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School Security Cameras and Video Surveillance in Schools

School districts are expected to offer a safe and secure learning environment for students, parents, teachers, and staff. This requires keeping weapons, violence, and unpleasant behavior out of school buildings.  With bullying on the rise and gun violence becoming more common, you can’t assume your school’s current security system is

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Laws for School Safety: Frequently Asked Questions (Part 2)

The laws for school safety are variable throughout the states in America but there are some that are consistent. It is important to regard the rules which apply to your specific school as well as be mindful about the benefits of implementing these into your system. While it is crucial

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11 Tips for Improving School Safety and Security

       Improving school safety and security can be troublesome in this day and age. Especially with security threats increasing in the past year. There are many options on the market, whether you’re an educator or an administrator for a school. With so many different methods of safety, there are guaranteed

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School safety sign lockers.

Laws for School Safety: Frequently Asked Questions

School safety is an important and complex issue that deserves attention. Most people only think of school safety in terms of significant issues like gun violence and criminality, but school safety encompasses a wide range of issues from bullying to emergency management. In every school, public or private, the safety of

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School security lockers and camera.

6 Effective School Security Measures

Across the country, school safety is a heated topic. Even before the pandemic, school leaders faced immense pressure from parents and community leaders demanding a safe environment where students can grow, learn and thrive. During the pandemic, many students, staff, and caregivers were impacted by school building closures and digital

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how to determine office space

5 Ways to Determine How Much Office Space You Need

Whether you’re a new business preparing to move into your first office or an established company looking to relocate, understanding how much space you’ll need should be a top priority. And, while there’s no “one-size-fits-all” solution, there are a number of factors that are well worth considering. In this guide,

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5 Pros of Security Cameras in Schools

School administrators and staff have many responsibilities, and there is no doubt that student safety is a top priority. To keep students safe, schools must have the proper security systems in place to protect them from everyday problems as well as incidents such as natural disasters or unthinkable events like

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5 Best Industrial Security Cameras

Everyone wants to work in a safe and healthy environment. The challenge is that certain work environments present unique issues that require the support of integrated security systems. Industrial work often requires the use of hazardous machinery, the storing of hazardous materials, and offsite operations that make them particularly vulnerable.

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Commerical building perimeter security.

3 Best Perimeter Security Camera Systems

When it comes to security in today’s highly technological and health-conscious world, organizations often prioritize cybersecurity and touchless technology while overlooking the importance of perimeter security. The fact is that if you want to protect your property, people, and profits you need strong perimeter security.  Although perimeter security is a

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5 Best Club Door Entry Systems in 2021

This article will help you choose the best door entry system for your club, fitness center or athletic facility. While most standard door entry systems provide base-level security, we took the time to highlight systems that are able to deliver more than just basic security. Today’s door entry systems are

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