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construction site security cameras

The 5 Best Security Cameras for Construction Sites in 2020

If you own or manage a construction company, you need high-quality construction site cameras to protect your valuable materials and equipment. Material theft is rampant on construction sites, with up to $1 billion in theft from job sites happening every year. Job sites are an easy target for criminals who

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biometric access control

Types of Access Control Readers

When you’re installing an access control system for your home or business, there are a number of different factors that you’ll need to consider. You’ll need to weigh your need for absolute security with the day-to-day realities of convenient access to your premises for those who need it. You’ll need to work an access control system

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electromagnetic door lock

Components of an Access Control System and How It Works

You need a solid access control system to help you coordinate the flow of traffic through your building, report potential security breaches, and log traffic for later review. Whether you’re using key cards or biometric scanners, you face the basic challenges inherent to any dynamic, context-based system, and you need

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What Are Video Verified Alarm Systems and Why Are They Important?

We’ve already touched on video verified alarm systems, and how it provides a more reactive form of video surveillance and security than video monitoring services. But if video verified alarm systems don’t offer the same kind of live security, why is it becoming so popular, and why has it been

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remote viewing

How To Setup a NVR for Remote Viewing

Setting up your NVR for remote viewing is a critical part of surveillance today, allowing you to watch your security camera feeds while you’re out and about. Your security camera system is designed to protect your premises 24/7, especially when you’re not there. Even if you’ve got a video monitoring

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hotel security systems

How to Improve Hotel Security

Hotel security should be a top priority for every hotel and hospitality service.  Ensuring guests’ safety – and that of the staff – is paramount, and making them feel secure and comfortable goes a long way in giving a prime customer service experience. It also helps protect against any potential

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building construction

4 Ways To Prevent Construction Site Theft

Construction site security is based around two problems: theft and vandalism. There’s a lot of expensive, specialized equipment lying around your job site, and it’s not locked up it faces the very real danger of walking away with someone who shouldn’t be there. If you don’t want to hire security

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Read This Before Installing A Do It Yourself Security System For Business

Commercial security systems are an invaluable part of any business. They guard your property, your sensitive information and data assets, and your reputation as a well-managed enterprise. Business security is not an afterthought. Depending on a number of different toolkits, like video surveillance systems and CCTV, access control systems, and burglar alarms, all of which require professional installation, business security systems need to be built from the ground up following a few very clear guidelines.

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commercial grade PTZ camera

The ONVIF Standard Explained

ONVIF stands for Open Network Video Interface Forum and is an open industry forum for determining how IP cameras and other security products communicate with each other, as well as with video management systems (VMS) and access control systems. It was founded in 2008 by Axis Communications, Bosch, and Sony

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Security Cameras Full Property Coverage

Where to Position CCTV Cameras at Home?

When utilizing CCTV cameras to protect your home, ensuring you know where to position the CCTV cameras is essential. What does that mean? Simply put, placing security cameras in the right place means that every part, corner and angle of your home is in the field of view of a

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