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Backstreet Surveillance offers a wide variety of clear, crisp, 4K resolution cameras that are NDAA compliant. In fact, their security systems use the same advanced tech and materials used in government buildings.

If you want a surveillance system that creates an invisible “vandal-proof dome” around your property, purchase a Backstreet Surveillance camera. Backed by the market’s only 5-year warranty, their quality products are unmatched.

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Their advanced surveillance system features pixel technology for better zooming, a day to night light adjustment, AI to better detect real threats, and a “vandal-proof dome” for better crime deterrence and more wide-angle coverage.

It’s no wonder why thousands of homeowners and businesses nationwide choose Backstreet Surveillance for better security. Voted one of the best security systems in the country directly by consumers, all their products work for any property.

Not sure where to install it for the best coverage? Safe and Sound Security can help. Our security installation company uses a tailored installation process to position your cameras that capture blind spots, points of entry, and other strategic monitoring areas.

Backstreet Surveillance Features

The days of low-res cameras and cheap products won’t cut it. If an event happens, not being able to see crucial details, license plates, or faces is the last thing you need. Avoid being impacted by operating costs, loss of assets, and facing the emotional impact of unwanted events.

With an award-winning surveillance system from Backstreet Surveillance, you’ll capture everything that matters. Designed by experts, Backstreet Surveillance systems go beyond capturing the world around you. They understand why common security cameras fail. They acknowledge the gap left by a market flooded with DIY security systems. In response, they’ve engineered smarter, reliable, and harder to break surveillance systems backed by expert support.

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Unlike outdated security cameras, Backstreet Surveillance design products that feature advanced AI intruder detection, 4K resolution quality, and video analytics. Their products also combine cloud storage, vandal-proof material, wide angle coverage, and more.

That means, you’ll see things in 4K quality. Their AI technology recognizes real threats limiting false alerts. The hard-to-break cameras will thwart any plans from insidious vandals or burglars. The multi-viewing, auto recovery, cloud backed, built in PoE, and other top-tier features provide the best chance to prevent asset loss and fully protect your property.

Plus, Backstreet Surveillance offers nationwide trouble shooting and customer support. You’re never alone. Monitor foot traffic, keep an eye on your business operation, protect your employees, safeguard your home, and never miss a beat.

Backstreet Surveillance Installation

It’s not enough to pick the right camera. Knowing where and how to install them are just as essential. When you DIY your camera installation, it’s easy to overlook critical security practices. If you don’t install them in the right spot, you leave your property vulnerable.

Safe and Sound Security fills this void. We not only place your cameras in strategic vantage points, but we also simplify the installation process. As a proud partner of Backstreet Surveillance, we combine their incredibly high-quality cameras and security systems with our knowledge.

By having our security experts install them, we integrate your surveillance system with cameras that act like an “invisible wall.” This wall protects all points of entry, backup footage, alerts you of potential events before they even happen, and covers your blind spots and other crucial spots specific to your location.

Limit asset losses, monitor business operations, and scare off intruders with a strategically placed surveillance system. We’ll map out coverage tailored for your property and provide real expertise every step of the way.

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Backstreet Surveillance is Tested and Proven

With close to 8,000 customer reviews and winner of Industry Era Security Solutions Provider, Backstreet Surveillance offers quality, reliability, and protection. With a fully staffed security department, expert support, and nationwide troubleshooting services, they provide the coverage other products don’t offer.
By also partnering with Safe and Sound Security, we expertly install your security system services. As one of the fastest growing security companies in the country, our expertise ensures your security system works the way it should. We help set up your surveillance and provide expert assistance throughout the process.

Who Should Use Backstreet Surveillance?


Monitor activities, foot traffic, and suspicious behaviors in government facilities. Using state-of-the-art surveillance cameras, you can enhance your existing security systems with Backstreet Surveillance and Safe and Sound Security.
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Warehouse thefts are often seen as high reward, low risk. Ensure your assets are protected with state-of-the-art security cameras that offer wide angle coverage, so nothing gets by you.
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Retail Loss Prevention

Modernize your stores with surveillance systems designed for retail. Any Backstreet Surveillance security system keeps capital loss low and monitors everything in crystal clear quality.
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Commercial Properties

Ideal for all commercial properties. Get a surveillance system protects your employees, monitors foot traffic, and provides peace of mind for everyone.
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Reduce operating costs, bolster onsite security when no one’s around, and receive alerts before potential events take place. Strengthen your security system with Backstreet Surveillance.
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Law Enforcement

We understand the unique needs of law enforcement. They are paramount to helping aid investigations, prevent crime, and monitor suspicious activity. Backstreet Surveillance and Safe and Sound Security offer professional grade security systems designed for law enforcement.
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Property Managers

Make managing and monitoring larger properties easier. With parameter monitoring, high-resolution cameras, and night and day adjustment features, protect larger properties with Backstreet Surveillance.
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Get professional grade security solutions for schools, universities, campuses, and other educational institutions. Install long lasting surveillance systems that can prevent bullying and monitor activity in and outside of any school. ​
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Safe and Sound Security Installation Services

Not all surveillance systems are built the same. Cheap quality, low- pixel resolution, and sometimes even a gust of wind is enough to topple some well-known commercial brands.
Don’t leave it to chance. Get the most trusted protection from Backstreet Surveillance and professional installation from Safe and Sound Security.

Enterprise-Level Support Without The Hefty Price

Safe and Sound Security offers smarter security that’s designed for today. By tailoring our services, we can customize our services based on your security needs. Every location is different, so we approach it in a different way.

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