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Security System for Apartment Buildings

Apartment complex owners and managers face different security challenges from single-family homes. Due to the higher crime rate and anonymity in multi-tenant apartment buildings, your apartment complex must have a high-quality security system to protect residents. Safe and Sound Security provides and installs integrated security systems for apartment buildings, condos, residential buildings, rental, and luxury homes.


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Apartment Security System Installation Checklist​

Ensure a successful installation of your apartment complex security system with this comprehensive checklist. Download the checklist today!

Apartment Complex Security Systems

If you’re looking for a building security system to protect an apartment complex, you’re aware that the threat of crime is always present for your tenants. Living spaces are a favorite target of criminals. According to the latest FBI crime statistics released last October 2023, which report incidents from 2022, property crime offenses saw a 7.1% rise compared to the previous year.

You are responsible for many people’s home safety as an apartment complex owner or property manager. In the event of a third-party crime on your property, financial liability can fall on you. Tenants are increasingly suing property owners for injuries from third-party criminals, with settlements and jury awards typically ranging from $100,000 to $1 million.

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The solution is to provide a safe environment to tenants by installing a network multi-family security system. Not only will this reduce the probability of crime on your property, but it will also reduce or eliminate any liability that falls on you if you can show you have solid, well-designed commercial building security systems in place.

We design and install comprehensive security systems for apartments, including sophisticated building site security alarms, surveillance cameras, and entry systems for enhanced security.

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Benefits of an apartment building security system

Prevent intrusions, burglary, and vandalism

Provide peace of mind to operators and tenants

Deter criminals with visible security equipment

Make property more attractive and increase rent value

Improve operating efficiencies

Catch package thieves in the act

Why You Should Get The Best Apartment Security Systems

Based on data from the US Bureau of Justice Statistics, renters have historically been targeted by burglars more frequently than homeowners, a trend that has persisted for decades.

A burglary occurs approximately every 30 seconds in the United States. According to FBI statistics, a burglary takes place roughly every 30.48 seconds, equating to an alarming rate of two burglaries happening every minute and over 3,000 burglaries occurring daily.

However, it’s noteworthy that despite this high concern, only 38% of Americans reported having a home security system to safeguard their property from potential burglaries.

In 2021, 28% of renters reported experiencing a property crime, while 27% of homeowners reported a similar experience.

However, taking a more extended view, the data in 2022 reveals a significant 24.9% decrease in property crimes over a decade.

Here’s an overview of key findings from the FBI’s 2022 property crime statistics:

  • Total Property Crime Offenses: In 2022, an estimated 6,513,829 property crime offenses were reported nationwide.
  • Trends: When compared to 2021, property crime offenses increased by 7.1% in 2022. However, a decade-long perspective shows a substantial 24.9% reduction in property crimes from 2013 to 2022.
  • Property Crime Rate: The property crime rate 2022 was estimated at 1,954.4 incidents per 100,000 people, reflecting a 6.7% increase from the 2021 rate. Nevertheless, it’s important to note that this rate remained significantly lower than those in 2018 (13.6% lower) and 2013 (28.8% lower).
  • Breakdown by Offense Type: Larceny theft constituted the majority (71.7%) of all property crimes in 2022, making theft-related offenses the most prevalent. Motor vehicle theft accounted for 14.5% of property crimes, while burglary comprised 13.8%.

Security Cameras at Apartment Complexes

remote video monitoring on smartphone

Monitor the People that Enter & Exit

Including a complete set of apartment surveillance cameras in your apartment security system is essential. Security cameras at apartment complexes keep you informed about who enters your building and any criminal activity.

An apartment camera system monitors and records everything that happens within its field of view — this allows security staff or building management to detect and respond to crimes quickly and provide recorded proof of criminal activity.

Safe and Sound experts design and install a complete apartment security camera system tailored to tackle the unique security challenges of your apartment complex. We provide a wide range of camera types, including IP and analog CCTV for apartment security, and combine them to craft the perfect solution.

