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NDAA compliant security camera

What are NDAA Compliant Security Cameras?

Can you purchase any security camera you want when it comes time to upgrade or replace your business’s surveillance system? Well, it depends. If you plan to work with any federal agency or just want to be extra careful of the brands you choose to integrate into your system, then

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Pennsylvania Security Cameras Cover

Security Camera Laws in Pennsylvania: Frequently Asked Questions

Are you thinking about installing a video surveillance system in Pennsylvania? Then you should take a few minutes to review the security camera laws in Pennsylvania. The “Keystone State,” known for its industries and amazing cities like Philadephia and Pittsburgh, allows residents to use video surveillance. In the United States,

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Remote Construction Site Monitoring

A Business Guide to Remote Security Monitoring

California Governor Gavin Newsom has committed to spending over $300 million in state funding to combat business crime over the next three years. He explains, “The issue of crime and violence is top of mind throughout not only the state of California but across the United States, highlighted recently by

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New York Security Cameras

Security Camera Laws in New York: Frequently Asked Questions

Are you considering installing cameras in New York? Well, then you should take a moment to review the security camera laws in New York. Known for its iconic city and world-famous monuments, the Big Apple is a state that needs no introduction. Unfortunately, New York also has security challenges that

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Arizona security camera laws

Security Camera Laws in Arizona: Frequently Asked Questions

Arizona, the Grand Canyon State, known for its stunning landscape, national parks, and dry desert climate, has a lot to offer residents. While Arizona has experienced much growth over the last few years, it also has the third-highest property crime rate in the country. As such, if you are a

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Construction security trailers 1

Construction Security Trailers: How Your Jobsite Can Benefit

Equipment theft is rampant in the construction industry. According to the National Equipment Register (NER) 2016 annual report, there was an estimated loss of $300 million to $1 billion. You already see the importance of protecting your valuable assets, but the question looms, “at what cost?” It’s up to you

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State of Colorado security camera Denver

Security Camera Laws in Colorado: Frequently Asked Questions

Colorado is the sixth fastest-growing state in the nation, and for good reasons. Colorful Colorado’s friendly people, year-round outdoor activities, and beautiful scenery are just some of the things that make it a great state. With so much growth and rapid development, security issues are bound to follow. As a

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Illinois security map

Security Camera Laws in Illinois: Frequently Asked Questions

Illinois is a relatively safe state to live in, with a population of around 13 million people. It is a popular destination due to its stunning Lake Michigan coastline, strong neighborhoods, and world-class attractions. While each municipality in Illinois has its own mix of advantages and disadvantages, Chicago, commonly known

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