Quality Security Cameras, Security Systems, and Access Control From a Local Company

With more than 10,000 customers, Safe and Sound Security installs high quality security systems in both Northern and Southern California, which gives us the unique advantage of being both large and localized.

About Safe and Sound

More than ten thousand homes and businesses already trust us to guard them against break-ins, theft, fire, and more. We take our commitment as California’s premiere business and home security company seriously, but we know that serving our customers is about more than just installing security systems and setting up cloud-connected security devices. While we specialize in services like video surveillance, security cameras, and access control, our business is about people first, and it’s that attitude that sets our customer service apart from the crowd. At Safe and Sound, customer satisfaction is our number-one priority.

Unwavering Quality Standards

We don’t settle for anything less than the best quality in the industry. Our products include the latest and best in security cameras, video surveillance, burglar alarms, and access control. All of our equipment is UL approved, our employees are fully and completely trained in installing and servicing that equipment, and our response times are hard to beat. Consult our testimonials for some of the many happy reviews our service garners on a month-to-month basis.

Many current video surveillance and alarm users are used to having the monitoring station available around the clock. But are they used to having a fully staffed team service them morning ’til evening for non-emergency needs? Customer service is absolutely our top priority. Our customers are more than numbers on a spreadsheet to us – you’re part of our community, and we value the relationship we forge with you, so we’ll always be there to guard your security however we can.

Our three-step process makes it easy for you to get what you want.


Contact Us

Give us a call. We schedule a time to give you a free security consultation in your home or business. You receive a claim number for a free security system and free installation.


In-Home and Business Security Consultation

Our security specialist does a walkthrough with you in your home or business, and gives you specific recommendations based on the layout of your location and your specific needs.



Our licensed technician installs your new security system, sets up video surveillance, trains you on all the proper procedures, and gives you safety pointers to set you on the road to security.