Apartment Camera Types:

avigilon ir bullet camera

Bullet Cameras

  • mount to your wall or ceiling
  • ideal for monitoring over long distances
  • focus on specific parts of a property
dome camera

Dome Cameras

  • can survey wide areas
  • discreet and durable
  • generally mounted on ceilings
axis ptz

PTZ Cameras​

  • can be re-aimed remotely using an app, joystick, or computer program
  • can track objects or provide 360-degree views
turret camera

Turret Cameras

  • ball-and-socket joint to let you easily redirect the field of view
  • great for low-light and infrared

Wireless vs Hardwired Security Cameras for Apartment Buildings

Depending on your facility’s needs, we install wired and wireless security cameras for apartment buildings.

Traditionally, hardwired camera systems require cabling for both power and internet connection — this can require drilling holes to run wires and conduits through walls. In some cases, tearing out pieces of the wall is also necessary. Still, hardwired security cameras have a reputation for higher security than wireless since they are not as vulnerable to hackers. They can also be a better option for buildings with spotty Wi-Fi or considerable areas to cover.

Wireless Security Cameras for Apartment Buildings

Wireless apartment security cameras transmit video footage via Wi-Fi, only needing a cable to connect to a power source. Wireless systems have easier installation, requiring just mounting the camera to the wall or ceiling, plugging it into a power source, and connecting it to Wi-Fi using a smartphone app. These systems also provide more flexibility and scalability than hardwired systems and a broader range of features, such as easy mobile app pairing and data analytics.

Safe and Sound provides wired and wireless indoor and outdoor security cameras for apartment security systems for buildings and complexes of all sizes.

avigilon security camera in parking lot

Apartment Monitoring System

Safe and Sound Security experts design and install a complete apartment security system for your complex, including video surveillance cameras, NVRs and DVRs, and local and cloud storage options. Our cutting-edge video management software stores video footage in the cloud, making it easy to view and respond to security footage using an app or web browser — even when you’re offsite. With convenient smartphone apps for security management, you can keep apartment security monitoring at your fingertips wherever you go.

What to Think About When Installing an Apartment Monitoring System:

Smart Analytics & Object Recognition

Apartment cameras with advanced technology features are an investment that may pay off in apartment complex safety. We offer security cameras that use smart analytics and object recognition technology to provide business insights and accurately identify objects and people on your property. It reduces false alarms and provides valuable intelligence to your apartment complex operations.

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Consider whether you want your security cameras to be visible. Having camera hardware within sight of visitors to your apartment building can deter crime, as not many criminals want to risk being caught on security cameras. Many intruders look for security equipment before deciding whether to attempt a break-in; if they see high-quality security cameras that are likely to be monitored, many criminals will likely move on. Even if visible, security cameras should be installed high enough to be out of reach to avoid damage and tampering.

Camera Protection

Security cameras in outdoor areas such as building entrances, parking lots, pools, and courtyards can be damaged by rough weather. All outdoor apartment cameras should be equipped with protective casing to safeguard your cameras against the elements. Safe and Sound installers know how to keep security equipment safe with the proper protective equipment, careful positioning, and sturdy installation.

Camera Placement

States have different privacy laws around apartment complex security cameras, but cameras can generally only be installed in "public" areas. Depending on your state, public areas can include parking garages and lots, building entrances, mail rooms, laundry rooms, courtyards, hallways, and administrative areas. Security cameras should never include tenant doors and windows in their field of view, as this could violate privacy. We know state and federal apartment security camera laws and can position cameras to ensure legal compliance and smooth operation across large areas.

Garage Security Cameras

Apartment complex parking garages are vulnerable areas for crime to occur. With few people around at any time, plenty of hiding spaces for criminals, and vehicles available to be stolen or broken into, garages are favored by wrongdoers. Because of this, garage security cameras should not be ignored in any apartment security system plan.

