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We’re an authorized Aiphone dealer and installer. We provide and integrate Aiphone intercom and access control for office buildings, apartment complexes and more.

Safeguard facilities against intruders with an Aiphone door access control system.

A secure and convenient way for admins to manage who enters and exits their building, access control allows peace of mind while protecting property, profits, and data. Aiphone systems allow admins to speak with and/or see visitors at the door to authorize them before permitting entry.

As a trusted Aiphone dealer and Aiphone installer, we offer many world-class products including the Aiphone telephone entry system, the Aiphone video door entry system, and the Aiphone gate intercom. Our expert technicians will personally design and install your access point security, and continue to maintain it throughout its lifetime.

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Aiphone Intercom

Control who accesses your facility with Aiphone intercoms.

Intercoms enable remote two-way voice communication with visitors at the door, allowing admins to authorize guests before permitting entry. For added security, Aiphone video intercoms provide video surveillance and recording. Due to their reliable access control and simplified communication capability, intercom systems are a must for any complete security system.

Aiphone intercom systems fit a range of facilities and can be adapted to suit individual security needs. They can be used to easily regulate employee office access, streamline communication within buildings, broadcast announcements, and more.

Aiphone System Design

Customize your security to optimize the safety of your facility.

When it comes to access control, one size does not fit all. Each facility and business has its own unique set of security challenges, so creating a foolproof access control system can require a custom design.

That’s where we come in. Our skilled engineers personally meet with admins to design a custom Aiphone access control system that targets specific, real-world vulnerabilities. Our team is committed to creating the best Aiphone system design solutions for clients in a variety of industries.

Aiphone Integration

Elevate your security by leveraging our Aiphone integration experts.

Access control integration prevents overlap, increases efficiency, and saves costs by ensuring each system component is intelligently unified into the whole. Our team has more than a decade of experience integrating security cameras and other technology into already-existing access control systems.

Our technicians are thoroughly familiar with the workings of entry point security, and can skillfully integrate access control for maximum safety and efficiency. For maximum flexibility, Aiphone entry system technology is designed to pair with a wide range of equipment and software from leading providers.

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Aiphone JO Mobile App

Monitor facilities anytime, anywhere with the Aiphone JO mobile app.

When paired with the Aiphone JO Series intercom, the Aiphone app enables admins to supervise and manage their access control from afar. Admins can see and speak with visitors and control door access remotely, ensuring that only the right people get in even when they are away from the building.

Admins can use the Aiphone app with just a secure internet connection and a smartphone. The Aiphone JO series provides the utmost security and convenience for busy people who want to manage their security on the go.

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