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CCTV in an restaurant

Why a Restaurant Security System Is Essential

The restaurant business is already a notoriously hard business to make a profit in. As a restaurateur, you’re familiar with the various threats to your establishment. Employee theft, burglary and intrusion, customer disputes and even false liability lawsuits stemming from the on-the-job hazards of hot kitchens and wet spills –

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video surveillance Monitoring station

4 Tips For Healthcare and Hospital Security

Healthcare and hospital security is no easy task. Integrated security systems must work together to protect patients, doctors, and visitors as well as medications, equipment, and data. Security cameras, access control points, and alarms must all work together to keep the building secure without hampering the flow of operations. To

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The Different Types of Structured Cabling Used for Security Systems

Whether you’re installing surveillance cameras, access control readers and locks, or data servers, you’ll need the structured cabling that goes with your new security systems. Your security hardware will always connect to the structured cabling of your building, generally designed to be forward- and backward-compatible to support all the network

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How to Troubleshoot Your Security System

It’s an unfortunate fact of life that no matter how hard you try, something will eventually go wrong. When that thing happens to be your security system, you’re suddenly vulnerable to every threat that system protected you against. Whether your entire server fizzled out or if a single camera is

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Camera Lens Cut in Half

How Camera Lenses Work

When you use a camera today, you’re using an incredibly complex system to record a scene. Whether you’re a security professional looking for the best way to keep tabs on a building or a photographer wanting to capture a beautiful scene, you rely on your camera’s lens just as much

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panic button

An Introduction to Panic Buttons

Commercial burglar alarms are critical to preventing theft and vandalism after hours. But what about during the day, when your doors are open to the public? Anything from a disruptive nuisance to a serious threat could walk into your lobby at any time, and they won’t set off any of

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smoke detector

How Smoke Detectors Work

Security systems aren’t just about preventing intrusions, theft, or other malicious behavior. Your residential and commercial alarm systems are also designed to alert you to accidents and other natural problems. Smoke detectors are a critical early-warning system to protect you from fires, whether they’re just getting started or already raging.

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motion detector

How Motion Detectors Work

A staple of spy films and heist movies, motion detectors are just as commonly found as an integrated part of a security system as they are a convenient plot device. From energy-saving to alarm triggering, motion detectors can pick up objects passing through their environment and send a signal, either

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server based vs cloud based access control

Cloud Based Access Control vs Server Based Access Control

Cloud technology has changed the way we look at databases and file systems, even in the security industry. Traditional access control systems rely on local servers to manage your database and open your doors – but what if you didn’t need to spend so much time and effort installing and

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