What You Can Do with Parking Garage Security Cameras:

  • Capture any hijackings, vandalism, theft, or violent crime that may occur.

  • Alert apartment complex security guards when tenants are being rowdy and disturbing others or if an unauthorized person is attepting a break-in

  • Monitor garages and prevent theft of expensive equipment, such as lawnmowers.

  • Combine with garage closers and access control to prevent intrusion and loitering.

  • Monitor entrances to elevators and maintenance areas.

Safe and Sound installers have created streamlined, personalized apartment security camera systems for over a decade. Find out how we can protect your apartment complex today.

apartment complex parking garage security camera systems

Multi Family Door Entry Systems

Multi-family door entry systems keep out intruders and streamline tenant access to your apartment building. Our door entry systems establish secure access control in areas restricted to tenants or employees and where crime is likely to occur. These areas include lobbies, elevators, roof decks, fitness rooms, pools, and individual apartment units.

Safe and Sound Security experts combine cutting-edge technology with cloud-based storage, letting you manage your apartment complex security with a single database, even across multiple buildings. We ensure a wide range of integration capabilities.

We offer a range of Multi-Family Door Entry Systems

We install a range of keyless apartment door entry systems and software that lets you regulate building access, easily manage tenant and employee permissions, and view complete audit trails of who entered your building and when.

HID Prox Card

Smart and Prox Cards

Large firms with many employees can dish out thin card-like devices that only need to be waved in front of a proximity card reader.
HID key fobs

Key Fobs

A key fob reader system is a fast and easy solution to grant customers, employees, and visitors access to secured areas.
Brivo Mobile Pass

Mobile Credentials

With mobile credentials, tenants can gain access just by using their phones -- this avoids the costs of equipment and the endless problem of lost keys.
HID Card reader

Card Readers

A card reader system provides a simple and convenient access control method for firms with multiple employees working at various locations.
suprema biometric reader

Biometric Readers

Unlock doors using either fingerprint reading technology or face recognition access control. This method is the most modern and forward-thinking.

What You Can Do With an Apartment Door Entry System:

  • Manage visitor permissions
  • See a 24/7 audit trail of all building entries
  • Create entrance schedules
  • Replace credentials
  • Issue temporary passes
  • Remotely unlock doors for residents and visitors
wireless gate access control
Doorking 1834 intercom

Apartment Building Intercom System

A great way to increase the security and value of your property is to install a high-quality apartment building intercom system. It lets residents communicate with visitors, manage deliveries, and ensure they let the right people into the building. With an intercom system, users inside the building can remotely speak with and see video of visitors buzzing in at the door before deciding whether to grant access. It provides peace of mind that tenants are not letting dangerous people into the building.


Apartment building intercom entry systems are often combined with door release, allowing tenants to remotely unlock the door or gate for visitors with a simple button or swipe on a phone app. Apartment building intercom systems may include interior stations inside tenants’ apartments or at the front desk to supplement a concierge or door attendant. With completely app-based intercoms, no interior stations are necessary at all.

Our apartment building intercom systems offer convenient features for tenants and property managers

  • 24/7 audit trails and door release logs
  • elevator control – works with your elevator to keep tenants from coming downstairs to take the elevator with visitors.
  • Property management dashboards

Wireless Intercom System for Buildings

At Safe and Sound, we provide and install the latest cutting-edge apartment building intercom systems. Traditional hardwired intercoms use low-voltage wires running between all stations, which can be costly and time-consuming, especially in larger systems. Wireless intercoms were invented to respond to this, but these have weaker signals and are vulnerable to interception, tampering, and battery failure. To solve this problem, we provide modern IP intercom systems that transmit data through existing IP infrastructures, usually via an ethernet cable. IP intercom systems for residential buildings cut down on cabling by only requiring network and door strike cables, providing a secure and convenient solution.
security integration

Integration with existing apartment security systems

Unless you’re starting with a clean slate, it’s essential to think about any systems already in your building before you plan what to add to it. Existing structures, including gates, door hardware, elevators, cameras, alarms, concierge stations, and key card systems, should be integrated with intercom and door release systems. For properties with a lot of equipment, intercom systems offering flexible integrations are ideal.

