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Cannabis security systems

Cannabis Real-Time Video Monitoring

A month ago, if someone asked how COVID-19 might affect the cannabis industry, the answer would differ greatly from today. Today, shelter-in-place orders have closed businesses deemed non-essential, and in some areas, that includes cannabis operations. San Francisco, for example, closed dispensaries initially. In Massachusetts, Gov. Charlie Baker shuttered recreational

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FlIR camera detecting fever for corona virus

Companies Install Thermal Imaging Security Cameras to Detect Fevers

As concerns about the coronavirus ramped up, Wynn Resorts added thermal imaging cameras to detect guests’ body temperatures at entrances to the Las Vegas casino. The announcement that Wynn Resorts would temporarily close amid Coronavirus (COVID-19) concerns overshadowed this technology installation. But the Wynn’s new technology aligns with similar installations

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Milestone vs genetec

Milestone vs Genetec: Which is Better?

A recent Verified Market research report projects the Video Management Software (VMS) market will reach $26.24 billion by 2025, growing nearly 24% a year from 2017 to 2025. The report also lists Milestone Systems and Genetec among the top players in VMS. One cannot go wrong when selecting a VMS

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Milestone vs Avigilon: Which is Better?

Integrators describe VMS as the foundation upon which every other surveillance tool rests. A robust, cost-effective, open platform and scalable VMS system maximizes the operation of the entire video surveillance system.  Avigilon and Milestone offer two top-notch VMS solutions. Choosing between them requires understanding their differences.  In a Milestone versus

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How to Make the Most of Milestone XProtect

When Milestone developed XProtect in the late 1990s, the video surveillance landscape looked vastly different than today. CCTV and analog equipment prevailed, and black-and-white footage was the norm. Today’s sophisticated video surveillance systems feature more functionality. They offer everything from crystal clear, high-definition color video footage to advanced video analytics, facial

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Access Control System

Access Control Models and Methods: Which Is Right For You?

Access Control models are an invaluable method of gate keeping for organizations of all sizes and backgrounds. To accommodate organizations of all kinds, there are several different types of access control models that can be configured to each organization’s unique needs. What are the most common access control models? Access

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low voltage cabling installation

Tips on Finding and Hiring the Right Low Voltage Contractor

You’ve got a commercial construction project that requires the services of a low voltage contractor.  Whether it is a reorganization of an existing structured cabling system to accommodate growth, a simple network cabling installation, or a large project that includes the above and a whole shooting match of Video Security,

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remote access security camera system

5 Steps to Securing a Remote Access Security Camera System

Phoenix, Arizona-resident, Andy Gregg was in his backyard when he heard a voice he didn’t recognize talking inside the house. The source of the voice was his Nest Cam IQ security camera. The man speaking through the camera told him he was a white hat hacker with the group Anonymous.

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warehouse security

4 Steps to Prevent Warehouse Theft and Pilferage

The statistics are real—and they are alarming. Theft costs companies over $15 billion annually, finds a Cisco-Eagle whitepaper titled “Industrial & Warehouse Security: Put a Stop to Theft and Pilferage” This includes product theft, fraud, and false inventory and shipping counts.  There are also indirect impacts to these losses. They

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Why Brivo OnAir is the Best Access Control System of 2019

As with any security device or system, it’s important to choose the right ip based door access control system for your business. There’s certainly no shortage of options to choose from, and it can certainly get confusing when trying to decide on the right system for your needs. What kind

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