Our team provides and installs Arcules security for maximum security, scalability, and cost-effectiveness, creating an optimal customer and user experience.

Protect property and employees while gaining valuable business insights with Arcules centralized management and monitoring.

Arcules provides integrated cloud-based surveillance and access control solutions for enterprises. Arculess state-of-the art integrated security system enables admins to easily send alarms and view live surveillance footage and recorded playback from any mobile device. Arcules leverages AI and machine learning to deliver innovative built-in video monitoring and sensor data analytics, assisting admins with business optimization, staff planning, and more.

Our team provides and installs Arcules security for maximum security, scalability, and cost-effectiveness, creating an optimal customer and user experience.

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Arcules VSaaS

Guard your retail business from theft, fraud, and break-ins with Arcules VSaaS (video surveillance as a service) technology.

Arcules provides state-of-the-art VSaaS cloud-based security management systems for retail businesses. Arculess integrated video surveillance, access control, and analytics helps retail businesses protect employees, cash, and inventory, while maximizing efficiency and maintenance cost savings. Admins can monitor multiple retail locations from anywhere using a mobile device.

Additionally, built-in analytics help to improve customer satisfaction and strategically increase sales by providing actionable insights to retail businesses. Our experts install powerful and user-friendly Arcules security in any retail business size.

Arcules for Professional Services

Secure your professional services firms confidential information and employee safety with Arcules cloud-based security.

Arcules delivers a comprehensive, cloud-based security solution for professional services firms that service clients across multiple locations. Arcules security prevents internal theft, protects confidential client information, and safeguards employees, all in a simple and secure cloud-based solution. As well as providing centralized management of all office locations from any web or mobile device, Arcules delivers smart analytics and insights to help admins efficiently optimize operations and boost business.

Our experts install and integrate Arcules for professional services, targeting security vulnerabilities to counter intrusion, fraud, and theft.

Arcules for Property Management

Provide maximum safety and elevate residentsexperience with Arcules for property management.

Arcules simplifies security management for residential complexes, office buildings, co-working spaces, and other properties. Arculess integrated video surveillance, access control, and analytics enable property managers to centrally monitor all office locations from any device, allowing quick incident detection and response. Access control video verification and vehicles in region count also maximize tenant safety.

Arcules cloud VMS delivers intelligent business analytics, helping property managers improve operations with actionable insights. Our experts install and integrate Arcules systems to prevent vandalism, theft, and violence, and promote tenant safety and satisfaction.

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Milestone and Arcules​

Experience flexible and powerful cloud security management with complementary Arcules and Milestone technology.

Arcules pairs with Milestone XProtect video management software to deliver a powerful and centralized video surveillance solution. The Arcules-XProtect hybrid VMS solution combines Arculess cloud scalability and ease of use with XProtects powerful functionality. The intuitive interface makes it easy to manage video footage and alarms across all sites, expand existing installations, quickly deploy new sites, reduce capital expenses, and streamline and control operating costs.

Our team installs the best Milestone and Arcules hybrid surveillance systems to securely connect your entire organization.

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