Intercom mobile apps

Safe and Sound provides a range of innovative cloud-based apartment intercoms, which allow tenants to swipe on a smartphone app to view guests and grant entry, no matter where they are. These cloud-based apartment intercom systems are great for remotely letting in guests, cleaning services, and delivery people away from home. Remote app-based intercoms are the future of apartment building security; they replace physical keys with virtual keys and delivery PINs – and send visitors a personal QR code on their phone to hold up to the entry panel and quickly distribute credentials to tenants.

gsm gate access

ButterflyMX smart intercom

With apartment building video intercom entry systems, intercom technology is paired with surveillance cameras, allowing users to see live video footage of visitors at the door and hear their voices. Intercom users view real-time footage of guests on an interior intercom station or a smartphone. The ability to see visitors provides a high level of security and peace of mind to your residents, who can rest assured that the person they are letting in is a delivery or maintenance person and is not carrying a gun or presenting a visual threat.

We offer apartment complex video intercoms with cloud-based smartphone apps, which allow property managers and tenants to see security footage of guests at the door anytime, anywhere. Video intercoms with smartphone apps can eliminate tenant stations and key fobs for a more mobile solution with lower installation costs. Safe and Sound cloud-based apartment video intercoms combine high security with maximum convenience for residents and operators alike.

Accessing a building with a smartphone also eliminates the need for key fobs and cards, which is excellent for a more streamlined system and for residents and staff who forget their keys. Facility owners and managers who want the latest and most convenient video intercom technology should look into systems offering mobile apps.

What You Can Do With an Apartment Video Intercom:

  • See when packages or mail are delivered 

  • Unlock doors for tenants who forgot their keys

  • See time-stamped footage of guests, along with door entry logs

  • Easily verify identities in noisy environments

video intercom system connected to phone

An intercom system is often combined with an apartment door access control system to let tenants remotely unlock the door for guests. Residents can press a button on their interior station or swipe on their phone app to let in guests after verifying their identity. Without a door release button, tenants, receptionists, concierges, and security guards have to go to the door to open it, which is inconvenient and could put them in danger.

We provide intercom systems with elevator control for apartments with elevators to grant visitors access to elevators when doors are unlocked, without tenants having to come down to the lobby and let them in. It adds a layer of security by keeping tenants safe in their rooms and convenience for residents and staff.

Liftmaster Slide Detector Gate Opener

A lack of proper gate access control tempts criminals to enter your property. Make sure to make sure your apartment complex is a challenging target. With apartment intercoms with a gate access control system, you can ensure that only authorized people, such as residents and employees, can enter your premises. Automatic gate closers keep your gate closed when it is not in use, preventing it from acting as an open invitation to intruders.

Safe and Sound driveway gate access control systems use automatic gate openers and closers that receive electronic signals, allowing building managers and residents to remotely unlock the gate for pedestrians and vehicles without leaving their rooms. By integrating a gate intercom with a cloud-based app, building operators and tenants can see who is at the gate and control access, no matter where they are.

Our gate openers are aesthetically pleasing, quiet, and built to resist contamination and rusting. We provide a range of commercial and residential gate access control systems, ensuring a hassle-free flow of authorized people into and out of your apartment complex premises.


What are the main components of a security system for apartment buildings?

Components often include access control systems, surveillance cameras, door and window sensors, intercoms, alarm systems, an indoor camera, electronic locks, fire safety, smart home devices, carbon monoxide detectors, and professional monitoring services.

These components can improve a home security system or apartment building security system.

Are security cameras necessary for apartment building security?

Security cameras serve as a deterrent, record incidents, and provide valuable evidence. They are often essential for monitoring common areas, entrances, and parking lots, especially for multifamily residential security systems.

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