 million to $1 billion. You already see the importance of protecting your valuable assets, but the question looms, “at what cost?”

It’s up to you as a construction site manager or company owner to find the most cost-effective strategy to prevent construction site theft.

Luckily, with a mobile construction security trailer, you can affordably protect your construction sites from construction theft.

What is a mobile construction security trailer?

That’s exactly what we’re going to discuss in this blog post, along with why all trailers are not built the same and what features you should look out for before buying/renting one.


Builder’s Risk Insurance Checklist

This checklist covers the video security requirements for builder’s risk insurance.

Construction Security Trailers: What Are They?

A construction security trailer is a rapid deployment mobile crime detection & deterrent system that can be installed in almost any outdoor location and some indoor locations. We’re not just talking about construction sites, but fairgrounds, parking lots, outdoor COVID testing facilities, and even inside industrial warehouses.

Specifically for construction sites, a construction trailer security system can be installed quickly and moved to other spots on your site or to a different place entirely. Trailers come with many features, which we’ll dive deeper into, such as live video footage, speakers, lights, and solar capability.

The end product is a security system that costs your business much less than an in-person security guard.

Expect These Features In A Construction Site Surveillance Trailer

Live Remote Viewing

Trailers are fitted with multiple HD 1080p cameras allowing for clear footage, 24/7. You can access live footage via 4G, LTE, 3G, and Wi-Fi, meaning users can remotely access a smartphone or computer feed. Live video monitoring allows you and your off-site security team to assess threats in real time and make appropriate decisions. High quality footage can be provided to law enforcement as evidence of crimes commited. 

Our cameras can reach up to 23 ft providing a high vantage point. Think about the possibilities outside of security with a live video feed, including facilitating deliveries, keeping an eye on crews, and managing the job site.


Builder’s Risk Insurance Checklist

This checklist covers the video security requirements for builder’s risk insurance.


The whole concept of a mobile construction security trailer is to provide a rapidly deployed, portable security system. The freedom to deploy in almost any area allows for your installer and security team to plan out the best spot to park the trailer. With traditional security cameras and security hubs, your hands are tied to the location of your power source. Thanks to modifications such as solar power, that’s not the case with a security trailer.

Solar Powered

Safe And Sound’s mobile construction units are solar-powered, meaning they can operate off-grid in locations that lack a fixed infrastructure for power or video transmission. Our solar system is large enough to run multiple camera feeds when environmental needs are met. Solar panels will charge the batteries, in turn charging the cameras and speakers. 

Solar power isn’t always a necessity. An extension cord can be run out to the mobile unit to provide power when possible.


Live video footage is paired with advanced analytics to detect motion on your job site. Our motion alerts can detect humans & vehicles, eliminating false alarms. Line detection technology allows us to track your fence line and alert you to intruders.

Your biggest security expense will be paying someone on-site to monitor camera feeds and assess possible disturbances. Motion detection analytics means that you longer need to monitor video feeds constantly.

Talk-Down Speakers

Detection is only half of the equation. The other half is prevention. One of the best prevention features is our talk-down speakers, which allow us to threaten intruders as soon as they’re detected on the job site. If that doesn’t work, and quite frankly, as we speak to them, the police are alerted.

A Mobile Construction Unit May Be Right For Your Construction Site

Safe And Sound Security uses state-of-the-art solar, video, and tracking technology to deliver an industry-leading construction mobile surveillance trailer. Our managed service will be with you every step of the way, including a beginning site assessment, installation, live monitoring, and ongoing maintenance/support.


Builder’s Risk Insurance Checklist

This checklist covers the video security requirements for builder’s risk insurance.

With our construction security trailer technology, we don’t just report crimes as they happen; we stop them. Our motion detection analytics allows our live monitoring team to deploy security tactics like alarms, floodlights, and voice commands to send criminals running.

For a fraction of the price of in-person security guards, our AI software, combined with a trained off-site team, can detect suspicious activity, assess the threat level, and respond immediately. Spend more time operating and growing your construction business and less time worrying about security threats. 

If you want to discuss installing a mobile trailer on your construction site, get in touch with the team at Safe And Sound Security to discuss your options.

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