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The best access control systems and installation from a local company with offices in Concord, Sacramento, San Francisco, San Jose, and Pomona.

Security Access Control System

Whether you’re looking for biometric locks for doors, key card or pin pad electronic locking mechanisms, wireless door entry systems, or some combination of the three, Safe and Sound has the technology and the know-how to install and maintain the building access control systems you can depend on.

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Biometric Scanners

In short, biometric scanners for doors are a way of scanning your body to confirm your identity before a system grants you access. The most common biometric scanners are fingerprint scanners. These scanners read your fingerprint and convert your unique print into a code that the control panel can read, and then it grants access. This hardware can communicate with automatic door locks and greatly increase the door security for your business. Finger access control security systems are becoming ever more popular with businesses everywhere.

Pin Code Readers & Card Readers

We offer a variety of different electronic and automatic door locks that are controlled either by card readers or pin code readers. You can assign different pass codes or id’s to every individual who is granted access to your property or specific sections of your property. With this technology you can see who was where and when they were there. We sell and install both HID and Brivo to give you the best access control options for your property.

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The Most Intuitive Cloud-Connected App

Convenient access control software for both homes and businesses. Brivo OnAir on Ipad.

Brivo OnAir

Brivo OnAir is a cloud-connected app with what’s been called the most intuitive and most simple user interface in access control technology. If you depend on access control software for home or business, Brivo OnAir is going to be your best friend.

Access Anywhere

Brivo OnAir interfaces with your building’s security access control systems or wireless door entry systems to give you a hands-on connection to your access control software, from anywhere. It’s only limited by the capabilities of your access control systems.

Mobile Passes

Tired of carting a key card around, or typing in the same pincode day after day? With Mobile Passes, you can let your smartphone do the work, granting access to your facility with nothing more than a swipe or a tap.

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